Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hey Obama, Heads I Win - Tails You Lose

I went for a ride on my bike today. Not one of those murder-cycles, oh no, a two wheel bicycle! I wouldn't be caught dead on anything with two wheels .....AND a motor. I love riding my bike because my lack of patience doesn't allow me to walk. While I am on my bike I can cruise at a comfortable speed. I don't like to go sight seeing in my car because if I slow down to catch a view someone might think I am a pervert or slowing to buy drugs. Plus, in a car I always feel like I have to be going somewhere.

I do my best thinking while riding my bike. Today I went on a different route. Well, I went on the same route but I did it in reverse. It was the same route but a totally different view. I saw things in a different light. That dog that always jumped out from behind a building ....I saw his ass coming this time ...I kicked him square in his slobbering lips. I finally saw the face of the women that always yells ..."hey baby, come back with a bicycle built for 2.

President Obama just can't seem to win and I've often wondered what his opponents are looking for. I suppose it goes with the job. There are some jobs I would never have. I would never be a black man on the Indy Car Circuit or any racing circuit. Are you kidding me ....that doesn't sound like fun to me. I mean, come on, me and a bunch of white guys driving in a circle at 200mph -- sounds like death to me. Am not saying the race would turn into dog pile on the Nigga but am just sayin' ....that's one job I'll walk on by. Some negroes take jobs so they can be the token black. There's plenty of names for those kind of guys.

I remember the day I was so happy seeing a black umpire at one of my baseball games. But let me tell you something (excuse my french) that motherfucker was a bitch. See, he must have been looking through the white man's eyes. If a play was remotely close, he would say, "the niggas out". Now, he didn't actually say those words but he might as well have. His view was obviously different than mine or any other black person.

As I mentioned, some jobs are harder than others. But there's this D. A in Georgia that says he has a hard job on his hands. Maybe he didn't say it but somebody did. I'll tell you a real tough job. Sitting on death row is about as tough as it gets. Listen, I don't know all the legal ramifications in the Troy Davis case but I do know that there's a sufficient amount of doubt in this case, that warrants a deeper look at the evidence. But here's the deal. It was said that this new D.A. is worried about his voters (white voters). Yeah, I don't know his job description but if he has any influence in the case I want to tell him to simply do his goddamn job!

I've heard there are federal laws designed to limit frivolous appeals in capital murder cases and some are arguing that Troy Davis falls in this category and thus has exhausted his appeal process. I don't know, but the article I read over at The implied that this new black D.A in Georgia - is in the road. My first thoughts were shit, that's a simple solution, just give my D.A brotha a bag full of money and tell him to let my people go. Ain't that the American way? Oh, I forgot, we are talking about a black man on death row - a "convicted" murderer.

Someone will have to clear this up for me. Many people are simply closing a blind eye to his possible innocence and instead, are choosing to argue against the death penalty. Death is the final straw but life in prison is no cakewalk. I want to know if Troy Davis did the crime or not, and who has the power to reopen the case? If that brotha in Georgia has anything to do with it, I want to tell him to do his job and forget about his voters. That's not a tough job ....that shouldn't be so hard - should it?

Heads I win, tails you lose ....Troy Davis has a tough job. He needs some help!


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I really don't have a comment, but I've always got a prayer.

I was too excited when I read the first sentence. I thought you meant my second passion, motorcycles (smile) Did you have on your helmet? (LOL)

Love ya!
Free Spirit Butterfly

CareyCarey said...

Hi Miss butterfly. I know I know, I've seen your big smile while you sat on your big lover. I'll pray for you *smile*

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Hey, can you move those words around a bit? You make me sound like a "bad-girl" and anyone who knows me, knows that I don't know how to be bad (LOL)

Love ya.

RiPPa said...

Man Obama will never lose. Do you see what the "other side" have to resort to?

FreeMan said...

I don't know about the basis of the story can you provide me a link so I can read more?

MacDaddy said...

Good stuff, Carey. Keep it laying it down, bro.

CareyCarey said...

Yeah fellows & Miss Butterfly, I should have posted a link it goes.

CareyCarey said...

In short, I was asking what legal routes are left for Troy Davis? the article made it appear as if the new DA has a vote.

RiPPa said...

The new D.A. has the power to reopen the case. However,I don't think he as much has said anything negative or positive in that regard. I think the media is trying to force the issue or the hand of said prosecutor because of his race. Lets be real: if he was a white guy nobody would even present this angle.

This is something I've been meaning to write about but you know it gets hectic over at my spot.

Thanks for keeping the spotlight on this case. It's very much needed.

KIM said...

Hey Carey! I'm not from your area so I'm lost on the issue you are talking about but your bike riding travels are funny! I don't know what I'd do if I saw a big dog coming for me and I'm on a freakin bike! I'd probably get hit by a car trying to jump off of the bike to run!! LOL!!

BTW - I figured out how to put the subscriber button on my site and also added it to my HTML codes! I tested it and it works! Look for it now!


CareyCarey said...

Yeah RiPPa, I see you doing the George Jefferson over there're moving on up. Your new house is a lot for the eyes. I sort of liked it better when your posts was the center of attraction. But having said that, you still do what you do with conviction. I know you are big on keeping Troy Davis's case on the minds of the public and I do understand how things get in the way. Man, that new island dance had my johnson hurting just looking at it. *lol*

I hear what you are saying about the media angle but like you said, if this was a white guy **flip script** the white DA would reopen the case. The brotha has a job to do!

CareyCarey said...

Hey Kim, I try to add a little humor with most of my posts and I am glad you commented on the dog scene. See, that hound scared me on several occasions so I was ready for his ass that time.

You are not in this area????

I'll check on the "follow" thang.