Sunday, April 26, 2009

Aww Shucks must be a mistake, check the books.

I am not a gambler. I do not go to casinos or gambling boats. I've bought a few lotto tickets on a couple occasions but I don't really like games of chance. I did host a few crap games when I was in the Air Force but I was cheating in them. Yep, loaded dice and marked cards.

I've never really won anything but today I received an award. PPR_Scribe of and RiPPa of dropped the Noblesse Oblige Award on me.

I ran into PPR_Scribe at an African American Literature open discussion board. Like many open discussion boards, things can get a little messy but she stood out. She stood out because she refused to engage in the negative aspects of the board yet did not run and hide from it. Her sobering fact filled discourse paved the way to countless thought provoking debates. Although she is a very talented writer, I am more impressed by her wisdom and courage to tackle sensitive issues.

Verile' Parlant of Whose Shoes Are These Anyway who bestowed the award upon PPR_Scribe had this to say about her:
PR Scribe at This So-Called Post-Post-Racial Life: First of all, you've just gotta love the name of her blog. Second, she's a talented writer and professional who blogs not only social issues, but music, politics, culture, entertainment, and family. Good sense of humor too.
Did I mention that PPR_Scribe loves music and if you twist her arm she might play a soft tune on the saxophone. Swing by and check her out.

Other past recipients

Field Negro:

The recipient of this award is recognized for the following:

1. The Blogger manifests exemplary attitude, respecting the nuances that pervades amongst different cultures
and beliefs. 2. The Blog contents inspire; strives to encourage and offers solutions.
3. There is a clear purpose at the Blog; one that fosters a better understanding on Social, Political, Economic, the arts, Culture and Sciences and Beliefs.
4. The Blog is refreshing and creative.
5. The Blogger promotes friendship and positive thinking.

Per instructions, the blogger who receives this award must perform the following steps:

1. Create a Post with a mention and link to the person who presented the Noblesse Oblige Award.
2. The Award Conditions must be displayed at the Post.
3. Write a short article about what the Blog has thus far achieved – preferably citing one or more older post to support. (see below)
4. The Blogger must present the Noblesse Oblige Award in concurrence with the Award conditions.
5. The Blogger must display the Award at any location at the Blog.

Before presenting the award to others, I have to do the following:

In my header ....that is me sitting on the airplane ....a much younger me *sigh*. I thought it fitting to use that picture because I've been places that I do not wish to return to. Not just a place in time but in my heart and in my mind, there are places I can never return, thus "Carry Me Home".

Humor is a stable element of my thang I place my seriousness and foolishness upon it's wings. I've published a few poems, some of which are displayed on my blog.

I am yet to find a defined purpose for my blog, but I hope my posts inspire a deeper examination of the emotions we frequently do not wish to visit. More so, I'd hope my blog fosters a peek into the primary emotions that we seldom recognize. Through sharing parts on my life's struggles And ....I hope to spread the message that our past is not our future and there's something to be learned through the journey. I'd like to spread the word that someone else's thoughts can never hurt us's how we process them.

Sticks and stones can break our bones but words ........

Now on to the individuals I believe deserve this award and I am honored to pass it along to them.

RiPPa from was one of the first blogs that I visited when I first thought about blogging. But check this out. I have been slacking on my responsibilities of this reward and RiPPa hit me before I could finish my thang. So this is not a payback, it's a ni**ga laying on the couch ...not taking care of his business.

Let me back up. I have an aversion for pretentious folk. Did you hear me?! I said I have a profound distaste for phony folks. I stopped at RiPPa's site and noticed that he had a wealth of knowledge on several issues. That's why I call him Big RiPPa. I know he has a big head and fat cheeks but you know what am talking about. I noticed he didn't play to any particular crowd. He's a black man but he has no problem kicking a black man in his ass if he has it coming. He seldom gives his opinion without supporting facts and I like that. If you don't like to hear cuss words, keep your ass away from RiPPa's block because he's going to come with all the flavor necessary to get his point across in the most effective way. As Malcolm said, "by any means necessary". I don't know if he uses bad words around his wife and kids but that boy sure do cuss at his spot *lol*. He might be found doing deep social commentary or kickin' it about one of our so called "stars" but he's always going to keep it real while delivering a message underneath the laughs and excitement of his flow. Nope, he is not pretentious by any stretch of imagination. He's Big RiPPa and he's very deserving of this award.

