Friday, February 4, 2011

Women are from WHERE? And men are from Where?

What's the name of that book? You know, women are from Mars and men are from Venus? Maybe it's the other way around, but anyway, I think there's something rotten in the wood shed. I've always believed both sexes are basically the same except that some body parts work a little different.
But lately I 've had to take a closer look at that because some women let some mess fall out of their mouth that I just can't believe. But wait, this new awareness was not totally brought on or limited to things women say and do - oh no. Some women and men just make me say, what the hell is really going on?!

Look, there are 2 issues on the table.
1) Steve Harvey made a lot of money on a book that talked about issues that I thought women already knew. Yeah, Steve Harvey wrote a book on love.
2) Some men view sex from the viewpoint of a kid and they never grow up.
But this post is not about Steve Harvey or his book.

Maybe I am not being fair when I say some men never grow up. But check this out. Down at Fort Dix, the military installation, it's been discovered that some men have been talking pictures of women soldiers while they bathed. As a kid I can remember opening the girls locker room door and yelling some kiddish sexual remark, but as a man, I just have a hard time understanding the excitement of talking a picture of someone that wasn't mine or of someone that didn't give me their consent to take their picture. That's a form of rape ...isn't it? See, I doubt if women get the same thrill out of secretly taking pictures of men that don't belong to them. Also, I doubt if women get the same rise out of watching 2 men doing nasty thangs to each other, as some men seem to develop while watching 2 women make love. Did you notice I said, 2 women making love? Maybe that's it. There's nothing lovely about one guy bumping nuts with another man *lol*. I'm just saying, men are different ...aren't they?

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe most women do get a thrill out of watching 2 women hug on each other???
But listen, I wonder how many dudes have had a chick come over and surprise them with a porno flick? I am sure their are women that sit down and watch porno movies but that's basically dude stuf - ain't it? Does a bunch of women sit around and watch porno DVDs together? I'd feel kind of funny if every time ol'girl stopped by she was carrying a DVD of Long Dong Dolomite. I now they have their little "personal toy parties" but that's a different thang. But check this out.

To further illustrate the difference between the sexes, it's a fact that most of the gurlee magazines are bought by men. Okay, but on the flip side, most of the naked stud rags are bought by gay men. Again, men are a little different ....aren't they. Maybe I am wrong again. Maybe more women than I would suspect buy beef cake magazine and lay them out beside their guys copies of Hustler and Penthouse??? Maybe the statistics are lying to us. I doubt it, men are from _______? and women are from _________?

Second issue: I had a friend tell me that she loves my blog but that I'd better stop flirting with the women. At first I thought she was kidding but she continued with ....I read your comments to others. Okay, I'm thinkin' she's just picking at me. But see, after further discussion, I found out that she was taking some of my comments as flirtatious overtures when they were simply meant to be compliments. I was wondering if all women some how think that men are on something when they tell a women that she smells nice or gives them any type of compliment. I tried to defend myself by telling her to insert my words into a comment directed at a man. For instance, if I said, I think you are a very gifted writer and would like to sit down with you some day and discuss a book idea , would that be flirting or just a compliment if it was directed at a man? See, I think it's a woman thang. I am now believing that women think all men are ho-ish and their compliments are nothing more than an invitation to the wild side.

Maybe women are from some far off planet and men are like the moon. Yeah, the men sit and wait for ol'girl to come around from the dark side of a far off planet. Is it possible that I know nothing about women? Or is it possible that women have the game all messed up?


chele said...

It's a combination of both. Just when you think you know women they (we) decided to switch the game up.

CareyCarey said...

So that's what it is, chele. Is that right. I'll have to think about that one. So the game is forever changing ...uuuummmm. So men aren't from .....

Solomon said...


All I know is whenever I think I know what women want, that is when I find out I don't know shyt, again. When you figure it all out, make sure to let me in on the secret, OK bro!

And I'm all for the game forever changing, as long as it at least changes a little bit in my favor. {smile}

ZACK said...

I don't think you're being flirtatious on purpose. I think it's just part of who you are.

But you're right, women aren't that much different from men. They do the same things we do, except stand up when they use the toilet.

