Friday, June 19, 2015

Mary "Mo`nique" Jones vs Ray "Jamie Fox" Charles. The battle of my life!

The greatest show on earth. The most super-fabulous, splenderocious, Mega-magnanimous event of the year. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Ray "Jamie Fox" Charles vs Mary "Mo’nique" Jones. - Don King

It’s a photo finish but the cream came out on top! Who won?

But first, let’s get the preliminary fights out of the way.

I am still alive. I mean, I watched the movies "Precious" and "Ray" and I am still here. That must make me a special kind of survivor. I don’t feel compelled to shoot heroin or rape my daughter. My white neighbors still wave at me as they pass by. I don’t know what they are saying about me in their homes, nor do I care.

A Precious lived down the street from me. The rumors and whispers surrounding the father of her children have stood the test of time. We called her father, Icewater.

The other day I passed by the welfare office. I spotted several Mo`niques exchanging Newport cigarettes. I knew some of them – I waved and kept driving.

Last week I accompanied my granddaughter to her school. Ms. Cornrolls, the schools receptionist , greeted me with a smile. I returned the favor and threw in a hug.

I’ve coached teenage thugs. I know their mothers and fathers.

I am still alive. "Precious" and "Ray" are movies. Can we move forwards?

Did Mo`nique kill the part of Precious Jones!? Did she not waver in that role? Wasn’t she the epitome of every abusive mother in the world. What is it about comedians that allows them to capture human emotion with such drop dead conviction?

Jamie Fox was Ray Charles. While watching "Ray" I witnessed Jamie morph into Ray Charles, one of the greatest R & B singers of all time.

In every detail, Mo`nique captured my vision of the quintessential angry, hostile, vicious, manipulative, cunning and insecure women. She took me there. Ray Charles was a drug addict and a womanizer.

I understand Ray Charles addiction to heroin. I also understand the resentment Mary Jones had for her daughter, however, I do not condone either’s behavior. I am sure neither individual signed up for the road of ignorance, therefore, I refuse to convict them for their character flaws or lay total blame at their feet. Mary Jones said "I did what my mother told me".

Social mores, through general observance, develops the forces of law. Yes, even the gut-bucket behaviors of child abuse, drug abuse and ignorance, become the accepted norms of many societies and cultures.

I few days ago, a friend of mine told me that Mr. So-n-So was a good man. I asked her how she knew that. She paused, then said "well, he had a good job and tired to show his son’s how to be men". I asked her if she’d ever been in his house. She said it was a dirty mess. She went on to say there were rumors of him abusing his wife. Rumors mind you, but she did notice his wife’s soft steps when in the company of her husband. My friend was married to this man’s son. She said he was the worst SOB she’d ever known. He abused her for 30 years.

Mo `nique (Mary Jones) did what her mother told her. She pointed a finger at Precious and said, "It’s this bitches fault, she made [my man] leave. She let him have her. She made him leave, who else is gonna love me!?"

Jamie Fox’s portrayal of Ray Charles was one of the best performance I `ve seen in my lifetime.
The scene in the welfare office with Mariah Carey (Ms. Weiss) and Precious was grand theater. Mo `nique’s acting in that scene was probably the best performance that I `ve ever witnessed by a black actress. No, not probably, it was the best performance I ‘ve ever seen. I’d argue against any contenders.

The storyline about the underachieving black youth has been beat to the ground. We’ve seen the knight in shining armor rescue the inner city school. The movie "Precious" tore that page out of the book and took it to another level. Paula Patton, who played the part of Ms. Rain, anchored that "Welcome Back Kotter" classroom, with an ease of an actress with an acting resume much larger than hers.

It could be argued that Jamie Fox had a wonderful supporting cast of well known seasoned actors, which could have made his role easier to perform. However, I tip my hat to the entire cast of "Precious". I didn’t see one performer overact. In fact, I didn’t know Lenny Kravitz played the part of Nurse John until I saw the credits.

I don’t know. "Precious" vs " Ray" ...?

Mo `nique vs Jamie Fox?




uglyblackjohn said...

I can't stand MoNique (nor Sherri Sheppard) - But I do want to see precious.
Is it an old story?
Probably - but I like most actors in the cast (and MJB on the soundtrack).
The trailers seem as though it is well produced without the Blacktors taking up any space at all.

CareyCarey said...

I am telling you Uncle Black, Mo`nique is not Mo`nique in this picture.

I don't know if you are fan of great acting but I am. You may not like Mo`nique's character but her acting is off the chart.

I don't know what you mean by "old story" but if you're asking if this story has been told in another fashion I'd have to say yes and no. Of course we've seen triumph win the day, but the setup and story in this movie is unique.

Now I don't know if you noticed, but I didn't say it was the best produced film. I mean, it was produced by a small company. And, at times, it lacked direction. I will however give props for the direction of the actors. I mean, someone kept them very focused. Some of the flashback or "dream" scenes/segments were (imo) un-needed or amateurish. The acting was great.Imo, this is not a "great" movie but it's a good movie.

