Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wang Dang Doodle ...all night long!

Koko Taylor, the Queen Of Blues has passed away. I didn't know Koko Taylor. I mean, when I first heard of her passing I couldn't place a face with the name or an occupation. Her best-known song was Wang Dang Doodle. I remember that song.

As I navigate through the blog world I frequently hear or see words of wisdom from those who have great opinions based on their past experiences. Some appear to have arrived and yet others have simply seen the light. Some have found God, others have new husbands. Take it for what it is but there's loads of "advice" in the blog sphere. However, what I frequently fail to see is the before. I think fear keeps us from showing the product (us) in it's early years. Comfort allows us to walk with pride in our new beginnings. "Look at me now but don't look at me back then"

The past will call our name and the past will tell us if we truely are walking in step with our lips.

There are some things I am good at and some things I can improve on. I am terrible with names, with faces, with time and with remembering certain events from my past.

Yesterday I was at a convenience store. I ran into a guy that said he knew me. Well, I will assume that all of us have places or spots in our lives that we would like to forget. There are possibly some individuals in our past that conjures images of bad times. I am sure women can relate to that. How would it feel to run into an old lover and not remember their name. For men it can be a badge of honor. For women it can be an ugly embarrassing reminder of past indiscretions. Sometimes the past finds us when we least expect it. It could be a glance from a familiar face or the voice of someone saying our nickname.
Meeting the aforementioned gentleman forced me to race back in time. When my past approaches me I have a few options. I can either be grateful for where I now stand or be resentful of the thing or person that is holding a mirror in front of me - a mirror that doesn't lie. I could see an image of a person that has digressed in life or even stood stuck in life. I could also pull out my comb and smile back at the mirror.

I told the gentleman that I didn't remember him. He gave me a quizzical look, shook his head and walked away. I was riding my bike that day. After I left the store I veered down a narrow street. A car approached from the rear. I pulled to the side of the road and got off my bike. The car stopped, a man got out. It was the guy from the store. He told me of our past. I am glad I met that guy - again. He said at first he didn't recognize me. He'd just been released from prison. He said he was looking in the store's refrigerators trying to decide between Bud Light and Milwaukee's Best and he heard my voice. He also heard my laugh. He asked me why I was riding a bike. I told him that it was a nice day and that I was riding to a friends house. He paused and said you've changed. I said thank you.

There was a time I loved doing the Wang Dang Doodle ...all night long. Doodle dang thang thang ....bring it, I might have liked it. I didn't know Koko Taylor so it's doubtful she wrote that song for me. I am going to say she did. See, she also sung another song ...."What Kind Of Man Is This". Maybe Koko knew that I sung the blues - literally- a few times. Yep, she must have known that one day I'd have to ask myself what kind of man .....?

Our past will make us strong or make us long for the good ol'days.

Has your past walked up and reminded you of what coulda-shoulda -woulda ...did happen? has your past walked up to you and said "hello, remember me?"


Solomon said...

In the past couple of years I have used the pain of the past to grow, and make me stronger. I would have never believed it when this new kourney started a few years back, but my past, and the pain of the past, has made me stronger.

I can confront my problems, and my demons today, back in the day I couldn't even confront myself in the mirror.

Keith said...

I often discuss my past and reflect on my mistakes in these blog posts I do. I have grappled with a lot of my demons since I started doing this. What amazes me is that I never thought anyone else would care about my personal crap..It is always liberating and gratifying to find out that other people not only care ,but are often in the same boat as me.

CareyCarey said...

That's an interesting seat that you are sitting on Keith. I agree, "who really cares". But I too believe it cools the soul and allows others an entry way into feeling that they are not alone. yep, when someone respects the words of another, they are more prone to release a little of themselves. If we listen long enough, EVERYBODY knows how to do "it" right. But if we listen even longer, we soon learn differently.

"if you can't say it, you can't do it" ....I was wrong, I messed up and this is how I did it.

Mizrepresent said...

Well i could go into a long diatribe about where i've been, how i overcame and where i'm going...but if you want to read about that you will have to go to my blog. I don't use alot of details, names have been removed...but life for me has been no crystal stair. I don't post my challenges for sympathy...i post them to let others know that "this too will pass". And it has...and there will be other challenges along the way...what's changed, my attitude, my faith and my willingness to overcome, but most of all, KNOWING i can overcome.

Maxine said...

Nice post. Oh yeah, the past has knocked on my window many a time. As Tracey Chapman once wrote 'all the bridges that you burn / come back one day to haunt you'. Course, I do my best to just temporarily dismantle, rather than sending em up in smoke. I'm still digging your site, Carey.

MoMo said...

I liked this a lot. I'm little young yet to have my past knocking on my door, but I feel ya.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Your words on my blog were short & so very sweet! Loved the comment.

Happy Sunday, young man! (smile)
Free Spirit