Monday, April 6, 2009

Women don't know nothing!

I am not going to do any social commentary today. I don't really know what that means anyway. I guess I am saying I don't worry much about what the world is doing...   I don't. News programs are not news, they are purveyors of pain. Even the weather segments seem to highlight the cloudy days ahead instead of the sunny day of the moment. Nope, I am going to fry a bigger fish today. This fish is in everyone's refrigerator. Some have in it the freezer and other are thawing it out as we speak. My focus today is on relationships. Ouuuuweeee, I know I am standing in someones kitchen drinking a glass of their kool-aid. But it's not going to be the normal kind of party.

Here's the lick, it goes without saying that I, nor anyone else has all the answers to what makes anothers tick ...female or male. If we all were the same and found a lover just like us, that would be a form of incest, and that's against the law...   isn't it? Soooooo, I am going to step out on a small limb and say women know very little about men. That's right, I said it. Women "think" they know men but for the most part, they ain't even close. But wait ain't to bright either. Their egos sit on their face like a big pair of X-ray glasses. They look right through what they don't want to see.

Check it out ...if you think I don't know what I am talking about's because I don't, but your friend or lover does. I hate those "truth or dare" games. the person that brings the game to the table usually has something on their mind and can't wait to tell it. It's kind of like a loaded question game thang. I like some games but not that one.

I should probably flash a few warning signs with this post. Not because I am going to say something inappropriate (which I might) but because this could be harmful to a relationship if a person is not ready for it. Okay, you've been warned but you can stop reading at any time.

If you really really really want to know what's in the heart and mind of your lover, you simply have to ask. But holdup...  if your relationship has been suffering from lies, deceit and doubt ....this little question and answer could do little but add grow-food to a shaky root. But then again, I think it still can serve a purpose. Okay, you've been warned so lets go.

This post is for opinionated, open minded individuals that don't mind sharing their thought without fear. That sounds like a Blogger to me so I am in good company.

I should be doing a book on this because there's so much to say. Lets see if I can do this in a condensed form. Coming through the door there has to be rules to this madness. 1. The questions can not be asked with a rebuttal in mind. 2. Honesty is the best policy ...if you don't want the real answer ...don't ask it. The other person will read your face and give you what they think you want to hear. 3. be ready for some surprising answers that may cause a little pain. 4. Don't reply, just go on to the next question. If the other person balks at the question or answers a question with a question, don't prod. simply tell them that they didn't answer the question and go directly to the next. This is very important, they might be searching for an answer and are trying to read you. Don't let them, move on! 5. Before the question and answer period starts, tell your significant other that you are trying to build on your relationship and that can only happen through honesty and courageous examination of the things that the both of you may be missing. Don't spring a trap on them. they will get defensive and question your motive. Remember, open and honest is the name of the game. 6. Don't get rattled, a few answers might give cause for concern. Put on your best game face. 7. Don't question them like a district attorney, keep a pleasant smile on your face as though every answer is a gift to you. Don't laugh but don't frown.

Btw, this deep examination will not work for naysayers, self proclaimed cynics, haters, Yeah butt-ers, me-me-me-ers and damn fools. So we are about to go. One more thang...   don't think you know the answer to these questions because ...well, you don't know THESE questions and I don't believe people know their S.O. as much as they think they do. That reminds me ...there is one more thang. .....DO YOU AGREE TO ACCEPT ALL THE TERMS and do not consider yourself one of the above individuals that just can't get it right? If so....................................................AGREE.

Look at the time, it's getting late ....holler ....or DISAGREE


CurvyGurl ♥ said...

I agree with ya. I will say that a lot of us try very hard to figure things out, but it's all pretty simple when you can take a look that's not clouded by emotions. I've had several men over the past few months tell me things that I never considered when it comes to how men think, feel and react. Women often expect men to have the same thoughts, emotions, etc. as we do, but as you know, it doesn't work that way. Great post.

This here needs a separate post by itself "News programs are not news, they are purveyors of pain.". I'm sick of all the ish they spew.

Keith said...

Bravo! We all try so hard to figure each other out and a few of us think we have the answer. We think we got it..only to find out in the end that we don't know anything. Just like you said.
We know nothing!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

You're right and isn't that the Beauty of life? (smile)

What "I've" learned is that honesty, as painful as it may be, is the best policy. It's all in the "delivery." I use to be super sensitive and a little emotional and as it turned out, I'm a lot tougher than I thought! Let me have, honestly; I can take it!

I would so rather be alone and getting over a broken heart, than living together with a lonely heart!

Love, peace and blessings!

jjbrock said...

Great points!

CareyCarey said...

Good suggestion 30 something chica who's a little sassy with vivid dreams, CurvyGurl. I might do a post on the purveyors of pain.

Honesty is the key isn't it Miss butterfly, but it's oh so elusive.

@ Keith, "we don't know nothing" ...Amen!

Hello jj

Hey yawl, I don't know if my post read this way but there's a second part to this. I have actually questions that one might wish to ask their mates. I am watching the game with my son ....oh lawd, and I'll probably get to it tomorrow unless I kick him out the door. Michigan St is getting wiped.

Madam Z said...

Hey! What do you mean, women don't know men?
I know what matters most to men: Sex!

I know what men think most about: Sex!

I know what men would most like to be doing: Having sex!

Now, do I "know men" or what?

CareyCarey said...

See, that's what I am talking about ...hello Madam Z *smile*

We all know women hunger for sex more than men ...okay, grown folks in here.

What you may or may not know about some men is when they are done, we are done. I mean, it's not like men think about it anymore than women do. It's sort of like that cuddling thang ...go to sleep, don't confuse sex with sleep. Men do not think about sex most of the time. It's like a nice pair of shoes, when it's time to wear a certain pair, they wear them. See, women are not like men, they have to work a little more than women while having sex so they do not wish they were doing it most of the time ...they might wish they could but we can't. We have to give up something at the end of the journey and it takes some time for that to come back.

CareyCarey said...

Truth be told ...the majority of men that think about sex all the time are the men that can't have it when they want it. Some men can't catch a cold.

Blu Jewel said...

I so heart this post. Honesty is the best policy, but so many ask for the truth, but can't handle it when they hear it. That ticks me off royal. I ask questions I want answers to or I wouldn't ask them at all. I'm not afraid of the truth asked or asked for.

As for what women know or don't know, I can only and will speak for myself. I've got some of the best male BFFs a girl could ever ask for and get and they've more than educated me on how men are. Furthermore, I've taken the time to get to know them for fact instead of assumption, which serves both parties better. I know what I know and it serves me pretty well.

Love to live; live to love!