Monday, October 3, 2011

Excuse Me While I Flip My Thang.

Could I have your ear if I wore pink panties? Would you hug me like you loved me, if I dressed in drag? Would you laugh with me and not at me? I gotta know because I ‘ve lost that loving feeling.

Listen, I've seen men get it on in the blogsphere. Short of calling each others mothers a stankin ho, I’ve witness men have furious debates in the blog world. But you know what, they very seldom stay entrenched in their madness. I mean, they only stay in their toughness for a short period. Really, I’ve actually seen men thank each other for the check down. That seldom happens among women. Are you kidding me, women will write "I hate her" in their wills. C'mon, women will hate a friend for getting along with somebody THEY hate.

But you know what, this blog world is a wonderful place. I’ve met people that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t build my house in the blogsphere. Well, if we did meet on the street, we probably wouldn’t have continued our friendship, because at first sight..... things weren’t right.

In this computer world, I drop my pants in two neighborhoods. I have some old friends back in my old neighborhood and I have some new friends in this place called blogsphere. Today I am going to bring them together because I need them all. Bare with me because this post is sorta long.

Hold on, here we go.

At my old site I said, "Harriet Tubman couldn’t shine Oprah’s shoes".

Oh lord, Bookman (house manager) said, "Wow Carey your reaction to Harriett Tubman was too disturbing to even reply to. In all seriousness I'm surprised at you. Just suffice it to say that celebrity and money are not indicators of greatness. It is this type of thinking that has us worshiping rappers, drug kingpins and basketball stars".

Bookman made several more statements to support his view, however, I don’t know what he meant by "Carey, your reaction was too disturbing", but I told him to stop playing the violin and stop being so damn politically correct. I can't stand pretentious negroes who use the most stupid analogies to support their opinions

See, I have a feeling that it’s blasphemy to mention any of our championed pioneers in any sort of negative light. Although my statement was a cliche - of sorts - I think I traveled on some type of sacred ground.

I mean, so Harriet Tubman lead a bunch of slaves to freedom..... And? Yeah, we got that.... And?

Well, I have two friends, Yvettep and ABM, who yesterday, went someplace. Yvettep is always very reserved in her comments. She and ABM have had several marvelous debates. Their tones speaks of a mutual respect. They are both wordsmiths that can debate with the best of them. Yesterday I said Oprah was the greatest. Yvettep said, "We'll only know if Winfrey could be counted as among the "greatest" if people still know her name a hundred years after her death"

ABM came back with "So then we have to wait another 60 years to determine whether Dr. Martin Luther King Jr deserves to be considered one of our "greatest" people?"

Huuummm, that was a pretty good retort. Now I am sitting here wondering what those statements meant. Well, to be honest, I don’t believe time has anything to do with it. Can I say "tell a nigg*r, telephone"? Sure I can and most of you know what I mean.
Look, they will be talking about Hitler to the end of time. But the substance of what they’ll be saying is the trump card. If we move away from Oprah’s TV personality, and focus on her accomplishments I believe her name will be on the lips of many for years to come. For real, if we mention Harriet Tubman’s name, what’s the first likely response? It’s probably going to be something about a slave. Now, don't look now, but after slave talk hits the floor, the powers to be has some Negroes right where they want them. As long as he keeps them talking about slaves and collard greens, he’s comfortable. The mind set of a slave is hard to arrest.

"Yes sir boss hog, let those darkies talk about how we had our foot way up their ni*gas ass". Yeah, talk-talk-talk about the past.Talking about the past keeps us from looking forward. Sure, we don’t want to forget the past but we can’t continue to focus on the past.

If Opray Winfrey's accomplishments are not talked about in the future, that’s because the tell-a-nig*a-telephone was too busy taking about the underground railroad and who's sleeping with who. Oh please lord, don’t tell the children how Oprah was a role model for millions of children. Forget about that, tell them about the slave route. Don’t tell the children how Oprah inspired black woman to reach for the highest ring. A ring that in the past was unreachable. Oh no, tell them about the tools the slaves used on their way to freedom. Don’t tell them that Negroes been free for nearly 150 yrs. On no, don’t tell our new generation how Oprah champions issues that have never been seen on television. Are you kidding me, tell them about the old Harriet Tubman, you know, that underground railroad woman. Forget about how influential Oprah has been in the election process. Don’t pass that forward. In fact don’t pass up Oprah’s money but let’s throw it in her face like it’s a curse. Why talk about Oprah donating huge money to needed causes? Oh no, just because she’s given more of her money than any other black woman in the history of America, that shouldn’t be a thing to mention to our young ones. They might ask "HOW DID SHE GET THAT MONEY?". Are you kidding me, instead, let’s talk about how she’s never been married. Instead, let’s talk about Harriet Tubman and her daughter... Ooops.

