Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Rev. Ike -- Ike Turner -- Iceberg Slim. Too Long, It's Gone, Don't Hate The Player.

In the game of life there's strife, loves gone, past memories - he's there to lead the way. Bold stride, strong character, he'll carry you through. It's not the tail you sell - you don't have to be a ho' - that's on you. Player or purveyor -- it's just a state of mind.

Rev. Ike is gone. Many are trampling his grave. But listen, pointing fingers at a pimp or calling him a pimp, does little to stop his pimping ways. If you hand a racist a mirror in an attempt to show his  racist ways, it's a good bet he'd grab that mirror and smile while he combed his hair. Consequently, "The Reverend Ike was nothing more than a pimp" stuff, really!? Ike Turner tried to pimp the shit out of Tina Turner're kidding me, really!?. Iceberg Slim was a pimp .....AND? Tell me something I don't know!

I don't want to preach to the choir but Rev Ike is dead and Tina is no longer with Ike Turner. Yet, their messages are still alive. Pimpin' ain't easy but it appears to pay real good. So, if I am not talking to the choir, who am I talking to? Well, although it's doubtful very many past or present ladies of the night will visit my blog, I'd nevertheless like to know what's the damn deal. I wonder about those that give their money to men that serve a god of gold and money? I wonder if they're weak and easily led astray or simply want to be part of a crowd. It has to be something deeper.

I am having a hard time understanding why someone would send money to a person that drives a $100,000 car and they -  themselves - are riding the bus. Even more perplexing are the so called intelligent individuals with stable jobs who are also bamboozled into believing sending money through the mail will get them a seat in heaven. Is it about heaven? Or is it more like Richard Pryor's character in Car Wash -- Daddy Rich? Do people fall in love with the lure of the man?

Car Wash is a classic movie. That joint was funny as hell. But speaking of Hell, who can forget a memorable song from that movie "am goin' down"? I wonder where Rev Ike is going? If one believes in the concept of God, they have to believe be in the concept of a Devil. Where does he live?

Now check this, I know prostitution is a mind game. It's also a money game. But aside from forced labor, I can not understand someone that sells their ass and then gives their money to someone else.
I know some of the hardest things for humans to say is ...."I don't know" and "I was wrong".
So I doubt a prostitute or a Rev. Ike follower will comment, but I wish they would. I wish someone would tell me what's going on?

But you know what, I know a few prostitutes -- I was raised with them but I've never asked them why they did what they did. For the most part, I knew it was usually about drugs. Some got trapped by the promise of easy money and the posibility of meeting Richard Gere (Pretty Woman) but drugs lurked somewhere around the corner . But what believable promise would propel a person to send money to a rich man they didn't even know? I am talking about sending their hard earned cash before they pay their mortgage or add to their children's college fund. What has to happen to the brain that tells an individual to sell parts of their EBT card (foodstamps) so they can send-off for a prayer clothe? What is a prayer clothe anyway?

Is this whole pimpin' people game reserved for fools and the easily mislead? I don't know a single person that has sent money to a pulpit pimp. If I did, I would ask them if we could talk.
Please, it you've done so, give me a holler. If you've sold sex for favors give me a shout. If anyone knows of someone that couldn't wait to send their money to men like Daddy Long and Crinkled Dollar, hit my comment section -- please! Although some of the players are gone, the game hasn't changed and I'd like to know why?! Don't talk about the player, talk about the game. They say pimpin ain't easy but I beg to differ. There appears to be no shortage of people raising their dollars in the air, acting like they just don't care.


Solomon said...


You pose a couple of questions that I've often wondered about. I think you are on to something with the drug addiction/prostitution thing, that is old news.

But I've never been able to quite figure out the pulpit pimps and how they get people to send in that money.

When I was a little kid I could tell these people was bein' pimped. I don't understand how someone could be so miguided as to send in their hard earned money in exchange fo their salvation? It make absolutely no sense to me.

I'm curious to hear what your other commenters have to say on this issue.

How do folks think they can buy their way to salvation from folks that already have a "hot" spot reserved just for them you know where. *smiles*

Keith said...

Man, I've been asking these questions since I was in High School. I can understand a woman using what she has to get what she
wants..but after doing all the "work" , why give a percentage of your earnings to some man? What kind of rap did this man have to get her to do this? her and a few other girls??

Same thing with the Reverend Ike's
of the world..What do they say that makes one go in one's pockets..

and mostly..How come I never had game like that? -:)

Jackie said...

