Saturday, June 13, 2009

Troy Davis, I Don't Even Know Your Name ...why should I call you?!

" The Troy Davis murder took place over 20 years ago and I'm guessing it was a big deal and high profiled at the time... I was still dragging around pom poms and attending high school dances" - Kim

This post is not an indictment of Kim or anyone else that's not up on the Troy Davis case. I wrote a post in which I questioned the legal ramifications in the Troy Davis case. My basic knowledge of the case wasn't sufficient enough in my mind to voice a constructive opinion, so I sought help. But here's the deal. Kim's original response to my post was ..."Hey Carey! I'm not from your area so I'm lost on the issue you are talking about ". Well, that took me a few places.

Again, this is not about Kim, it's about how we respond to issues outside our world. That world could be our comfort zone, family, TV viewing pleasures or our money. I questioned Kim on her original response (not my area) and it's my opinion that she got a little defensive. Hell, I watch what I watch and listen to what I listen to and it may not be of any social significance but it's what I do. She likes watching reality shows and sitcoms like "The Scanks In The City". She even watches "The Real Filthy Housewives". I am not telling her business; her recent post told me so. I'd rather watch floating bubbles in a bag of frog spit than to watch one of those shows but my daughter watches them too and she's a good person and a great mother. I question why Kim got defensive. She gave me a page of reasons why she didn't know and who didn't know. Was it the way I asked the question ...."You're not from this area?". Or is it something embedded in all of us. Has the struggles of being black in American rendered us incapable of discerning the difference between real concern and an attack on our blackness. I wonder if we, as blacks, react differently when questioned about a supposed "black Issue" by another black, than we do if that same question was asked by a white person?

I am from a state in which the black population is less than 3 percent. One summer I was playing golf with a white friend of mine. Out of the sky blue he asked me how my family arrived in the area. He said, "how did your family get here?". At first I didn't know how to take his question and I started to say ..... "by boat M***er F**ker, through the middle passage". But see, he had assumed that "his" family had arrived in the area long before mine. But, truth be told, his great granddaddy was still picking potatoes in Ireland when mine arrived here the 1800's - I digress. I never get offended or defensive when a black person asks me were I am from. I don't cringe when a black person asks the patented "who's your people". Why do I get upset when I am asked questions about race - by a white person?

Truth be told, I didn't know about the fate of Troy Davis until I started blogging 3 months ago. I am left to ponder a few rising questions. Is Troy Davis a part of my family? Is it important for me to stay abreast of national news? If so, who's fault is it that black "news" does not get to my part of town? Is it a crime that "tell-a-nigga-telephone" only applies to baby momma drama and who shot john?

Am going to borrow something from Tina Turner ...."What's love got to do with it"? Should I also borrow a line from the Ojay's ....."Love don't love nobody" ? Why should we continue to blog about Troy Davis. Shouldn't we have our minds on our money and our money on our minds .....and not Troy Davis - someone convicted of a murder nearly 20 years ago? How does his fate effect our lives? Are there bigger sitcoms to fry and better thangs to talk about. Don't we need to take care of our business and thus talk about issues that makes us feel so informed and comfortable. Hell, why should we talk about things in the past. Haven't we heard enough about slavery and days gone by. What's to gain by raising the social conscience to the fate of Troy Davis? Isn't he just another nigga?

Yeah, fu** that nigga, they gonna fry him anyway - RIGHT?!

Nawl ....I think the issue is bigger than that, I know it is.

I was arrested for a major crime that I did not commit. I was facing 25 years. Many turned their back on me, including my family. I am a black man and therefore I probably committed the crime - that's what many think. The police don't have a reason to lie - that's what many believe. Why advocate for someone that could be guilty? Many fear guilt by association. I've heard people say if it doesn't have a thing to do with me, why should I be concerned? Many fail to realize it could be them or a loved one.

My father was my little league coach. When he approached an umpire to protest a call, he told me he wasn't necessarily arguing for that call, he was arguing for the next one.

A few of my friends stuck around. Some individuals that I did not know came aboard. A letter campaign required a judge to take a long look at my case. He concluded that something wasn't right.

Is Troy Davis guilty? Is there grounds for further review? Although I asked the question, I know, without a doubt this case should be reopened.


Anonymous said...

I consider Troy part of my family. What is happening with Troy can happen to anybody...I am Troy Davis, and I believe that innocence matters.

KIM said...

I should at least get a proper plug! Linking to my profile isn't blogger etiquette when one has been mentioned in a post!

RiPPa said...

The Troy Davis case is not, and has not been in the mainstream media. This is why it is such a heavy issue within the blogosphere. Just in case there are people who don't know, this Blog thing is the new frontline when it comes to activism. Would Obama's campaign have been what it was without the tool that is the internet?

I'm gonna say it like that: I don't know if he is guilty or not. However, I know from the developments that there is reasonable doubt. Enough so that the case should be re-opened.

CareyCarey said...

Thanks for the comment RiPPa. Although the written word is sometimes lost in translation, that's the point I was trying to make. My friend Kim thought I was poking at her but through our differences, his struggles has appeared on another blog and that's a good thing. Others have written posts about the meat of the case. Maybe I should link to a site that goes more in depth than I have the skills/knowledge to do.

Hook me up when you have some meat to go with my potatoes. You were part of a write in campaign. Any word on how that is going?

Anonymous said...

The state prison in Jackson, GA. has denied 60 minutes, Dateline, and others from interviewing Troy.

For the most thorough background info, amnestyusa is good -

For up-to-date info and actions, you can join the google group innocence-matters-free-troy-davis.

Also, the NAACP has just started a new campaign called I Am Troy.

CareyCarey said...

This blogging thang is the shit ain't it! Seek and Ye shall find.

Thanks Anonymous! People that post under Anonymous generally come with mess but you are all-right. Come back any time and bring a friend. Maybe one day you'll take off your mask so we can repay you.

Pssst, come on, you can tell me're Bruce Wayne - right?

Riddle me this: Anonymous is cool/Anonymous is great/if I knew their taste/ I'd make them a plate

Big or tall?/fat like a ball?/short and bent?/could you give me a hint?

Anonymous said...

Not Bruce Wayne, but if I were, methinks the Riddler would be my friend.

CareyCarey said...

Anonymous ....Why?

Anonymous said...

From Georgians For Alternatives to the Death Penalty -

Call DA Larry Chisolm! If the Supreme Court chooses not to intervene, the Chatham County District Attorney will have to decide whether to pursue justice, or an execution warrant. Call his office at 912-652-7308 and let them know you would like the DA the re-open Troy's case. If you live in Georgia or Chatham County, tell them you're a concerned resident. But remember, you do NOT need to be a resident to take this action! Please spread this far and wide so the DA's office knows Troy has national support.

Call 912-652-7308 and ask that Troy's case be re-opened!