Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hear Ye Hear Ye ...All Ni**gas Get Ready ...there's a train a coming!

Her Excellency EJS President of Liberia was recently in the states visiting a friend of mine. It was sort of a book promotion thing. I felt kind of dumb because I didn't know that much about Liberia.

Okay, I thought Marcus Garvey was the president of Liberia. Didn't he swindle a few black people with a promise of new Cadillacs in a new land. Wait, maybe that was Daddy Rich. Dang it, that's not even right, that was Richard Pryor ....wasn't it? Anyway, all I know was that some Negroes got together and got on a big boat and went to Africa. Don't get mad at me for saying Negroes because that what they were called back then. Yep, sambos, darkies,niggers and Negroes. Hey, I didn't make up the word.

But see, in all seriousness, I was lost about the history of Liberia. So I asked my friend Mocha a few questions about Liberia, the President and her book. Mocha from "In the Cafe with Mocha television show" was the presidents host. This was her reply :

"You should definitely try the book, Liberia has a very interesting history and she does a great job of laying the foundation so that you really understand the underlying reasons for their 14 year war.

She is a very cool lady, very intelligent and warm. She was on the John Stewart Show on Thursday and actually made him a Chief"

See, I didn't even know anything about a war. Well, I sort of heard about a war in Africa but I just throw them all in the same pot. I am not trying to be funny about that. I am sure there may be many that keep an eye on the homeland but I have to be honest and say ...I am not the one.

I asked a few more questions, she replied:

"Carey, the war was in its most simple explanation was about class. There are indigenous Liberians and what are called "Americo-Liberians" descendants of freed American slaves who were sent back to Africa with the permission/expense of the US Government. Of course many of these now freed slaves were generations removed from Africa and basically thought of the indigenous. It did not help that the US government established a government system that mirrored that of the US and placed the freed slaves in positions of power to rule over this newly settled land of Liberia. After years and years of simmering animosity as most oppressed people usually do, they rebelled. This led to 14 years of coups, corrupt government, and extreme poverty. When Ellen came into power she had a country that had no electricity or running water for 8 years, no school systems in place, 90% unemployment rate, debt 30 times more than the annual budget.

I looked at those statistics and was blown away. I looked at the poverty and the US governments part in that whole process. Then my mind went to a place few has ventured. What if the US got tired of black folk and decided to call them all in. Hold up now, let me finish. What if they preempted all programing and told all African Americans to report to "staging areas"?

Okay, we know most black people have 1 gun or none and 6 bullets. For the sake of argument, lets say several had a bunch of weapons. First they would tell all white folk to get out of the cities and then bomb that bitch. You feeling me? That would corral a bunch of negroes. All your white buddies would then be nothing but white ...not buddies, simply white, because they sure wouldn't run to the city with you. I don't know if you've driven across the US, but if you have, you know that there are miles and miles and miles of places that a brotha CAN'T hide. Shit, ask the Indian about that.

Don't forget about communications. Do I need to say how vital a role that plays in any ...ahh, war. A 30 day phone card is not going to get it. The Jewish community could blend in. Yep, all they had to do was change their names and take off that Star Of David. But black folks can't hide. Where are they gonna run? If they run to the West there's a great body of water called the Mississippi River. Uh huh, that's going to stop many right there. And, if some make it to the other side they will not be met by the underground railroad. Nope, cornfields and haystacks will be the name of the game.

How many airplanes does black folks own? Heck, how many black pilots do you know? Who is going to come to the rescue of the black man in America? Is the black man really needed? Affirmative action will not fly. The bill of rights and the civil rights will be null and void. Is the black man really needed? There will be jobs for everyone - white. Unemployment will be at it's lowest. No more BET to wreck the minds of the inquisitive white kids. White folks could turn on the TV and root for all the white guys shooting 3 pointers. Dunking will be banned. There would be no more debates about immigration because everybody that even looks like they ever kissed a dark skinned person would have to run for the hills.

I know this scenario might sound a little crazy but am just saying the black man needed in the US? Some might argue the contributions the black man has made on this country, like jazz and the peanut, but really? Who needs the black man to make more babies they can not afford nor feed? Who needs the black man to sell more drugs and increase the crime rate? Why doesn't America take the black man out of his misery before unemployment hits the levels of Liberia. Heck, they are already killing each other. Should the black man get ready because isn't there a train a coming? Do we need another million man march or HBO special about the plight of the black man. Should we call Cornel West and his boys to hold another round table discussion. Maybe we should just bitch and moan and cry and bullshit while telling others what "THEY need to do"

Yawl gonna make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here. Yawl gonna make me act a fool, up in here, up in here. Yeah, some think America can also do without rap music. To many niggas making money off that shit- that gutter bowl, jelly roll, laced with arsenic. I don't know, is it me or does America really need black folks?

Btw, Firestone has it's largest African plant in Liberia.


Keith said...

Hahahahahahaha, Funny, but good points made there. I love this blog because you make me think..Even when I don't want to..

Does America really need the Black man?

But of course...America would have no rythem without soul...and God knows..America needs a soul.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

It doesn't matter what America needs... GOD said it and it is so!

