Monday, January 17, 2011

That Ain't Right!

The love you save may be your own. Some day you'll be alone, you're heading for a danger zone.

Those words are from a Michael Jackson song. I've been doing Michael this weekend.


"S" is for SAVE me.
"T" is for TAKE it slow.
"O" is for OH NO!
"P" is for PLEASE PLEASE don't go - there.

While listening to Michael, a few things crossed my mind. Some things are just not right.

Back-Ass, just ain't right. "Carey, what's backass?" 

 Well, I was just getting ready to tell you. See, some sisters don't need to wear low riders. Some sistahs can pull it off but others...     well, let me put it like this.  Shouldn't there be a line that divides the back from the ass?  When all that ass gets jammed above a low belt line, without a division...    it's back-ass, and that just ain't right.

You know what I was thinking? I was thinking they should just go ahead and sell perfume funk. Some woman spray perfume right over all dey funk and that ain't right. I mean, should a person wash something before they put the smell good over the top? Heck, were does the funk go if you don't wash it away?

Something is not right about a 10 year old singing these lyrics ...."I'll be your sugar daddy/give you honey and all my money. But baby/L'm giving you all the candy and he's getting all your love" - Michael Jackson.

Is it right to tell a friend that their breath stinks? I mean, don't we have an obligation to tell them that their mouth is their worst enemy? Some people don't get the hint. You know, when you offer them a mint or a piece of gum .... "Hey, would you like a piece of gum?"...      "no, am cool" ....."NO YOU'RE NOT!"
What's up with the person that always wants to be the banker while playing Monopoly? Something ain't right about that. Are they a cheating-cheater or someone that just loves to count money? I never win Monopoly.

Mega-churches just ain't right. I want to be able to stop by my pastors house or call him on the phone. Speaking of churches, is it right to text while in church? Something ain't right about that...   and I've done it before.

I have a few more questions that's been bugging the mess out of me. What ever happened to Tevin Campbell? That boy could blow. Come to think about it, where did Shabba Ranks go?

Some things just ain't right!


CurvyGurl ♥ said...

LOL. Yep, some things just ain't right. The other day I thought about all the songs I used to sing back in the day that were full of sexual innuendo. Apparently my mom wasn't listening closely either...hee hee

jjbrock said...

Carey you are crazy! "BACK ASS." Never heard that one before.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I feel you on the low riders. Some women just don't have that 1 girl friend that tells it like it is. As for me, I don't need the girl friend to tell me, the long length 3-way mirror is my best friend (smile)

As for the rest, haven't given it much thought until you posed the question....

What ain't right is how you start on one subject and get me all wrapped up into the post and then go left field, I do all my thinking on the job. When I come here, I just want to be me (LOL)

Love ya!
Free Spirit

CareyCarey said...

Let me start with Miss Butterfly.
That just ain't right starting on one line of thought and then jumping to something else *lol*. Well my pistol packin' momma, that's just be me. Sometimes my mind wanders. I was basically doing a light stream of conscious thang. In this post I started with Michael Jackson but like I said in that post, his words took me somewhere. Thus, "that ain't right". See, me and you need to sit down for a cup of coffee and chop this up. It's the Columbo in you "nothing but the facts" :-).

Yeah Ann (jj), BACK ASS. It's like "headmolatte" mo head than they have body. No back - no ass - just backass *lol*.

@ Miss Curvy ...I sure would like to hear those song you were singing and @ what age? Were you singing them with conviction - with a passion.

I remember my brothers and I were walking around the house with an cool dip walk and my mother asked us what we were doing. We said "pimpin". Well, mom told us in X-rated terms that we were not pimping. Kids pick up some of their worst habits from movies and music ...don't they *wink*. said...

Yes... you are right...

And this is just sooo funny....

I won't even mention the chick who came to the altar and knelt down and had on low riders... now you KNOW and I know that she didn't "suddenly" get the Holy Spirit and walk up there forgetting that she had on low rider jeans in church and her behind was hanging out of the back...

When I approached her and told her that her raw behind was on the floor and not in her jeans she said "oh"...

You know what... I am THROUGH.

CareyCarey said...

Miss Trumpet,

No you didn't say "raw behind" *lol*. Yep, that's the picture I was talking about. Like you said, they gotta know what's going on back there!? But doesn't it seem like that picture isn't complete until there's a little bitty-tennie-weeny-blouse/tank top that has long parted ways with that "mound" *lol*. That just ain't right. I mean, there's nothing wrong with a nice healthy black woman but rusty black-crack-raw-backass is not on everybodies Sunday Morning Worship.

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Hmmmm...your comment on my last post sparked another question...stay tuned :-)...the name will be changed to protect the (not so) innocent

Tia's Real Talk said...

You put someone on blast. lol. Back *ss is soooooooo funny and true. Stinky breath sometimes come from an empty stomach. So suggest that you two go out to eat and once you are done pass em a mint.

Mizrepresent said...

lol, i used to be back-ass, but thank God for squats, cuz i am officially ASS_BACK, now to work on that stomach, cuz it looks alot like BACKASS!

CareyCarey said...

ouuuTiaweah, where you been woman? So you think it's starts in the stomack ...uuummm. What about the ones that have mold growing around their teeth? :-), I know that's wrong for me to say.

Miz, see there, you jokes were funnier than mine - stop it. You had me rolling with that "Ass done come back & calling your pooch "assback" *lol*. I guess there ain't no shame in your game. Get it sista, do what you gotta do.