Monday, March 23, 2009

Is it really that important?

Sometimes I get hung up on things that really aren't that important. Well, I was in church the other day ...hold up. I've noticed that when someone mentions church or God, some take on a different posture. Listen, I go to church because I need to. Heck, if I or all the other church folks had it all together there wouldn't be a need for church. Besides, I don't go all the time and then when I am there, I sometimes I have to tell my feet and shoulders that they are not in a juke joint. Oh yeah, the music starts sounding a little too good. I am not the type to jump up and run down the aisle, but see, my feet don't know the different between Mary Mary and Mary J. Bliege. Oh yeah, I have to look around and see if I am the only one feeling this groove. Anyway, I was in church and the pastor said we sometimes give major attention to minor thangs. He went on to talk about things in the bible. Well, since I haven't arrived, my mind wandered.

Is it really important that we take a bath everyday? Really, I wonder if anyone else has ever skipped a day of know, putting water in and on all the right spots. Okay, call it confession time or whatever, but I have to admit that there's been a couple of times when I intended to take a bath but just didn't get there. Now, I didn't go out and walk around people ...oh no, but I laid right on that couch, hair uncombed and everything ... and didn't move. I jumped up the next morning as if somebody knew I hadn't washed my behind and hurried to the shower. I was wondering if it's only important to take a bath when others are involved *lol*. I know I can't be the only one that didn't remember that moisture grows even if you ain't running around in the sun.

I've said that I am new to blogging so I've been asking others a lot of questions about it. Many have been giving me great advise. Many have splash, splosh and whooptey-dupe all over their house. I was wondering how important it is to dress up your spot. Heck, I looked at it like my old dorm room. The colors on the walls didn't ever stop Ms. Right from dropping by. But let me get serious. Another person told me that it's important that I have a defined purpose for posting. Well, here I go back to college again. Everyone said to go to college and that I would figure out what I wanted to be after I got there - just go! Okay, here I am and I feel like a freshmen. One of my friends told me that she truly believes I will fit in but to PLEASE put some color on your site. I didn't know what to think. I started to get real stupid and tell her to move around because this was a dudes site and I ain't trying to be all that. I thought about changing my blog name to "The West Side" and throws some beer cans and crack pipes on the floor ...the color be black, "say it loud, am black and am proud". But that would be ignorant wouldn't it. Besides, I don't want others hatin' on me like they do Micheal Steele. Anyway, I think I'll take the 5th on this one because I don't even know how to add color to a blog site .....and, I don't know how important it is?

Many people say you better watch your P's and Q's. I know how important that is's not. Well, I don't even know what P's and Q's are??? Really, my mother used to tell me to eat all my peas but I am yet to watch anyone's Q's, let alone mine. I am afraid to even ask to see someone else's Q's. Hell, they might want to show me. I know this one woman that goes by the name of "Q"ueenie and I sure don't want to see her Q's. I think I'll just put this one in file 13. Yep, don't ask, don't tell because I sure don't want to see it. It's not that important.

Dang, before ol'girl left I forgot to tell her how important she was to me. I was listening to a song by Charlie Wilson and the women on the song said that the man didn't have to say a word ...just show me that you love me. I am all mixed up. Some women like to hear certain things even if they are a lie. Others like to be held and squeezed without a word being said. I wonder how important it is to tell a women that you love her even if your eyes say you love someone else too. OuuuuWeeeeee, that could be a slippery slope. Isn't there a song that says, "love me tender, love me sweet, even if my breathe stinks"? Nooooo, that's not the way it goes ...or is it? I wonder how important it is to tell your lady that you love her on a constant basis? Is it more important to tell her everyday that you need her and appreciate her than it is too show her by smacking her on her behind every once in a while? Gosh, I gotta get my ducks in a row and watch my P's and Q's or I might be S. O. L. ....ducks in a row? ......naw, I am not even going to go there.

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