Friday, April 3, 2009

Rap is not rap no more!

Amongst the muck and mire of corruption and politics, there are poor souls trying to find their way, everybody has to make a living. I am not going to hate on Rap music ...well, you'll see.

Let me get the haters and corrupt politicians out of the way. I am reminded of the Senate hearings in which one senator claimed rap music lead to demonic behavior and social decay, that's hatin, I am not there.
I can consciously say that my listening to rap music has not lead me to wanton behavior. That is not to say I didn't recognize a message that could prove to be a disservice to some. Without question, listening to different kinds of music is subjective. Therefore, since this is my blog, I do have a few concerns.

The Iowa Supreme Court just passed a gay marriage law. That's not going to propel me to go out and grab on another mans nuts. I know that's silly but I really do not care what others do or say ...I don't. For the most part, I wonder if what we hear has a real affect on us. Well, it could and it does. Let me explain, if I wanted to get a women in my fold would I rap to her or wouldn't I? Bingo! That's where I am at. Maybe I am old school but rappin ain't rap more.

I am not a chick but I can't help but believe some rap lyrics wouldn't lead a women to jump in my car and ride off to the hideaway hotel. Nor would it open the door to a long term relationship. A brotha used to practice his rap. If a brotha didn't have his wrap ...wrapped tight, he was out of the game. Some brothas couldn't rap but still got plenty of action. That was those dancing brothers. All they had to do was hit a few of those slick steps and all the women wanted to grab their hand. In fact, if you held a women in just the right way during a slow jam ....all you had to do was grind like fine coffee and breathe just the right way, you didn't have to say a word. But rappin was an art. I man couldn't just hit on a women with some tired mess like hey baby what's your sign or I got some jingle in my jangle. That slow drag would get you barred from the spot. What ever happened to real rap?

An old player told me that if I was going to play to win. He told me to never be simpin in the game. I respected the dude and thought long and hard about what he said. There were never rappin schools so I just looked at how the big boys did it ...the real pimps and players. Have you ever noticed how some women act at certain concerts we're talkin about something. Teddy used to have them throwing their panties on the stage. I don't think those women wanted him to take those moist garments to the cleaners.

Marvin Gaye said: "Ain't no mountain high, ain't no valley low, ain't no river wide enough baby to keep me from gettin to you baby".

Rick James said, " WOW its really good to see you again baby ...and I must say you're looking very very very nice theses days. It appears life has been treating you very well. I think back to when we first met ...I think of how you changed me with your love and sensitivity"

Tina knew that boy was lying but she got rapped on ... Rick broke out with "Fire & Desire"!

Rap is not rap no more. I don't think those examples compare to - ......"Hey black Ho, come get this dough, you know, ride this pole. I also don't think they compares with ..."I just slapped a B**ch with an itch ....crack Ho you know ...had to let it go"

Luther said: "If this world was mine, I would place at your feet all that I own, you been so good to me, if this world were mine, I give you the flowers and the birds and the bees and with your love beside me it would be all that I need"

Old school Bill Withers said, "When I wake up in the morning love ....and the sunlight hurts my eyes ....and something without warning love ......bares heavy on my mind. Then I look at you and the worlds all right with me, just one look at you ....and I know it gonna be a lovely day ....just one look at you". THAT'S RAP!

I know sometimes script gets flipped ...bad does not always mean bad and things are not always black and white but if a person is going to rap they should get it right.

This is rappin .....the Whispers said, ........"feel much like romancing, how would you like to wine and dine, I'd like to take you dancing ...candle lights and dinner ...wouldn't that be nice. We'll dance to sweet music, how about some Marvin Gaye .... feel like some sexual healing, just relax and do things my way .....this is what I do to get you in the mood, baby I do it all for you"

The Whispers didn't stop there ........"Kiss me then kiss me again, come take full advantage of this human shell my heart is living in and love me baby, and to make life complete promise me baby that we'll practice making babies while the world is sound asleep I love you girl, don't tease me, make me you future, unlock me in your history ....and the fork in the road, which way will you go I'd like to know are you going my way"

Even James Brown said, "please please don't go, darling please don't go"

A man has to show a little humbleness sometimes. I don't know about drinking somebodies bath water (Babyface) but you know what I am talking about.

I swiped plenty of rap lines from the O Jays ...."Climbing the stairway to heaven, here we go, walking the road of Ecstasy ..... takin the load of this old world off our shoulders ... the door is right open for you ...the door is open for me, here we go ....still in a moment of pleasure, you and I, we're going to find a palace treasure, here we go, oh baby, climbing the stairway to heaven, ....and we're going step by step"

I am not a rapper but I've laid down a few rap lines. My intentions were good ....most of the time. But whats good? Rap ain't good when they ain't talking about nothing. Don't get me wrong ...I listen to rap and everything else that makes me feel good. But when I am thinking about my baby or someone I want to be my baby ....I am not going to put in Snoop Dogg or DMX. I have a date tonight so I am getting ready. I am going to put in a little Barry White ....that's right ....rappin music.


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I only cater to Jay Z to get my work out on. And that's the edited version. I'm a Jazz, Classical and Luther girl...

Love, peace and blessings for a
Happy Saturday!

Blu Jewel said...

Rap has never inspired me into errant or wanton behaviour either, but the lyrics you quoted and some others have more than inspired some errant, wanton, senusal, and indulgent activities/behaviour.

Love to live; live to love!

SLC said...

Now that was some good rap, like Don't say goodnight when you know I've got to have your love, and we're alone now and I'm singing this song to you. Like Blu Jewel stated, this is the music that got me into some memorable situations.

Have a great week

CareyCarey said...

Miss Butterfly, I do JayZ too. I was wondering how you keep in such great shape. Ya gotta be ready for those bad guys *smile*

SLC & Blu Jewel yawl know I know what yawl are talking about. Music moves us in different ways doesn't it. I ain't sayin; nothing but you heard me say I was putting on a little Barry White. Hey, I am a single black man in America so I let Barry set the tone **devilish grin**. I am looking for a long term relationship but ...I have not arrived.