Kieth from reminds me of my father. Although I believe I am older than him, his blog is a no nonsense place of comfort. It's my opinion, that if one finds them self in a group of like thinking individuals, it might be time to move around. However many people love to visit keiths blog and I've found out why. He's not dressing to impress. He also writes social commentary as well as special events in his life. He always has time to stop through others blog to spread a little love and words of encouragement. In my journey I've visited several blogs, some I've never returned to. I continue to visit Keith's on a daily bases. Some call him the maverick. I can ride with that. He says he always tries to keep it smuffy at his house. I don't know what that means but maybe that's why some call him the maverick *smile*.

Mizrepresent from is a published author of several books. I haven't been around that long and I take this award seriously, so she is my final selection.

Although she is a friend of mine, I am not giving her this award as some type of nepotism. Oh no! I have a lot of friends, some of which I wouldn't take to a dog fight. Anyway, I also fell into her presence on a different dance floor. I wanted to make her my lover but she wasn't having any part of that *lol*. I am just kidding about that *wink* but she was one of the individuals that encouraged me to start blogging. I stopped by her blog to see what it was all about. Well, you don't invite someone into your dirty kitchen and her spot is one to be championed ...very clean and very nice. She has God on her side and she's not to bashful to tell others about it. She shares her pain and struggles through life. She's a single black women that's standing tall. She writes poetry and spreads encouraging words through it.

Her whole life and blog epitomises what this award is about. Her friends like her and I am pleased to call her a friend. Check out her blog. I am sure you will leave with something of a positive nature.

I think it's so great for bloggers to show support and appreciation for each other in this manner ...really great!

As Porky The Pig would say, "da da da that's all folks"



RiPPa said...

Cary, I don't really drink anymore like I used to. But I get the feeling that my wife would let me hangout with you and get fucked up with no problem.


You're a good man and you do deserve this award.


I'm trying to work on my usage of those colorful words. It's going to be hard because I've been "this guy" for a number of years.

Mizrepresent said...

Oh, thank you so much Carey...(with tears in my eyes) bc, you know a sista has been through much and still gong thru, but it's people, fam like you that keep me going. I'm not Toni Morrison, or some old scribe that can predict your future, or even inspire you on a good day. I'm just working through this the best way i can and i thank God for the individuals whether here or there, in cyberspace or in myspace that lend me an ear, or rent out their heart for a moment. It only takes a moment. I know i am on a journey. A journey to be more. A journey to do more and so i thank you for letting me know that my journey is not in vain...but in some way...i am doing what i was meant to be doing...without regret...without selfishness, but with love, lots of love...and in return...Carey, i feel love.

Thank you, my friend, thank you so very, very much!


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Love, peace and blessings for a very HAPPY Monday!

Be have yourself :-)

Ms. Butterfly!

Keith said...

Thanks so much for this award and for the kind words.. As always..I am humbled and grateful for any acknowledgement from fellow bloggers!

SLC said...

I checked out a couple of the blogs I'm less familiar with that you mentioned earlier in your post. They made a good choice in picking your spot.

Looks like you're movin' on up to the front row.

Have a blessed week

CareyCarey said...

I don't know Big RiPPa, your wife might throw the both of us out of the house. I don't drink but I can cause some problems with my mouth ...just like you *smile*

Well Ms. Miz, so I made you look you dirty crook.

See, there' no crying in blogworld but if it makes you feel good, then go right ahead. I felt good giving the award to you because you desevered it on many levels. Now, do I get that date I've been trying to get for the last hundred years - huh?

Keith my man, you are my mentor and I don't care what you say.

@ SLC ...nawl man, I am fine right where I am at. I don't want all them strange negros stopping by my house. Heck, it's the end of the month and my food stamps are low. As long as I am with you I know I am in the right place. I too looked at the other sites and ...they do what they do very well.

Miss Butterfly, I got my eye on you good eye. Hey, have you been up on "the hill"? have you talked to Danie lately? Tell her we miss her. Did she find Mr. right or didn't pay her cable bill?

Maybe her and solomon got together. Can't reach either one of them *lol*

Behave yourself :-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

HA! I'm in!!!

Congrats, CareyCarey. I meant everything I said in awarding you this.