Monday, August 3, 2009

Black Jeopardy -- The Blogsphere

Duel names for one $1,000 ...."They ran up the hill to talk a little smack"
-- Answer: What is Jack & Jill Politics **CORRECT**

Lets have a little fun today. Now, I don't run all around blogland. I branch off here and there but I basically go to the bars that know my name. So, this game of Jeopardy will include a few of my friends and a few well known blogs.


First Round: What's the name of these blogs?

For $ 100.00 - They carry 2 weapons, the bible and a gun - she's not a "fly"
For $ 200.00 - Some folks don't do it.
For $ 300.00 - "It's" not the crossroads of sadness & dreams. But it's deep.

For $400.00 - Some are down an old dusty road. The pastor is there.

For $500.00 - When "she" speaks she uses "this" horn.

For $600.00 - You don't have to call her "Miss" Jackson because she ain't nasty. She does this for life. She's been "representing" for a long time.

For $700.00 - He would never work in the man's kitchen because "he" doesn't belong there. He likes getting his hands dirty "out there"

For $800.00 - The host of this blog is a "so-called" Doctor. It's all about an "after-after-life".

For $1000.00 - A canal ..."bottom"


For $ 200.00 and 2 neck bones - Not the Boston Chronicles ...a "shapely" girl

For $ 400.00 and a free weave - Don't call her a funky "white" girl

For $ 600.00 and a dinner with Al Sharpton - He gives you a "choice" and he's not an "Elk". (2 part answer)

For $800,00 and a date to a porn show - Indians love "this" ... "they" seldom carries rubbers.

For $1000.00 or a trip to Hell - What's "never" wrong but hard to find?

For $1200.00 and a makeover by Dennis Rodman - "Max" Factor she's not. She doesn't "max" out her credit card, she just slams "it" down. (3 part answer , who-what-blog?)

For $1400.00 and (for ladies only) a date with Flava Flav - "He" told the Lord to do "this"?

For $1600.00 and a promise to never start mess in your blog - The reciprocal of.....mommy Be weak.

For $1800.00 and a copy of his latest book, Black Like Me by Richard Steele. --It's not outer space. It's adjacent to a bunch of "Escapades"

For $2000.00 and a date with Mayor Berry or a Denzel look alike (your choice). -- Don't go digging around in Jamaica, you're not going to find gold but you might find "this". The blogs name ? (2 part answer)

Bonus question for $1000.00. This obscure little blog doesn't shoot off fireworks to make a loud sound. She uses "this"

Okay, who will make it to final Jeopardy? 3 picks per person. Do you see your blog? Some of these are tough and I think others are gimmes? Then again, I believe 1 or 2 blogheads might be able to answer quite a few.

Lets have fun! Remember 3 picks per person. I think there are 2 Answers/questions that nobody will get. Prove me wrong. If you see your blog ....let it lay - okay. Take a poke at the rest.

Oh, on the $800.00 questions you can double your money - they're really hard!


SLC said...

100 Who is Free Spirit Butterfly?

200 The CurvyGurl Chronicles

600?? Keith's Space (Aries The Ram)?

This is mad funny even if I didn't make it out of the first round.

CareyCarey said...

SLC, I am going to have to call you the "cherry picker". You took the easy ones. Now I can't say if you have them right but we'll see if you make it out of the first round. I'll have to penalize you because you picked 3 questions :-). Even if you have all of them right you only would have about $1000 so you might be outta there.

CareyCarey said...

Oooops, 4 question, SLC. No cheating *lol*

LoudPen said...

Ok, Carey here's my three:

200 (DJ): the curvy girl chronicles
400 (DJ): Fungke Blak Chik
700: Undercover black man

This contest was fun! Thanks for the shout out and words of encouragement on the blog! Mucho apreciado.

Solomon said...

And for the win!

600 Who is MizRepresent
1600(DJ) Who is daddyBstrong
1800(DJ) Where is Keith's Space


CareyCarey said...

