Saturday, September 5, 2009

Peek-A-Boo, I See You! ....Behind Every Great Man Is A Good Woman - Right?

That's Peek-A-Boo to the right, she's a super hero. For real, her name is Lashawn Baez. After she transforms, she becomes Peek-a-Boo, a super hero with the power to vanish away. She's also a Medical School graduate student. Well, she's the brainchild of Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins of DC comics.

The name Peek-a-Boo seems to fit an array of women that stand behind great men. Some of whom find themselves in the unenviable position of supporting their husbands while standing in the quiet abyss of obscurity. Yet others are mentioned in the same breath as their championed husband. Many of them are forced to drop their titles and their last names and their own dreams, and acquire the name of "His Wife". What type of super human woman can withstand the torrential storms of standing behind her great man. Aside from the pressures of their jobs, the wake of some great men is filled with Harlots, Jezebels, Judases, Parasites, and a private life that washes away like footprints in the sand after a high tide. Yet, the good woman, the great woman, the strong woman holds on.

Why then, is the phase "behind every good man, there's a good woman" reserved for men? I mean, I seldom, if ever, hear that phrase used in reference to the man standing behind his great woman. In fact, the word "great" seldom precedes the name of women. There's Henry The Great and The Great Houdini. There's even The Great White Hope. Can you believe that - a great - white HOPE, and not a greatblack woman.

Is the phrase not reciprocal because this is a man's world? Heck, James Brown even wrote a song about it, titled, "This is a man's world". He was the hardest working man in show business and the greatest R & B singer of all time. Does the phrase "behind their man" mean in back of their man or lesser than her man? For many woman, the role of supporting her husband is a honorable position. Unfortunately, it appears men do not aspire to the status of the man behind the woman. The reversal of roles, if only in name, is a hard pill for most men to swallow - why?

Most will agree that there is a good woman behind most great men. Why is that? Is that because "to the victor goes the spoils? Women do outnumber men 7 to 1 in many cities. Maybe men can cheery-pick, you know, finding the "GOOD" woman, and leaving the rest behind. I 've frequently heard woman say there's a small pool of good men. Can it be that all the good woman have been taken by all the great men, and therefore few are left to become great women? That doesn't make sense, or does it? Well, just ponder that for a second while we move on.

President Barack Obama has a good woman behind him, and everyone knows her name. Nelson Mandela had a good woman supporting him, and everyone knows her name. Who doesn't know Coretta Scott King, and her famous husband. If I say Betty Shabazz, you'd probably say Malcolm X.

I could continue this game of "Peeking-at-his-Boo" until the night grew thin, but I am looking for a few great women. The list of great men, and what some might consider as their also-ran is endless. I am looking for the His & Her couple with the woman on top. Why do the names of great woman lack the reverberating names of the good man behind them? I have to admit, Oprah and Steadman is the only couple I could think of, and I doubt they even apply. Oprah is a powerful force, a good woman, but Steadman - how does he fit into the formula? My point: Are there great women, or is that position, or title, reserved for men? More so, where's the good "boo" behind the great woman, if there is such a thing. Maybe it's true that all the good men transformed all the great woman into "His Wife", the house wife, and his Peek-a-Boo, and thus, there's no good woman left behind, to one day, lead the way to greatness. Dang it, I am stumped, I can't figure this out.
Are there any great women up in here? Stand up if you dare, and holla like something aint fair. Or, sit back, like you just don't care. Be the boo that nobody knew.


CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Hmmm....interesting topic. I thought I had a take on this, but I need to think about it

CareyCarey said...

Come on Miss Curvy, flex your muscles, lead the way and speak for all the great women with their good men. At least sound the trumpet for all the great ...ahh ...

LoudPen said...

Susan Taylor and her husband...not sure of his name.

Beyonce and Jay-Z...the only couple in my opinion to ever truly both be successful on their own and then become a couple. However they are more so equals so, not sure if this counts.

That's all I got.

PPR_Scribe said...

I think when the situation is reversed, couples may find that it is better to not be loud about it. That is, maybe it is easier for a man to be "the wind beneath his woman's wings" when she is not going around bragging about his role. Perhaps it is a male ego thing, or a how society views men and women thing.

Anyway, good topic! Hopefully more men will weigh in.

CareyCarey said...

@ PBscribe ..."Hopefully more men will weigh in"

Me too, I'd like to hear the opinion of men.

There was a few questions in that post. 1.) We seldon hear about "great" women. If we do, as you mentioned, the men beneath their wings are silent 2). Is it a man's world and therefore the title of "great" is only reserved for men? 3). Do women that could become great grow tired of the struggle to get there, and then settle for something less - wife, or second banana?

@ Long pen you think Beyounce's booty qualifies her for greatness? *lol*. And Susan Taylor and "what's his name" *smirK*

Solomon said...

There are many great women throughout history. And many women that have overcome many obstacles to achieve success.

I think you are on to something in your comment Carey, that many women become tired, and they settle for something less than they are capible of.

But not all women are this way Carey, you are using a generalization if you think all women are this way.

What about the great women that are yet to come up the ranks, what about them?

CareyCarey said...

@ Solomon ...I think most of my comments or questions were stated as such. I would be a fool to suggest there not great women, past, present or in the past. The central issue to this post is the reciprocal to the prase "behind every great man there's a good woman". Where are these great woman and their good man?

FreeMan said...

Ok I can name one! The husband of Mary J. Blige is her manager and is in full support of her career. He took her with all her drug flaws and she will testify to that about how good he is and has been to her life.

I'm sure there are a lot more brothers but they don't want the attention. Now a woman usually appreciates being recognized as the enabler of success. They take more pride in being the support system while the man takes pride in the war. So the recognition of their wife by saying the love of my life, my rib, my right hand woman is good points to score so the homelife will be better.

On the all the good men are gone thing. I always want to say but NEVER DO that the women who want good men might not be GOOD WOMEN either. The pot is calling the kettle black on that but who wants to say that to women and not get burnt by the fire coming at you.

CareyCarey said...

@ Freeman ...Re: "good men", It's a tuff game to point the finger back at the women that cry "there ain't no good men, or they are in limited supply". For the women that say that, I wonder what "they" are bringing to the table. We can talk about that, Freeman, because I know (read) what you require in your women. I doubt if many would fill your bill. I had a woman (that I am no longer with) that made the assumption that she was a better woman than the one I am presently with. she has actually said that to me. But truth be told, she can't touch this woman is several areas. I've never said that to her because it wouldn't serve any purpose. Good is subjective but for me, I have instant disqualifiers ...crying, lying, deciet( dishonest), boring, poor eating habits which leads to poor health, unkept house, bad breath, can't cook, no goals, controling, living in the past. If any one of those things raises it's ugly head ...AM GONE! ANY ONE OF THOSE, AM GONE. I'll take a woman that looks like Whoopie, before I deal with any one of the above. For real, they can be a shining star (outside)but I don't have time for mess.

Oh Freeman, Mary j ....great? She has weathered her strom but great is a stretch.