Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fools Welcome: Only if you raise your hand.

Why do birds fall in love? Why do they fall in love? Why do fools fall in love, why do they fall in love? Why do birds sing so gay and lovers await the break up day.

If you are still reading this post, you might be in good company. I mean, I did say "fools welcome". But let me explain. This is actually a recap. I was so taken aback by the comments from my last post, I had to clean up my house.

See, like any party in which a bunch friends drop by, my house was no different. But wait.... if you think you may have drifted to the wrong blog, you still have time to leave. This post is for fools only. But wait.... before you go, I want you to read the following:

Websters New World Dictionary & Sixty Six Reference Books: Definition of a fool -- A person that knows no sorrow. He is careless, callous, indifferent and never broken up or softened by conviction or sorrow for wrong doing. He is deficient in judgement, sense, or understanding. Easily deceived or duped. Willingly engages in buffoonery and trifling activity; despises wisdom.

Okay, if none of those characteristics apply to you, you may leave now. But wait..... one more thang. One day there was three leprous men sitting outside a gate. They were cast away because they had a problem that was common knowledge. Although some of the people inside the gate had worse problems than theirs, no one wanted to be considered leprous. As the story continued, the men thought that if they stayed outside, they would surely die. They all agreed that if they went inside, they could only be killed. They went inside - everyone was gone!

Who wants to be called a fool? Who wants to be associated with anything akin to being a fool. But truth be told, haven't we all been a fool? Haven't we all, at one time or another, been somebodies huckleberry? I mean, hasn't everyone been so pissed off, that they've showed their ass and acted like a damn fool? Although I am not a gambling man, I'd bet my left nut, to a nickel that everyone has been a fool.

Case in point..... you're still reading this post.

Have you ever visited a blog in which two individuals were debating and neither of them were listening to the other? Sure you have. I mean, although many bloggers proclaim they are open for discussion and debate, they ain't even trying to hear the words of the other person. Could that be considered something like HATING KNOWLEDGE and RESISTING INSTRUCTION?

In my prior post, did you read the passage from NikKi? If you did, you'd have to agree that she was referring to two individuals acting foolishly. I'd bet my other nut, that scenario is played out time and time again in the blogsphere and in life.

Who me... "yes you!". Couldn't be..... "then who!"

Okay, I'll lead the way. I've been careless and callous. At times I didn't care about another persons feeling. I certainly didn't care what they had to say, even though I knew they were trying to give me a little wisdom. Why listen to the instructions of another person - huh? They might have talked some sense into me. That's no fun. Why did they say that woman meant me no good? Hell, she was "good", but I digress. I wonder how many woman play the part of the biggest loser (a fool) by being in the company of a man they KNEW, was a rolling stone?

How about "Lie to me softly" or "use me, to do the thangs I do, just keep on using me, till you use me up". That sounds like a special kind of fool.

I realize this is not the kind of post that garners a lot of comments.... and I'll tell you why. Well, "Why do fools fall in love - why do birds fall in love"? Birds of a feather seem to flock together. I know.... I know.... well, the mirror is an ugly reality.
No one recognized the definition of a fool. One said, George Bush. Another identified the person as an AZZhole. Yet, someone else said it had to be a pimp or the devil. Several stopped by and simply shook their heads. I wonder what lurkers were thinking? Maybe they knew the fool, and didn't want to expose him/her to others. Many fools do not know they are a fool. They can only see it in others.

What about a time called now? Are you still reading? Do you qualify? Who's a fool? :-)


FreeMan said...

Well if someone is a fool full time then they have a real problem but most cats on a blog have been a fool. I know I have plenty of times but sometimes I can't lie I'm having fun frustrating people. Sometimes I lose my way but once a conscientious objector steps in via email or just saying hey Man Stop, I can stop!

I have been FOOLISH but have only dabbled in it, not long enough for one to draw a conclusion on the MAN speaking. I have been a drive by fool on plenty of occasions but if someone doubles back I stopped.

CareyCarey said...

Let the church say amen.

Who's next?

uglyblackjohn said...

Wisdom is said to come from sorrow,
and sorrow usually from foolish acts.
I don't think any wise man could claim to have never been a fool.

If I'm using this example - I'm the most wise man on the Internet.

CareyCarey said...

Uncle black, now we're talking turkey. I's be a wise man too. Well, using your examnple *lol*

KevinsTeeTee said...

Yes yes it is I (Nicki-Nik) I've been away all weekend (got my Disneyland and Michael Jackson on) so I hadn't had time to comment on this post.

Yes we've all played the fool as some point in our lives and best believe you'll probably play one again because that's just how life works. The difference being that with life comes experience so the number of foolish encounters should (assuming you learned your lesson because you know some people are Darwin award recipients) diminish.

I'm sure this post is more geared towards the individuals who appear to argue for the sake of doing so without any rhyme or reason.

And I've come across those who just have to be right even if it means compromising themselves long term from people wanting to converse with them.