Love ya. To copy off of Keith, you got my brain doing stuff it don't want to do when it's home just chill'n (LOL)

Ms. Butterfly

CareyCarey said...

@ Keith ...I tried to keep it light, keith but it was written to make us think. I can invision a US that finds the black man lower than he can ever imagine. In NY the unemployment rate for black men is around 50%.

@ Miss Butterfly. How you doing dear? I know God has a way but he also gave man a free will. Therefore, until his time has a job to do.

I am happy I made you think. Now if you can just train max to stop tearing up all your pillows you might ...well ....*smile*

Anonymous said...

I think the time when they needed us has long passed and now they don't know what to do. Since the Mexican cats have crossed the borders and taken all the sharecropping jobs we are in the cities. Now never forget taking care of sick people is also a money maker so as long as we remain sick we are a tax base to be exploited.

They needed us to do the work they didn't want to do now they need us to be a exploitable people so they can make money. Overall we are not needed but they will never get their own folks to do anything but say they are entitled to the land. Can't grow with someone who feels they don't have to do nothing at all.

CareyCarey said...

Dang Freeman, you've made some very interesting points. Yeah, the only way some feel like they're up is to have others beneath them. Wow, the black man made his gains through unions and backbreaking work like pouring molds in automobile plants(gone) and farm impliment plants(gone). Not to mentioned sharecroping as you mentioned. In fact, my family were sharecroppers in the early 1900's (gone).

It was so appropriate for you to end with "sick". That's a big word!

Dang gumit Freeman, you drove a nail into the discussion *lol*. However, I feel there may be others that have an opposing view ...I hope there is!

Mizrepresent said...

Well the way these folks are acting up around here...i wouldn't put it past them to give it a try. One friend of mine told me about how gun sales have went up almost 50% in the last couple of months. Somebody out there is stocking up on guns, and from the looks of it, it ain't us.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Just checking in. Have a great weekend! Love ya crazy, I mean Carey (LOL)

Ms. Butterfly

El Nuyorican said...

This shit was funny, but it also made some excellent points. It reminds me of a story, Space Invaders" by Derrick Bell in "Face at the bottom of the Well." In it, aliens come from out of space and promise America all the free fuel they'll ever need and some other shit, but the catch was they had to tuen over all black folk. The story is both funny and very insightful.

This post reminded me of that story. I like your stule, bro! LOL


CareyCarey said...

@ Miz ...I've heard similar talk of gun sales increasing. I don't know Miz, I 've seen plenty of brothas get killed AND they had a gun. If you had a gun I doubt it would stop another from killing you.

@ Ms. Butterfly ...don't have me put Miz on you *lol* You know we go back around 8 yrs so she has my back. However it's always nice to see yu stop by.

~ Crazy

@ Fast Eddie, what up my man. I seen you felt like slummin tonight *smile*. See, you are going to have to tell me how that story ended. I don't like to hear the ending to stories I haven't read or seen but you gotta hit me with that one. What, they was going to burn black folks for fuel *lol*. What ...they needed a lower class? Come on man, you can't leave us hangin'????

Although my post was hanging on a joke, I meant for it to inspire thought on how far will black people go down. I mean, for the most part, people of color REALLY are not needed. I'd like for someone to tell my why they are? Freeman made a good point.

MacDaddy said...

"But of course...America would have no rhythm without us."
What Keith says sounds real...

Perhaps every nation, ethnic group or culture finds it rhythm eventually. But without us, it would have taken America so damn long!

By the way, I've been having problems commenting on your blog due to the verification notice. The notification block appears but not the letters to put into the box. But this time, the letters came up. Blessings, my brotha.

CareyCarey said...

@ MacDaddy, I am with you on this one. Without rhythm things would be out of tune - out of sync. If left to their own demise, some would simply implode.

Man, I am so glad you hit me with your troubles commenting on my site. Others have said the same thang. One such sista was just able to comment yesterday, after weeks of trying. Hopefully, the problem is solved.

Let me know if the problem continues. Well, just hit my e-mail (in header) and say "hey fool, your stuff ain't workin'"

Thanks for stopping by.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Just stopping in to say Hello and wishing you a happy whatever day you happen to check this day!

Love and hugs
Ms. Butterfly

Sending prayers your way!

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks for visiting my post:)
I think America(and the world) needs good people.I think you find good and bad in all races, in all countries,in all religions. You can't just clump people and stereotype them. I don't like rap because of the swear words. I don't like women being disrespected by calling them bitches and telling them they need to go down.That is not love. It's not love that is going to last. Women are Mothers and no child likes to hear its Momma being called a bitch.Fathers have to look into the eyes of the babies they create and I know they love them but all children need and Mother and a Father and peace and joy. No child worries about money as much as they worry about not having parents. Money never made much of a difference to me as a child.:)Then the gun issue is disturbing.You know, if there were no customers for the drugs, the business would go away on its own very quietly.Why do people take drugs?There are so many other ways to get a high without it hurting you or anyone else.:)That's what I believe:)