Saturday, June 11, 2011

Is Love Gone?

Is Love Gone

Within the shadows of your smile, I too have memories.
Good memories
You sheltered me
You covered me
You are my rock.
I too have tears
A home is in the heart
You shut the door
Yesterday, how many yesterdays?
I cry for yesterday.
I too think of tomorrow
Is love like yesterday?
Is it gone forever
Or just out of season.
After the cold of winter,
Can it spring back?
Shattered dreams, yet I dream
A flicker of hope
I miss you
You've been gone
Will you come back?

By Carey


Blu Jewel said...

to be my sun's rays
the vision to my
blinded eyes
hold the master key
to my hearts locked door
release me from the
ties that bind
restore the life

that just came to me after I read this...

love to live; live to love!
of this love deferred

CareyCarey said...

Love deferred is not love lost
Love never leaves
It's colors change over time
Bright and new again

The blinded holds keys to their own hearts.
They hear sounds that others miss
It's only meant for them
Turn the key
The door is open

Blu Jewel said...

Sorry, brain is fried so no add on...but I'd like to revisit it later.

love to live;live to love!