Wow! You guys are killing me. Somebody is batting a thousand! Well .....

jjbrock said...

For $400.00, A Certain Sound.
For $500.00, Black Women Blow The Trumpet.
For $700.00, Field Negro.
For $ 600.00, A Choice of Weapon

CareyCarey said...

HIghlights & teasers

Loud Pen, you are correct on Fungke' Blak Chik, and wrong on undercover black brother. jjbrock got that right.And $600.00. A choice of weapons!

SLC is batting a 1000, although he picked the easy ones :-).

Now ol' solomon is a pro.Yep, daddyBstrong for $1600.00!

No one has answered a $800.00 double money question -- Raw Dawg Buffalo ...oops

There's plenty more out there. Hint: Some of the answers are in the comments ....ummmm, every comment is an answer!?

Now Miss jjbrock, I know YOU know your answer to the $400.00 question is wrong :-). Good catch on
Black Women Blow The Trumpet!

PPR_Scribe said...

You're a funny funny man. Ima keep my answers to myself...

jjbrock said...

Carey you should e-mail me the answers, and the links to the question. I love the game!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

If I had the time and a printer, I would ACE this! You must be on day off (smile) I love this. Your mind is almost as attractive as Mr. Obama!

I don't know if you just posted it or if I had tunnel vision, but I just read "Is love gone."

You already know the answer. Everybody loves again. It's just different each time! If you haven't already, open your heart and let love in!

Love ya!
Ms. Butterfly

CareyCarey said...

@ Miss jjbrock ..."Carey you should e-mail me the answers, and the links to the question"

Okay, I can do that. I am not so sure what you mean by the "links" but we'll work it out. But first I have some corn on the cob (out of the garden)and some tomatoes (out of the garden) calling my name. And a bowl of chicken soup.

PPrscribe, see, you're the best straightman I have. In fact, it was your post that inspired this one. Yeah, you just had to embarrass me by telling the world that I missed questions targeted at fifth graders :-(. And what's this you're saying're going to keep your answers?

**sticking out tongue**

you just didn't know the answers *lol*.

And then there's Miss Butterfly ..."If I had the time and a printer, I would ACE this!"

But you didn't even answer "one" :-). I'll tell you what, catch these ....{"Max" Factor she's not. She doesn't "max" out her credit card, she just slams "it" down. (3 part answer , who-what-blog?}

and .... {"The host of this blog is a "so-called" Doctor. It's all about an "after-after-life"}

and ...{For $1000.00 - A canal ..."bottom"}

Re: Is Love Gone ...Curvy Gurl also liked that one. That poem was actually a reply I wrote to a woman's poem. But in the end it was more about love in general. You caught that. Sometimes the heart freezes up after it's been shocked.

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

LOL...I love this!

Thanks for the shout out :-)!

Solomon said...


What happened to all the answers, and the links so we could give these cool blogs a shout out?

PPR_Scribe said...

Yeah, I thought I saw you had posted the answers. I was gonna check them all out (well, just the slight few I hadn't figured out ;-)) but now the post is gone!

CareyCarey said...

Dang Solomon, you and PPRscribe are killing me. See, really thought everyone knew the answers. Well, in retrospect I don't know why. jjbrock didn't even know her own blog. That's probably because the "answer" wasn't that good?

Anyway, I thought the answer post was overkill? And you know what, I worked on that thang for a couple of hours. That cutting and pasting ain't no joke. Now it's gone!

But see, PPrscribe keeps insisting that she knew most of the answers and I am patting my feet waiting for her to drop a pecan of an answer *lol*. I hope my feet don't swell. Where is my epson salt?

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

My internet service went down last Thursday and I didn't get to stop by over the weekend. It was actually a blessing in disguise.

Love and hugs for a great week!
Free Spirit!

Rich Fitzgerald said...

I'm late to the game, but I only knew The Curvy Gurl Chronicals, Reading-Writing-and Blogging (Mizrepresent), and Aries Rules (Keith's Space).

That was a fun list.