Good post. I have known a couple of women who were prostitutes. Drugs definitly played a big part of it for them. The pro sex worker who has a pimp aspect of that life puzzles me too. I mean, I am a woman and if I were to do that kind of work, I'd want ALL the profits. Maybe they feel more "protected" by having a pimp?
Sending for payer cloths baffles me period. I guess it's just trying to buy hope. I know three peole who were in bad financial trouble but spent a lot of money they couldn't afford for Psychic's advise. Spending hard earned money trying to buy luck or salvation, I don't get it either.

El Nuyorican said...

People give money (and sometimes even their lives -- remember Jonestown?), because they become deeply invested in the belief system. For SOME prostitutes, it's buying into the belief of the self worth (or lack thereof). For many "true believers," it's about rigidly holding on to a belief they've become attached to.

I could have a string of followeers, predict that the world will end to tomorrow and when my prediction doesn't come to pass, those have given me the MOST money will be those who will stay with me, no matter how much I am exposed.

It's a con game -- a grift -- one of the oldest long cons known to humankind. We also call it religion.

CareyCarey said...

UT OH ...El Nuyorican said what many will not. He didn't come too strong but he said this ....."It's a con game -- a grift -- one of the oldest long cons known to humankind. We also call it religion"

I am going to let that sit there.

Keith, now there you go *lol* you're trying to figure out how to tighten your pimpin' game.

Hello Jackie, I didn't even think about those Psychic Hotlines! Now you have me thinking on the line of phone sex. There's a connection to all of this.

I am going to have to do some soul searching. I've been lied to and I wonder if I liked the lie even though I knew it was a lie ....ummmmm.

Buying Hope?!

jjbrock said...

"The best thing you can do for poor folks is to not be one." That's was one of his favorite quotes.

MHJones said...

Hi Carey.

I have more respect for the prostitute than I do for the pulpit pimp. The prostitute is being up front. She doesn't love the guy, she'll have sex with him as long as he pays her, and she isn't interested in seeing most of her clients again.

The pimp, on the other hand, lies to the people, tells them he loves them, lets them give him money, and then, when it comes to preaching the truth, screws them.

Mizrepresent said...

Wow, i don't know what to say, but if i was selling my goods...i would keep the money. Now i think they got a pimp for protection, but why not just pay some fool for that and be your own pimp? Okay and for those who sent in money for the prayer clothes and's no different then what is taking place in the alter today...people think they can buy salvation...NOT. It is and must be earned.

CareyCarey said...

Hello Mr. Jones, thanks for stopping by. You know what, I never thought about the respect angle. Yet, I have to agree. As I mentioned I've been around many prostitutes. I knew their mothers, fathers, and siblings - okay. Everyone knew what they were bringing to the table. In and out, they got theirs and they got theirs. But some of these preachers are selling dreams and false hope. Not to mention playing with God. An even deeper issue is playing on the poor and old. MH, you are so on point.

@ Miz ....."people think they can buy salvation...NOT. It is and must be earned"

What more can I add to that! But, is it salvation they are looking for?

"but why not just pay some fool for that and be your own pimp?"

I'll be your huckleberry baby :-).

Mizrepresent said...

Carey, lol, yo azz i crazy!thanks so much for the laugh.

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

It is said that God hates religion...and this is a good example why. This type of nonsense leaves people trying to buy happiness instead of finding peace, joy and prosperity through belief and faith.

lol and cosigning @Miz...I'd have to keep my proceeds to or cut somebody deep

blakk9king said...

If a Minister truly me the many congregations today need more teaching than preaching... it is the responsibility of the congregation to support where they are being fed.

Now the operative word is " fed". The ministry that teaches " get money" constantly, is not feeding the true Word of God to them. For example, in Deuteronomy it states." .. It is the Father that giveth thee wealth, that the Kingdom may be established." The Father has no problem with his children getting rich. It is the love of money and the disregard for all the many other teachings that He has sent to us that causes many to lose their way.

If it was all about material things why are so many depression,suicidal, divorced, etc. after having" made it"?

The only reason you and I were born is to make a choice, between life and death. The riches of this world are temporary. The spirit world is eternal.

Also the judgement falls upon the pulpit first because they have an awesome responsiblity to lead the sheep..not astray.

If you do the right things per the Word He will prosper you. " I have never seen the righteous begging bread".

If you miss the mark repent and get right ask for forgiveness and move on.

Thanks for the opportunity to share.
C. Adams, Michigan, California, Ohio..