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

I swear I never realized the stark differences between men and women until now...after all these years. I must say that guys are much more to the point than women, so I'm getting used to taking guy's words, etc. at face value rather. To your friend's point, I can see why she'd think you're women we get it all the time so it's often hard to decipher whether it's a come on or just a compliment....which I guess really doesn't matter if it's a blog comment. So, no more inquiries about my curve

FreeMan said...

Bruh, women just have more shame than us as they have more to pay by being out and open with their business. Its not flattering but maybe pleasantly surprising to a cat if his girl is a pro at fellacio. Now how can a woman walk around saying that without sounding like a ho but a man can brag on eating cookies all day and people just think he is a freak.

Its the great double standard of being a woman. There is a penalty for being open about things to a man. See what's worse to you being called a dog or a hoe? The dog just implies you get around and in the fraternity of men it's not too bad but a ho is a bad name for women and men. So we are from the same planet, walking on the same soil just the norms of society do not like to hear women talk so openly.

CareyCarey said...

Curvy Girl! Stop kissing and telling *lol*. See, you aren't helping matters one bit.

I hear you, I think men are more prone to say "hey girl, you're workin' it" than women are. Therefore it becomes secong nature for them to simply assume that most men are coming on to them. But to be honest, it's not the first time my words have got me in trouble. My wife used to ask me why I let a certain women smile in my face. She said after I said the women looked nice, she came back with that "come get the rest" look.

My man Zack, I am sure glad you said what you did. See, I've given you compliments on several occasions and I am sure you didn't think I was hitting on you. Yeah, maybe you can explain to my friend your statement of "I think it's just part of who you are"

@ Solomon, I don't know if you want to have just a piece of the pie. I want a women to come in they way we came in. Like Curvy Gurl said in another post "don't go changing"...."don't want to work that hard"

CareyCarey said...

Laughing @ Freeman. Man, you sure have a way with words ....Fallacio & cookies :-). You just broke it on down. So you are basically saying that women and men are no different. Society norms require they keep their thang under wraps. Maybe that's why my friend thought some of my comments were flirtatious ...because that's how she would roll. Ooooooh, you may have something there.

FreeMan said...

Yep, this is why the world can be sexist to women and most men don't know what they are talking about. Society will never accept SI doing a men speedo contest with them schlonging along while a women swimsuit contest is on primetime TV. The game is set up and skewed our way so a woman like a minority has to maneuver around the dominant culture to be effective.

It's like anything else in life when you are not the dominant group you see all the wrong they do. When you are low woMan on the totem pole you can't afford to act like the dominant group without serious repercussions.

CareyCarey said...

Dang Freeman, you can go back home now, you are making too much sense *lol*.

But on the other hand, Freeman. I am sure there are women that may disagree with you because you are basically saying that women have accepted their looooow position like a shackled slave and will therefore continue to be comfortable hiding their true emotions.

If I am to believe that, women are from a different planet.

Mizrepresent said...

lol, okay Carey...well where do i begin...perhaps here...who is this friend of yours, lmao! Okay...nothing wise to say or add...just matter what, "can't we all get along!"

KIM said...

#1 We are not alike at all! We are on totally two different planets! We can say the same word and it mean something different for me and something different to a man!

#2 I don't think two guys kissing or bumpin anything looks good! I think most women feel the same way!

#3 You’re correct, I have no desire to look at a naked man that is not mine or wasn't about to be mine!

#4 I've given Steve Harvey's book to someone who needed it. No we didn't know some and I'll say some of what he wrote about. Some was a shock. (I skimmed before I gifted the book lol!) I didn't know men had a plan for you. He already knows when he first lays eyes on you if you are wiffie or the jump! We as women get to know you and then figure if you are worth spending more time with or if we are going to pursue you for marriage!

#5 Why would a friend worry about you flirting via a blog? Can’t really get in too much trouble here unless it goes further or if that friend is your woman! That is totally different!

Sorry Carey we ARE from two different planets and we don't speak the same language. Good post!

Sista GP said...

I'm glad there's space travel and universal translators. (sorry, i'm feeling geeky tonight.)

Great post! nicely put. (I'm not flirting, LOL)