I mean, for real, the future is now. Shouldn’t we be talking about our future- right now? Or should we stain our leaders. That’s right, we should be talking about slave quarters that sit on the edge of the Mississippi River. Oh lord, Harriet Tubman risked her life.  Okay, next.

Can we talk about inspiration? Inspiration is like a spare tire in the trunk of a car. If you don’t have a key to that trunk, it’s going to be hard to use that tire. Oprah is a tire that’s out of the trunk. She's tried and true. She's been down the road of hard knocks. Our youth can see her and feel her and use her. Really, what can our youth get from Harriet Tubman? Please don’t talk about a lesson on perseverance. Our youth witness struggles every damn day. They will best be served by seeing and learning from our present day struggles. They can best be served by seeing solutions at work.

Throughout this whole debate, many wish to pick at small areas of Oprah’s life, and pick and poke and use it to call her names. For some reason they conveniently cannot remember all the good she’s done. One person even said something about one segment of her show, as if that defined who she is. Some say they are not haters but ask the naysayers of Oprah’s accomplishments and they’ll feign ignorance. Don’t believe me, try it, see how you like it. Ask that same person about Harriet Tubman and they’ll probably say something about slaves and the underground railroad. Yeah, tell me something new.

Tell-a-nigga-telephone is a dangerous thang in the hands of those that feel more comfortable swimming in the pool of popular opinion. Bookman said the only thing he likes about Oprah is the fact that she helped him sell books.... WTF! He couldn’t even see through his hate that Oprah’s words and her major influence has been a major tool in the advancement of  people of color. I wonder if Oprah has been instrumental in the live of our school children? Do I hear books? Do I hear role model? Isn't knowledge king? Oprah's voice commands respect. A respect that has never been seen on the shores of America.

But many will continue to say the old slave runner was the greatest.

My position stands and I am yet to see any valid arguments that highlights any woman greater than Oprah. If there is one, lets count the ways.... Please! Please, tell-a-nigg*! I want to see YOUR champion, not Oprah’s laundry. I bet those that oppose Oprah cannot qualify their contender without trying to tear Oprah down. Come on!

Wait a minute, I am going to dress in drag.

Really, when the moments right, it’s Brotha CareyCarey on the low down. I ain’t trying to be all funny nor sissified, I’m just trying to knockdown barriers to communication. I’m going to flip my thang like Tyler Perry and Flip Wilson. Women adore men in drag. I’m just trying to get my come-up and bend a few ears.

Y'all will see me coming, I’ll be very apologetic in my comments. You know, I don't want to intimated the new negro crowd. I’ll even agree to some mess that I know damn well is way outta bounds, or I’ll be real quiet. I’ll even hate on a brotha if he even thinks about mentioning a woman’s body part and what he wants to do with it. Yeah, those sexist bast*rds. Yes sir, we're all going to get along just fine. I know how to flip the script... "Let one of those punk ass nig*as come by my sista girl’s blogs and fix his mouth to say Bi*ch". I’m going to pull down my panties and slap him with my Johnson"

I bet you think I am kidding? Sh*t...... watch me work. In fact, call me Careyella and then come on with the come on. Make my funk the P-FUNK,  I gots to get funked up. But don’t attack me. Attack the post. I am just a man on the slow drag, flippin' my thang so we all can get along.


Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Dang, Carey, you must be in the dog house if I'm the first one commenting. Maybe everyone's been at late fall festival today or out doing their Thanksgiving grocery shopping.

I'm glad I missed all the excitement of your first post on this topic Friday. I read this post first, and you made some damn good points about us being distracted to keep the heroes of slave days uppermost in mind so we can not fully appreciate the heroes among us.

I never really thought of Oprah as hero of sorts until recently, when I saw the movie, Precious. Because of overdose of negativity of blacks in the media, I was apprehensive about going, but the acting in the previews made it irresistable.

I'm glad I did. That story she co-produced with Tyler Perry was so well done and universal in suffering incest victims go through that it will be a classic that stands the test of time. People who have never been a victim to incest or child abuse or worked with this population (as I have) will recognize the authenticity of it.

