Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Need A Priest. Who's Really Listening?

Last night I was watching Kat Williams. Yeah, that Kat Williams. Some people believe he's a funny guy, I do too. Last night, he said something that wasn't funny, it was real. Okay, hold that thought. Stay with me.

There's an accounting phrase that speaks to the price that's attached to a large inventory of goods. That phrase is "first in, first out" (FiFo). For accounting purposes, if an inventory of goods are bought on different days and at different prices, the first item sold is given the price of the first item brought into the inventory. That's important. "Carey, why is that important?". Well, in simple terms, if the total inventory consisted of 100 items, and the first 98 were purchased for $1.00, and the last 2 for $10.00, there's a potential for fraud. "Fraud?....... fraud who?". Well, some slippery businessmen will conveniently forget the purchase price of the first 98 items, and thus, hide profits by claiming or implying that the price of the last 2 items is the price they paid for the entire stock. Do you get it? Check this: 100 items @ $10.00.....Total $1000.00 - Okay?

 Now, 98 items @ $1.00 = $98.00, plus 2 items @ $10.00 = $20.00, grand total...... $118.00! Ut oh, somethings fishy. Yeah, something is rotten in the old accounting books. "we ain't made no money sir. See here, dis my receipts, dis what I paid for dem der socks". Yep, an Harvard grad turned Step-n-Fetch-it.

Now, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, Kat Williams. Okay, hold that thought.

Is there a difference between an opinion and a fact? Sure there is... that's a fact. An opinion is a belief not based on certainty or knowledge. A fact is a thing that has actually happened or is true. Now tell me, why do some individuals get upset when their opinion is questioned? I mean, facts don't lie, and yet, opinions are based on what seems true or probable. Therefore, is it wrong to question a person's opinion if that person stated it as a fact? Oh lawd, do I hear the tap-tap-tap of haters? Do I hear the klump-klump-klump of naysayers? Do I smell the breathe of those that frequently see the glass as half empty? Well, if your jaws are tight - right now-I might be talking about you.

Remember Kat Williams? Okay, hold that thought.

But wait, in this post, have I stated any opinions? Nope, I don't think so ......check it out. Have I excluded myself from any of the aforementioned character flaws? Nope, I don't think so...... check it out. Is a confession an opinion? Well, that's a tough one. I mean, if a person is confessing their wrongdoings, why do other individuals see it as pointing fingers at them? That does happen sometimes - doesn't it? I've noticed that sometimes, when someone speaks of the errors, some individuals see it as self-righteousness. It's been my observation that some individuals get offended by facts that might hit home. I think it's safe to say that happens- okay. Okay, in this post, have I stated any opinions? Nope, I don't think so...... check it out, you tell me.

Oh, do you remember Kat Williams? Well, last night he said something that struck a cord with me. He was talking about R. Kelly. The core of his conversation was his opinion that R. Kelly was a genius. See, I can't dispute that. I mean, R. Kelly has skills that some would consider are of a genius nature. His personal life aside, the man has talent. Kat Williams continued talking about other individuals that he respected. He didn't focus on the negative aspects of their lives, only the areas in which he believed were tantamount to their success. He voiced his belief on the passion and preparation needed to achieve a specific goal. Also, he spoke of those who say "do you" and "get outside the box", yet those same people are okay with a person doing their thing, only if it conforms to their ideology. For many years, Kat Williams made less than $10,000. After viewing that video of Kat Williams, I understand why he is now a millionaire. He didn't eulogize negativity.

FiFo (First In- First Out)? Well, I wanted to start with Kat Williams, and at the same time,  I didn't want you to forget about him. I mean, while watching football games, I've noticed that some referees only see the retaliatory punch- the last punch.

Anyway, I need a Priest. I believe he'd be listening. Sometimes I wonder who's really listening or what they are listening for. I have come to believe that people find what they are looking for, and sometimes, in all the wrong places. I wonder if some individual hate or don't understand something that they can't find in themselves. Is that an opinion? Nope, it's a question. 


PPR_Scribe said...

OK, you're gonna have to help me a little with this one.

First, I love the accounting example. Ima definitely steal that one for my own storytelling purposes sometime soon. And second, I do not think I have seen the Kat Williams piece you mention.

But are you saying that it is fact and not opinion that R. Kelley is a genius? Or/and that a focus on one bad (= "higher priced") deed to the exclusion of his previous work is akin to fraud?

I'll wait to comment further until I get your clarification. I have a lot to say about Mr. Kelley and his defenders but I do not want to speak on something you are not saying.

CareyCarey said...
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Reggie said...

Excellent post!!!

Although my degree is in marketing, not accounting, I can appreciate the FIFO analogy.

By the way, I think that Katt is funny too.

CareyCarey said...

Your take on this post is interesting, PPR_Scribe. It's sort of why I asked "what did you read".

I sometimes write too metaphorically or without enough clarity. Yet, imo, sometimes other individuals only see, or hear what they want to see(what they are looking for).

That Kat William piece just came out. It's actually a taped performance from a few years ago. Yeah, he got me. It wasn't very funny either. Well, I've seen him do some of the same material on another DVD.

"But are you saying that it is fact and not opinion that R. Kelley is a genius? Or/and that a focus on one bad (= "higher priced") deed to the exclusion of his previous work is akin to fraud?"

No, I may have moved to fast. The example of FiFo, was actually a setup (opening). Throw that out. I mean, I wanted to keep Kat Williams in the post, but like I said, I didn't want to mention him too early and have him "FiFo" forgotten. Another analogy: first punch not seen, only the retaliatory one (the last one). I know, I could have done it differently but hey, then I wouldn't be CareyCarey *lol*

No, the theme was facts verses opinions, and what happens when they are misconstrued. For example, Kat thought R. Kelly is an genious. Although some may not agree with that, it's not the type of opinion one could argue against because it's Kat's feelings about R. Kelly.

But PPR_Scribe, you did cross into one area of my post. It appears the mention of R. Kelly conjured up some sort of negativity. I am not judging, or saying its good or bad. It's just an observation. It goes back to "what a person is listening for" .

I 'll stop there because I am curious to see what others may have read.

CareyCarey said...

What's up Reggie. Yeah, that's about the scope of my memory of accounting. For some reason FIFO & LIFO stuck with me.

Thanks for stopping by. I saw you over there @ Big RiPPa's

Off stage, Kat Williams seems to be a pretty wise guy.

Mizrepresent said...

Man you were all over the place, lol...i have nothing to add here, but I do enjoy Kat Williams.