Tuesday, July 7, 2009

B.E.T. Were You Taking Notes!?

Was the Michael Jackson memorial one of the best productions in a long long time?! I was watching it with my lady and saw her start to cry. I asked her if she was crying and she turned her head to wipe away her tears. I was glad she did because it gave me a chance to dab mine. I didn't want her to see me cry.

Just as Michael sang songs with conviction, so did the individuals that spoke at the event. They reached down and spoke from their hearts. I loved Dr. King's daughter's speech. I loved her brothers speech as well. I even stood up and applauded Al Sharpton. Brooke Shields gave us a glimpse of a man few really know. The black congress woman brought it home.

Did Usher sing that song or what?! All the music was just what the doctor ordered. If our new talent could sing a song like that, we'd all be the better.
Smokey Robinson had to give it up didn't he. Michael made Smokey's song his song. I missed parts of the first hour, I wonder if it could have made this experience any better? My heart goes out to his daughter. I couldn't hold back my tears after watching her speak.


jjbrock said...

Carey that was a beautiful memorial. That is what I was looking forward to last Sunday night from BET. His daughter statement made me cry.

I want to thank Rev. Al for how he took control of the situation and would not allow the media to degrade Michale Jackson legacy.

CareyCarey said...

Yes Ann,Rev. Al made me proud.

Talking about shaking it up, you are turning on a light over at your house ...ouuweee. Woman, you know you are stirring up mess *lol*.

Hey, I wasn't trying to offend that one women. I was trying to hit her with the Rev James Clevelands "Where Is Your Faith". I know you've heard that one?

jjbrock said...

Carey some people don't understand how to express themselves in the comment section very well. So they kinda of get offended when people have some of a different opinion than theirs. I understand what you were saying and Thanks.