Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's Miss. Jackson If You're Nasty ....I stand accused.

I was going to sit right down and write myself a letter and make believe it came from .....WHO?

I've been blogging for about 3 months. I've been an Internet debater for over a decade, so I've seen a few skirmishes - been in a few. They usually start with a small difference of opinion until one or the other finds themselves standing on a position they can no longer defend. The issue stops being the issue and the knives come out. Even if one of the persons later realizes they may have miss-read something or misunderstood something, there's generally no turning back. To support their new position (the person that felt slighted) they use words like "even so-and-so said" and "you damn skippy I am mad" as if that supports their reasoning for being upset.

Well, I was told that I lacked blogging etiquette for not linking to the proper page of another blogger ( I linked to her profile page). I didn't know that - now I do, thanks for the tip.

I may have missed something in our exchanges. So to be fair, I am linking to her blog and this is her rebuttal to my ....ahhh .....well, my post. I thought I was clear in my post but she felt differently. It's not pretty but I guess it's fair, check it out.

I yield the floor to Kimdom aka Kim ....


FreeMan said...

There's no rule to this game. I've been accused of the same thing too but truth be told who give a flying f*ck! I swear people take this blog stuff to seriously like we are writing books.

Man you know I ain't PC because when the Nerds come out and tell me how to have blog etiquette I'm going to snap their suspenders. Write what you want man ain't nobody trying to get their stuff published and if they are then they have a sorry hustle!

CareyCarey said...

I know man. As you well know, I am not the one that is afraid to go against popular opinion. I've learn that popular opinion is a bad street to stand on. In this case I was trying to get my detractor to be specific about her beef. In doing so, maybe others would learn a little something - and so would I. Maybe my post wasn't clear or maybe the issue was bigger than what I watch on tv or what she watches. I could give a flying "F" what someone watches. Do them and I'll do me. I am sure it wasn't about blogging etiquette, it couldn't have been. That imo, was a lame excuse to play the victim.


I wanted to say, tell me, tell, tell me true, do you think bloggers are some special kinds of fools?

Btw, I loved your post on Morals.

FreeMan said...

I know I'm a educated dumbass man but sometimes the beef is over something so small I am like what is this pencil break! Hey maybe you want to write a blog that one day will get published and if so I'd say look up the blog etiquette.

You know me I curse in every post so it won't get taken and put out into the realm of people who talk alot but won't do ish! LOL I'm laughing at the morals post because here I am telling you to curse and f-everyone who doesn't understand.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Just wanted to stop by and say that I hope your Father's day is filled with Love and Neckties!(LOL)

Love and peace
Ms. Butterfly