It got me thinking about her other accomplishments, especially after she announced she's retiring from her show - but you really brought it home about how we have heroes in our midst, in our faces, and we don't see them because they wear the mask of celebrity status or are super rich, and we frankly aren't programmed to think of these folk as anything but out-for-themselves.

I think the media's under-reporting of philanthropy is intentional and deliberate, from Oprah to Ludacris to Bill Gates and more. They embarrass the corporate vampires who would suck us all try if they could, and send blacks back into slavery. Ooops, they're already doing that, from Wall Street to the new prison plantations.

About your shoe shine comment. It was unfair to Harriet, because she did the best she could with what she had to work with. More importantly though, it was shocking enough to get folks attention and shook up enough to think about our living, breathing, and often invisible heroes. Thanks.

FreeMan said...

How about no one will appreciate Oprah until she is long gone from the scene! Do you think everyone thought of Malcolm or Martin or even Madam CJ Walker as great until we started to look back at the fruits of their labor?

At this time Oprah is definitely the biggest influence from a Black womans perspective. She is giving and she provides a daily example for young black women of what is possible. Is there someone bigger than Oprah in this era probably not, so I concede that point.

But it's like saying Michael Jordan is better than Wilt Chamberlain and most don't want to do that when they are in the same sport. Oprah and your example of Harriet Tubman are comparing apples and oranges and asking if one was sweeter back in the 1800's in comparison to now!

I'm the one who brought up her hiding presents under her seats and shit because I thought to draw a comparison was a stretch at best.

Yes we need to update our heroes post slavery and post civil rights but that brings us to today and most people aren't going to call the person next to them a Hero. Entertainment has yet to yield someone they call a Hero maybe a inspiration like Ali or Jack Johnson but not a Hero.

So Oprah's great but would I consider her a Hero of our race. Would I consider her the most significant Black woman in our race? NOPE but maybe the next generation will see the person I see everyday in a different light that I.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Freeman, what is a hero but someone you admire for their qualities and/or accomplishments and be inspired by them? Need someone die before an individual can do this? No.

Barack and Michelle Obama are currently two of the biggest heroes out there for a lot of people, and last I checked, they're alive and well.

Plenty of people were considered heroes when they were alive, from the personal heroes in one's family or community, to those who made the news. I'm old enough to remember ML King being a hero to many before a bullet put him in his grave, sending thousands of broken-hearted black folks to rioting in the streets.

I think you're being argumentative for the sake of winning the argument, and in this case, that couldn't be more destructive.

By limiting or confining the definition of 'hero' to the dead and "for the next generation" to figure out, you unwittingly help the oppressors lock this generation of people into the mentality of the time's not right yet, for those kinds of changes.

The time was never right to end slavery, desegregation, to vote or to put a black man in the White House. So eff living on their clock, or being dependent upon how they'll revise history in the books for the yet unborn.

You can beat those points to death if you want, but let us know what you win and what we have to gain from this.

CareyCarey said...

WOW. Like MacInPittsburg told me, Freeman is my guy but I wish I could put Kit (Keep It Trill) in my pocket as a source of reference.

@ Kit..... Woman, you've said everything I didn't have the skills to say! I mean, I said it but you've been like a skilled editor. In a sense, RiPPa has voiced a similar opinion in that this post might make some people dig a little deeper.

You also mentioned the movie "Precious". Now that's another WHOLE post. I haven't seen it but I've been debating the issues surrounding it. I too work with/"around" individuals that are in "storms".

I can't thank you enough for stopping by. Oh, I've posted your words at another site. We'll see how that goes.

BTW, I know why you felt comfortable voicing your view. Yep, it's my new dress and fish-net pantie hose *LOL*.

@ My Man Freeman.... I am proud of you my son. You are growing. You conceded a few points (don't see that much *lol*), and you didn't fight with RiPPa. WOW, this is progress. But FreeMan, just tell Kit "Thanks You" :-)

You can't win them all.

FreeMan said...

@KIT - Lets not go to me helping the oppressors by not elevating Oprah to the status you think she deserves. We don't all have to agree but damn do I have to be helping whitey?

I think we just need to sit down and define what is a Hero. I think that's where we are getting our lines crossed. I believe Oprah is a great person but so was Madam CJ Walker for her time with probably more money. So I'm wondering how is someone giving her Hero status and to me it only comes from her being on TV. So let's define Hero so I know where you are coming from.

