Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Judge Joe Brown & Judge Mathis....The Brown Bombers!

What About A Time Called Now!
Photo from Internet. Judge Joe Brown.
litigants? Skip and the president with a dip in his hips ...and Mr. Sgt. Crowley.

In my opinion, the popular opinion on the Skip Gates incident has been running in the wrong direction. In my mind, this thang needs a little real talk. Here's what I know. I know judge Brown and judge Mathis do not take prisoners. Judge Joe Brown has pimp slapped Coolio, Ike Turner and Rick James. Judge Mathis has no problem calling negros trifling jiggaboos and ignorant fools. So it's safe to say they will tell it like it is ......and will be fair in doing so. It would be a real stretch to call them racist.

Here's the deal. The debates have been raging over President Obama's "the policeman acted stupidly" statement. Some are saying he shouldn't have said it. Others are saying he had to say it. Then there's the issue of his offering an "olive branch". As I listened to all the debates, I've come to the conclusion that many are saying the same things but from different perspectives. It seems to be about paradigms and motives.

A friend of mine said it best:

"Speaking for myself: I was happy as all get out that the President spoke out so bluntly. I was doing high fives to my computer screen and air-triple bumping Obama. He clearly said what many folks--including me--thought and said aloud to significant others, on discussion boards, at the barber shop, etc. But even as I experienced a temporary rush, I also knew that as a sitting president the move would come back to bite him in the butt. Actually, he lasted longer than I laid odds on coming back with a semi-retraction. So there is a difference between -agreeing with what the president said and his right to hold that opinion and -feeling it was a stupid political move to have said it out loud, on camera, in those words."

I totally agreed with her. There's no doubt the remark sparked different reactions from different cultures. Unfortunately, those cultures can be divided along color lines. If we then add in the fact that most humans covet the comfort of blending into a popular opinion, it probably was a poor political move. As many debaters have pointed out, Mr Gates did not break any laws, so, we are back at the actions of the police officer. Consequently, we again find ourselves chasing the tail of racism, prejudice, ignorance and fear.

What I find the most interesting about this whole issue is how many blacks are reacting to Obama's "olive branch" (beer feast). I wonder if some are looking at it from a political standpoint or from a black pride point of view? We know there are some that say ....."come strong or don't come at all" ...."you gotta bring some ass to get some". Along those lines, I am sure others are saying the president let the policeman off to easy. Now, see, if he wasn't the president, him and ol'skip might invite Mr Crowley to a private back room for a man-to-man talk and then stole on his ass *lol*. That probably wouldn't be a good political move either. But I bet that would usher in a few booty bumps and high fives. I know Mr. Obama has to work on his jump shot and his dance steps but I wonder if he can throw a good right cross?

If I was a cartoonist I would draw a picture of little Skip Gates riding on the back of Sgt Crowley's, choking his neck while Obama slugged him with an uppercut. The caption would say, "Who's Stupid Now Motherf**ker?". Now I don't know what judge Brown and judge Mathis have been saying, but, well. In an adjacent picture we would see a stern looking Judge Joe Brown standing outside two large ornate doors with his arms folded in front of him. The caption would say ...Court In Session -- "The Peoples Court". Another picture would show Judge Mathis taking off his robe while standing beside Judge Brown . The caption ...."Do you think we wear these robes all the time?".

I don't know what the brown bombers are saying but I know they will keep it real. What do you think they would say if the litigants were in their court?!


PPR_Scribe said...

I wonder if some are looking at it from a political standpoint or from a black pride point of view?

I had to think about this for a moment. But I think for me it is both. I KNOW his original words reflected his true gut feelings. There is probably some real Black-man-pain behind them, too. He cannot reveal himself fully very often. This could have been one of those times where he could have, though. (Once the horse was out of the barn, that is.)

I also think that politically it would have showed strength and decisiveness to let his words stand. It also seems a little unpresidential to be wasting time on having beers with these two men.

Solomon said...

You made some very good points Carey. As is usually the case when anyone retracts a statement because of public outcry, what he originally said is what he was definitely thinking, it he wasn't thinking that he wouldn't have said it. Especially the president, he doesn't usually make blunders that are going to cause him embarressment down the road.

