Saturday, April 18, 2009

Is It Really A Cultural Thang???

I love being black. For the most part, we do not get hung up on small issues. We generally do not care what the man is doing down the street. That could be a good thing and a bad but we try not to get too involved with other folks business. We love being different. We all have our own walk and glide with our stride. We don't consciously bite off other cultures. We have some Negroes that wish they were white but I'll get back to them. We are not ashamed of our diet and will eat a chicken leg while standing right outside the chicken joint. Some might consider that to be impolite or classless but I get back to those negroes. We will fix up an old school ride and call it new. Some blacks would not be caught dead in a 88 Coupe de Ville, but I'll get back to those Negroes. We don't wait for Britney Spears to break out a new dance step and then copy her moves. We create new dance steps and new moves. Some of those steps/dances may not have the best of names but they're our names. I don't know if I like all the new names we are giving our children but again, they're our names. I think I don't like them because I can't pronounce them.

I don't know if it's a cultural thing but we do not cuss our parents. Some do but that's another story. Well, if we do, someone else besides our parents might kick us in our ass ...that is a cultural thing. I've seen white people going to church. Some dress like they are going bowling. I love going to church and seeing all my people looking their best. They may not have on tailor made clothes but they are going to put something with it and walk like a proud peacock. The sisters really be doing it. I had one sista ask me if her high hills were appropriate for church. I said they are shoes ain't they.

I love being black. We have rainbows of black. Crayola has not made enough colors to fit us. I started to do ol'Bubba from Forest Gump ...we got, blue black, red bone, high yellow, dookie brown, near white, deep chocolate, dirty red ...wait, is that a color or a n***as name? Are there many colors of white? I don't want to sound racist but is "old cracker" a color *smile*. Seriously, is ol'fey a color? What about pale face, that's not a color is it? I am not trying to be funny, I am really trying to find a shade of white. Oh, would off-white work? That's not white, that's off-white. We don't have a color called off-black. Well, we do but some might call that a negro.

I know some do not like the words negro and nigga. Some hate the words Knee-grow and nigger even more. I think it's a cultural thang. I understand, I'd hate to be called a motherfucker if I wasn't one. But if I was one, I might say I am a bad motherfucker's a cultural thang. I am not going to get in a debate about who can say nigga and all that mess. If the wrong person says it ...I just check'em and that's it, huh, what's the big issue. Don't talk about it, be about it. Is that a played cliche ..."don't talk about it"?

Is it a cultural thing that we seem to cuss more than other groups. I've been struggling with the cussing thang. I called a friend of mine that's a minister and asked his opinion on how cussing is viewed in the bible. He said it's not about the word because the bible was not even written in English. That statement caused me to pause. He said it's the spirit of the word being used. I gave him another quizzical look and he continued. He said man determined or defined certain word as cuss words. I started to tell him that he was a lying motherfucker and to get the fuck out of my face *lol* but I didn't, I listened for more knowledge. He said god's spirit is not to gossip or whisper about another. Okay, that was something I could work with. I asked him if that meant I could yell at a motherfucker and call him a motherfucker since I wasn't whispering. He laughed and said whispering, as applied to the bible is not about a person's tone while speaking. Now he had me all fucked up. I thought this was one of those "who's on first" kind of deals. He said a whisper is an untruth about another person. We went back and forth on this issue. It's a cultural thang, 2 black men kicking it in an open and honest way. I say motherfucker and he understands. He said, some of us in religion have taken the cussing thing too far and will not even say a word that they consider to be a cuss word. As if they are committing some kind of sin for simply speaking the word. I told him he was a bad motherfucker and he said thank you.

I've been to a few countries and some cultures piss me off. Well, maybe I am not looking at the big picture. I've never been to Iraq or Iran but them motherfuckers (excuse my language, am doing my blog thang) them motherfuckers come over here and talk crazy to a motherfucker. I wonder if they talk just as nasty to their own people? I am not going to spend a lot of time beating up Omar, but I had one of those guys tell me I had to spend a certain amount of money to use my debit card. Sears has never told me that. KFC has never told me that. Hell, Walmart has never told me that. I've ran through my favorite grocery store to buy a single donut and they've never told me that. Culture to culture, I wonder if they just like fuckin' with niggas?

I am glad my mother doesn't read blogs because I've been cussing my ass off up in here. Is the respect we give our parents a cultural thing? I see some white kids cussing their parents like it's the normal thing to do. When I see a black child slip and say a cuss word at their parents, I grab my cell. I know somebody is about to get beat down. One time I heard my father say fuck. He wasn't a cusser but he was playing bid whist with his partners. I looked over at my mother and my mother looked at my dad. Now, this is a cultural thing ....she didn't say anything to him. Oh hell nawl, not in front of other men. Any displeasure she may have been feeling, she took it out on me. She told me to get my little ass out of the room. And she said it with passion. I don't know about your momma but mine would get that ass where ever it stuck out. She would grab whatever tool necessary. One time I got spanked with a Barbie doll. I call it a spankin' but she wasn't always trying to hit that ass. Are you kidding me, when my mother was in her spanking mode, Walter Payton didn't have nothing on me. I think that's a cultural thing because I've seen many black women chasing their kids outside the house. Black women will get that ass right there, where ever that may be.

I love being black, I just hope the culture doesn't change to much. Well, when Farrakhan (love Farrakhan) started telling our people not to eat the pig, I got upset. Shit, I turned off the TV because I didn't want my mother to get any new ideas. See, I ain't got no shame about eating pork. I will tear a hole in a pig starting right at his asshole. Yep, I've been with some women that looked uglier than a pig so why not a pig *lol*. I don't ever want to see a day in which Micheal Jackson starts promoting face cream. I know, leave Micheal alone ...ABC, it' easy as 123 ...but I don't want our people to start lookin' like "HE". I love being black and I know in my heart that others feel the same way.


jjbrock said...

I love being Black also, "One time I got spanked with a Barbie doll" only in our culture will that happen. HA!HA!

CareyCarey said...

Hey jj,

I was wondering if I'd dropped you off at the bridge. But, I should have known I couldn't slip this post in on you. You're a black women. The weekend don't stop nothing. You always got your eyes open. I was telling someone about you was a good thing.

I laughed too that Barbie doll piece ...b'cuss it happened and I love good memories. You probably never got a whoopin'

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Pretty long post but too shorten my answer. I do care what my neighbors are doing, it's the Law in me! I love being Black and I love being a Black Women and a Black Supervisor! I love baby back pork ribs and I love the BLACK BROTHERS! I'm not too hip on the cultural names though (lol) They just may get looked past on job applications as opposed to John, Michael, Sue or Carol.... just my opinion.

Love for a Happy Sunday!

Mizrepresent said...

Carey, lol, where do you come from? No matter, i know whereever it is the truth. You are so right, our momma's will beat us with whatever they could get their hands on. I remember a shoe rounding a corner and finding me hiding. Yeah, momma was just that goodl If you do wrong, you will pay, that's what i learned from that episode.

Keith said...

I love being Black much I'm goin an get myself some fried chicken right now-lololol.

A.Smith said...

For all the shit we get for it, I wouldn't be anything but black...