Sunday, June 12, 2011

YOU CAN'T TURN A HO INTO A HOUSEWIFE - That's what they say

I threw away all my prophylactics and candy panties, but I've been turned out. Mizrepresents and PPRscribe pimped me. They promised me a cabin in the sky and a Cadillac with a sun roof top, but they only gave me a Jones, a habit, an addiction. They didn't tell me Heroin had nothing on blogging. I've cooked dinner and cleaned my house but I remain a whore.

I woke up in the middle of the night with cold sweats. I staggered to my refrigerator and poured myself a cool drink. I felt someone standing near, it was another john, it was another hit, it was my computer. Like a warm syringe filled with a speed-ball, it winked at me, it blinked at me . I rushed outside and hollered at the moon.

There was no place to hide. I knew I needed to get outside myself. I went for a walk. The warmth of the day felt wonderful, but as I glanced up to take a peek at the sun, a pigeon pooped in my eye. I said, "where the hell did that pigeon come from" . I looked to my left and there was a library. It was the pigeon's home and it was calling my name. I found myself peering through the glass windows, looking at the books inside. Like a drunk waiting for the opening of the corner liquor store, my hands started to shake when my eyes spotted a row of computers.

I go to the place where the feeling awaits me, self destruction's in my hands, oh lord, so stupid minded, help me, I can't help myself. But I'm going crazy, I can't fight it. I am hooked my friends, to that boy who makes slaves out of men.

That boy called Blogging is a mean thang. Oh believe me, help me somebody! I have to withdrawal from this opiate. It's using me like I am a 2dollar ho, and not kissing me in the morning. I have never been a housewife but I am tired of being pimped.  Somebody help me.


Keith said...

It's like I said in one of my posts last week ("Where's Don"?)
A lot of bloggers say they are going into retirement..but they all come back!

Glad you didn't make a liar out of me! lololol

PPR_Scribe said...

LOLOL @ CareyCarey! Welcome back.

LoudPen said...

Carey, I should've known you were coming back.

CareyCarey said...

See there, in true drug dealer fashion, you two are saying welcome back and I haven't even returned *lol*.

I am just like any true addict that tries to ease his pain by using a substitute in place of his drug of choice.

See, I wasn't really blogging, I was crying out for help - I think.

But nooooo, Lady Scribe and her partner in crime, Keith Sweat, were standing on the corner pouring salt on my wound.

Come to think about it, they say the drug dealers will give you the first one, but Nobody told me they'd be back.

Yes sir, they were standing right outside my door.

But see, they have competition. I visited Maxine today, just to say hello. Well, I had yet to tell the world that I was going through withdrawals, so she too thought I was up and running, but upon rushing to my house (her words) and not finding me at home, she left disappointed. Later that day I went back to her house to see if she'd opened my letter, and she had. My friend Maxine, the poet that she is, was not at home but she left me a short note said, I went by your house BUT ALAS......:-(

CareyCarey said...

Oh Lawd, The LOUDEST PEN EVER, Miss longpen, has joined the round table ....I mean the crap table. I am rolling snake eyes and they say keep playing.

Mizrepresent said...

HAAAAAA! I knew you'd be so does this make me the PUSHAWOMAN! lol! Enjoy! Glad to see you are back!

CareyCarey said...

Well Miz, you said it, not me. You guys are nothing more than a bunch of thugs, hanging out on the corner with your pants saggin'. *smile*

I need to go to rehab.

FreeMan said...

Hey Bruh I just took the summer off and changed the topic but I came back. I think sometimes you just have to walk away and if it comes back to you then it's yours. Oh snap that sounds like some love advice huh?

Either way don't get the shakes and have take out Blog Withdrawal on your close friends and loved ones.

Keep writing because as you can see you have become part of everyone's life and their normal rotation of their day.

CareyCarey said...

The Compton killer has shown up. Whatsup Freeman. That's a good line "take out blog withdrawal".

You hit me with something. I've posted at another place for nearly 10 yrs and I also pulled back from that site. Well, like you and others (at that site)have said, we never know who is lurking/reading.

You mentioned people having a rotation in their day. That is so true. Even though I haven't been posting, I still run through my daily spots.

You and I have had some nice discussions on motivation, pain, neighborhoods (Thruths blog),debates, confidence etc, and I listened. In this game of blogging I've never really felt confident that my stuff was worth reading. Therefore I didn't find a purpose to continue. Like I said, I could run my mouth for days but what was the purpose. I did use my blog to seek feedback on issues in which I was going to talk about in a different forum/medium, but that was selfish.

But if people stop by as a normal flow through their day, like their morning cup of coffee, or their late night bath, I can work with that.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Mr. Dang Fool 'this ain't for me' Carey.

Signed: a 'friend' in L.A.

CareyCarey said...

Lets see, a friend from LA, uummmmm? Well my friend, could you break that down for be. I mean, dang fool, splain dat to me.

I get the laughter part, you know hahahah, but .......