But one should always take into consideration that he may have rethought his position a little after the outcry, and accept that he changed his position a bit.

I love your cartoon idea Carey!

"Who's stupid now motherf**ker?"

CareyCarey said...

Yeah Scribe, even after I asked that question, I too had to think about the root of my emotions. Whatever the case, I agree,he probably should have stood on it and left it alone. He's is definitely in an unenviable position.

Hey, as long as you are around I'll always have someone to quote and champion as my friend. Although I didn't ask, thanks for letting me use your words.

So Solomon, you liked my little image(cartoon) huh? I laughed at that mess myself. Couldn't you just see little Mr. Gates riding Crowley's neck or being dragged by a leg :-).

Obama is a big boy, I think he really likes doing what he's doing and has a passion for doing it right.

RiPPa said...

Judge Joe Brown would have told that cop to shut the fuck up and sit his ass down somewhere. Whether Obama was right or wrong is not the issue in my opinion. Hell, the way I see it, Obama has the right to free speech just as much as Gates did when he tossed that "yo momma" joke out to Sgt. Jim Crow(ley).

The larger issue with Obama is the blatant disrespect of minority intelligentsia within the last few weeks. The shit started with Sotomayor, then shifted to Gates - lets be real: that cop arrested him because of Gates's status. That cocksuckere would not have pulled that shit if the 911 call had pulled him to the projects instead of within the shadows of the Harvard Campus.

jjbrock said...

Judge Mathis would have been all over the president for walking his statement back. He probable would have told him to get out of his court room.

CareyCarey said...

Big points RiPPa. As I said to PPR_Scribe, Obama is in a rough spot. He is pinched between politics and doing the right thang. Then, who measures "right".

Having said that, I don't know if he's being disrespectful or playing the hand that was dealt to him.

My thoughts exactly on Judge Joe Brown. He can't stand dumb shit.

Man, not until today did I know he was involved in the James Ray case! I don't know whos the strongest,him or Judge Mathis? I

CareyCarey said...

So Ann, you are of the opinion that Obama made a misstake by back-tracking? Okay, I have to know why? Strike one can't use "it makes him look weak".

Yep, Judge Mathis might have had a few other choice words for Obama. But I have to believe his venom would have been directed at Sgt Crowley. I know you are a christian woman but can you think of any words he might have had for him *lol*.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I only have to say that I am glad that the President was openly willing to eat a "little" crown and people should count that as a plus. He's been open w/us thus far and as far as I'm concerned, he's continuing on that trend. He could have said that he's not going to address the matter, the press blew it out of context and kept moving. He openly apologized and I'm still his #1 fan; aside from his family of course (smile)

Love you!
Mz. Butterfly

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Hey, I'm back ;-)

In the above post, I mean Crow, not crown.

That's what you get when you're blogging and not paying attention in the Crime brief ;-)

Love your comment on my blog earlier. I'm impressed with your memory. You never ceased to amaze me! Love & Hugs!

Mizrepresent said...

You know what i think is cool.This man is real, and sometimes real emotions are off the cuff. yeah, i know it wasn't or can be considered politically correct amongst the masses, but he said what he felt and he meant that ish! Enuf...dayum who knew being president was like being a lab animal...constantly under a microscope.

CareyCarey said...

Miss Butterfly, so you thought I forgot about you and sweet lips willie *lol*. Well, there are a few of my friends that have been talking about new guys. I am just waiting to hear the rest of the story.

Hello Miz, speaking of the rest of the story ......

Anyway, I totally agree, Obama is deeply for real. I know the job is filled with politics but unlike Bush, I do not believe he is in this game for financial wealth for him and his croonies.

He is trying to be so open and honest that some will take advantage of that. I can not remember any other president that is so quick,willing and accessible to address most issues.

Strongblkwmn said...

Obama can't kill a fly without someone having something to say so it really doesn't matter. Maybe he should not have backtracked but does he really have a choice? Like it or not he's a politician and there will be times when he will have to eat a little crow. They're lucky all he didn't say what he was really feeling. I'm sure he toned it down a whole lot.