And maybe they don't mind the isolation since their polarized views would create such a situation. Or maybe they'll find people who think like them (e.g. think Rush Simp-baugh) and grab a soap box and start preaching their brand of 'truth' to those who are already in that realm of thinking...

Maxinr said...

Is there really such thing as a 'person who knows no sorrow?' Being foolish sounds like it might lighten a lot of burdens :)

Solomon said...

Lots of different types of fools being discussed here and I've ran across every type.

I also am quick to admit I've acted like a fool now and again. Like UBJ said "I don't think any wise man could claim to have never been a fool." Amen to that one.

Nicki-Nik also pointed out that this is just the way life works. Sometimes we act like the fool, but hopefully we learn from our mistakes and don't continue to do these foolish things quite as often as we used to.

One thing I would never do is act like I have never acted like a fool. But I do know one thing, and that is I always learn from my mistakes.

I also like what UBJ said "Wisdom is said to come from sorrow (pain). Well there you have it. I've seen my share of pain and sorrow. And these things di make me stronger.

CareyCarey said...

Let me start with my friend Maxine... She wrote: "Is there really such thing as a 'person who knows no sorrow"

Maxine baby, you're kidding - right? If you're not, the answer to your question is... THERE ABSOLUTELY IS! We can talk about that but I am going to let you explain your question. Maybe I missed something. And by the way, that person is called a fool. Acting foolishly does lighten the load but that's the down side. It's easy to be foolish, it takes little training and therefore reaps few rewards.

Hey, lookie here yawl, Nik Nak Patty Yak, has arrived.

Hi Nicki,

Yes, to some degree is was about bloggers. To some degree, it also had to do with "a fools errand"... engaging oneself in a task that can not be accomplished.

Sure we have all acted foolishly, but as Freeman noted, a real fool exhibits these qualities on a regular basis. Again, this doesn't by any means exclude bloggers. A persons occupation or hobby has little to do with it. A fool will raise his hand in church.

Nik nak, you also spoke of learning through tomfoolery. A fool doesn't learn and is not trying to learn a damn thang. That's the beauty of being a real fool, there is NO responsibility or accountability.

Acting foolishly is exactly what the word implies "acting". A fool IS a fool, he's not acting.

Most of my posts are about mistakes I've made. It's been my hope that others may learn from my journey and possibly see themselves in me.

See, I've been a zip fool. To change, I first had to accept that and then find those qualities that might keep me back there.

Without rationalizations or excuses.... my hand is raised.

Mizrepresent said...

lmao, okay Carey/Carey, i'm no fool, at least by definition...but i have been played the fool, many times...but love, what was this post about?

CareyCarey said...

*lol* @ Miz. I am laughing because I said this post was for fools only, and I am assuming you wanted to get that off of you... coming through the door.

"but love, what was this post about?"

Miz, I am glad you asked. Since you've been reading my stuff (8 years) long before I considered myself a blogger, you know it takes me awhile to get to my point. Yes, I like to tell little stories along the way. Oh, did you see the conection to the leporous men?

On the surface, this post was about being a fool (who's really the fool). Underneath that, it was about holding up a mirror. A mirror to our souls/behavior. Although the fool has many qualities, they're exhibited in many forms.

I was hoping people would be specific on how they might have acted like a fool.

I use my blog to see how people will respond in face to face encounters. Even though people can hide behind a screen, human behavior seldom changes.

In my "day job" I encounter people that are resistant to change and the blogsphere is no different.

So,again, "what was this post about"? It was about me trying to find a common theme in those that rationalize their wrongdoings. I use those messages. It helps me prepare a rational analysis, so that I can use that information to maybe suggest an error in "their" judgement/thinking pattern.

I knew no one wants to be a fool, so I was listening to how they classified/rationalized their foolishness.

However, I agree with everyone, being a die hard fool depends on how often a person engages in foolishness.... in ALL it's glory.

On a side note, you know I've been telling my life story for many years. This blog is an extention of that. I think that book/memoir is around the corner. You know you are going to be somewhere... in one of the chapters :- )

Keith said...

Ahem- I think that Fat Lady decided
to go to the bathroom....she's not on stage and she certainly aint singing tonight! -:) Phillies 8-
Yanks- 6

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Took me a second or two to get it but good post!

CareyCarey said...

Welcome Big Mac,

I am trying to lose weight and here you are... A Big Mac :-(

Thanks for stopping in. As you can see, we are a ship of fools... get in the boat.

Speaking of boats. Someone is in a boat load of trouble.

Hello Keith *lol*

Keith, I like you, you have spunk, game, and hope.
But it was fitting that you showed up for this post because as Mr. T said, I pity the fool *LOL*. Anyone that thinks the Philly Dogs are going to win, gots to be a fool. *smirk*

Yeah, the fat lady took a little break but all goodbye ain't gone. I'll tell you what you need to do. You need to start writng that post. I'm tellin' you man, start now so the tears will dry up before you post it.

Now, I don't want no "Carey won". OH NO! I want some feeling in that baby.

I'll try to win with class but I don't think it's in me :-)