@Carey - I can never win an discussion based on opinion in the first place I just wanted to volunteer mine. The lesson to be learned is don't come into a convent arguing with the nuns because they are all believers.

CareyCarey said...

"The lesson to be learned is don't come into a convent arguing with the nuns because they are all believers"

That's a good one, although it does NOT apply in this case. ie,ALL?

Re: winning a debate based on opinion. I believe you are again missing my point and that of Kit's. I don't know if you are consciously doing this but if solutions/knowledge are a subplot to this post (and you're admittedly about solutions) your rebuttles seem to be rooted in "argument for arguments sake". I am going leave that right there. I don't want to debate definitions or the rules of engagement *lol*.

Moving on, this post was being debated in two arenas (mentioned in post). The following is from that side of town.

Kit's reply (submitted over there) seems to have stopped all the opposing views.

This followed hers:

"Cyniquian" Level Poster
Username: Abm

Post Number: 10438
Registered: 04-2004

Votes: 1 (Vote!)
Posted on Monday, November 23, 2009 - 01:24 pm:

You still have NOT answered my original question: "So then we have to wait another 60 years to determine whether Dr. Martin Luther King Jr deserves to be considered one of our "greatest" people?"


Based on the criteria you appear to present, one can reasonably conclude that Oprah is the greatest African American PERSON - male or female - to have ever live. Because certainly NO other Black person has achieved the degrees of wealth, fame, power and glory that she has achieved.

It's interesting how you very freely assert Oprah's dominance over the greatest of other Black WOMEN yet avoid doing such with respect to Black MEN"

RiPPa said...

"They didn’t really say why Oprah was not great. I don’t really remember what they said but they disagreed with the central issue of this post. They said the old slave runner was the greatest."


I never said that Harriet Tubman was greater than Oprah Winfrey. I said plainly that they were both equally great and not one over the other.

FreeMan said...

Well how can one be about solutions when the solution proposed is shut down and seen as debating for debating sake.

My understanding of the post on your blog, not on the other blog; was raising the question of who was greater Oprah or Harriet Tubman. I said they are not comparable as the only thing they have in common is being a Black woman. I proposed that they are great in their own ways because they did different things. I thought this post was to debate because how can you get a solution when its up to everyone's interpretation of Great or a Hero?

You valuing the juiciness of a Florida oranges and me saying California oranges are juicier cannot be quantified because it's based off of our individual likes!

Maybe I just never understood what you were getting at or maybe I understand and my proposal doesn't fit your vision for this post.

CareyCarey said...

Damn RiPPa, I can't get shit pass you. In my defense, I just put you and Freeman in the same boat *lol*.

@ Freeman... Re: Debate for Debate sake. You've become an easy mark *lol*. You must have forgotten that I read your blogs. Didn't I read one about being a sucker.

Man, you have to know that I was just egging you on. I mean, I saw that Kit made a very good point and I couldn't help but punch you in your nuts :-)

Your arguments were valid and well received.

All n All, this post did inspire thought and without you it wouldn't have worked.

FreeMan said...

Well you shouldn't invite pit bulls to a fight and then say hey I wanted to see what you guys would do. I didn't take it personal as much as I said it's fools gold to argue about someone's personal likes but hey sometimes I just keep going to see what's next.

Opinionated Diva said...

wow...I'll be back with a real comment. Next time I know not to read your blog so late at night. my brain is already on sleep mode...but again - I'll be back!

As for your question on my blog. Just go to to set up a widget for your own blog. It's really easy.

FreeMan said...

I just realized you are tuning into the podcasts huh? I'm going to have to make sure I put in a subliminal message about people on blogs named Cary. Check on the next podcast as I'll make it obvious. J/K

CareyCarey said...

Yeah Ms. Diva, don't tell nobody, but I've already started playing with that new toy.

Oh, that post was long. But we've been going at it for 2 days. Yep, and I ran it at 2 sites. They worked me on this one. But it was fun, and informative.

@ Freeman, man, how did you know that? I was trying to lay in the shadows. An old player told me if everyone knows what you are doing, you're not doing it right. How did you peep my hold card???

FreeMan said...

@Carey - Man I pay attention too much. I hear when you drop certain lines in your speech that I have said only on my podcast. You have said a couple in the past but I wasn't trying to bring them to your attention. This time I just noticed it because you wanted to use my words against me.

I'm listening patna!