Btw, I didn't know that was Sherri Sheppard until I saw the credits? What don't you like about her. Many times it's the poor script, poor role, or lack of direction (by director). Many times a white director doesn't have the proper vision to direct a black woman in a "black" role. Plus, in many parts they are looking for a mammy or a sista girl.

FreeMan said...

Man I tell you when Oprah co-signs on a movie I debate whether I want to see it. She puts out some ugly Black truths on the screen that make me think "You Sho is Ugly".... so you I haven't seen Precious yet and probably won't until HOBO I mean HBO puts it on. I could bootleg it but I try not to do that to Black films.

Jamie Foxx did pretty good with Ray Charles but that is a comedians dream. It's like Eddie murphy playing Stevie Wonder we've seen it so many times it's a natural fit or we expect it to fit.

Big Mo just makes me squeamish a bit cuz when I saw all that gelatin running up the stairs in that stained rayon night gown I said Awwwl shit I ain't seeing that movie.

I'll have to come back to you once I can stomach that kind of movie. Damn I wish we had a smart black romantic comedy or something neutral because I stopped attending the ugly black movies when Menace to Society came out.

Keith said...

Comedians make such great dramatic actors because it's like Smokey said- "Out side I'm masqueradin..inside, my heart is breakin..." Behind every joke is a
bit of bitter sadness...The comedian knows that only too well, that's why they can nail parts like
they do..

Yes, Monique did kill that part and so did Jamie Foxx in Ray.

Mizrepresent said...

Oh you did that CareyCarey! Okay, i havent' seen the movie yet, but you killed the review, only like you can and make me want to see it more! just from the trailers Mo scares the ish out of me!

Reggie said...

Mo'Nique was exceptional in the role of Precious's mother, exceptional. The young actress that played the role of Precious owned that shit!!!

I found the film itself to be disturbing as hell, but it's an exceptional film.

Jamie Foxx was excellent in Ray, but this film is something else altogether. Maybe it's because of the disturbing subject matter and the reprehensible characters; but I'll say it one more time, the film is exceptional and I was moved by it.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Carey, wonderful review, and funny too about waving to your white neighbors. You crazy, bro!

I only saw part of one Mo'nique in her comedy routine long ago, but didn't really get a feel for her one way or another, maybe I was busy and caught the end of it.

I'm glad I had no opinion of her, because she was a FANTASTIC surprise in the movie Precious. I had quite a few women clients I worked with in Child Protective Services that carried that intense rage, and known others not in the system. Hell, my last landlord was a white woman from the South, and although she was probably a racist, she talked to her kids even worse.

I'm not talking about the perversity or physical abuse either, but the raw anger they had routinely expressed to their kids and others. Whew! Mo'Nique mastered that shit like she grew up around it.

Best movie I've seen in 2009 and one of my top 10.

And oh, Carey - about the fantasy escape scenes. Incest victims commonly do this, and so do a lot of POW's (Prisoners of War, for those who don't know). They cannot physically escape their captor(s), so to mentally survive the abuse or torture, they escape with their minds. They go somewhere else, like kids daydream when bored in class. This is how they manage to keep from total surrender to the enemy... it's like you can control my body but not my mind.

So while these scenes provided some comic relief or seemed silly to those unfamiliar with how horrific being abused is, including them was pure genius. They probably got that from the book, so kudos to the author who did her homework.

CareyCarey said...

Kit: "They cannot physically escape their captor(s), so to mentally survive the abuse or torture, they escape with their minds. They go somewhere else"

Hi Kit, I first heard of that Technique/coping skill while reading a book on Anwar Sadat. While inprisoned he said he created his own world (in his mind).

Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

Yeah, my neighbors are cool. I cuss him "under my breath" when his damn dog barks all night. If he watched Precious I don't what he saying under his breath *snicker*

@ Freeman, it's only a natural fit if the actor has the skills and timing to pull it off. I've seen a hoard of comedians fail at trying to play serious parts. The cream come to the top. Why these 2?

I think Keith is on point. Keith: ..." Behind every joke is a
bit of bitter sadness...The comedian knows that only too well, that's why they can nail parts like
they do..?

@ My man Reggie, I see you are open to suggestions and differing view. I saw you over at RiPPa's. At first you seemed to be resistant to the idea that this film would have any redeeming qualities. I see you found a few messages and/or joy from watching it.

@ Miz, Thank You, you've been reading my "reviews" for several years and I kind of thought this was Ok. What I do know is that I hate reviewer "talk". When I read professional reviews, I get the feeling they are frustrated wanna-be authors.

So yeah, do go see it. Mo nique is that bully from your grade school.

The whole cast was great. I don't however, understand any Oscar talk about ol'boys wife. She carried her part as if she could have been a great teacher with great patience and understanding, but the role was not deep enough to garner an Oscar.

PPR_Scribe said...

Carey, what is it with you and comparing folks? It's like you're always trying to start some mess. :)

Believe it or not, I have never seen "Ray." I am debating about "Precious" but will probably see it because I have read so much about it. (Never read the book either but, also, will likely get to it eventually.)

CareyCarey said...

@ PPR_Sribe, in the words of Forrest Gump, mess is what mess do **side-eye snicker**.

Btw, your black card is on suspension. What do you mean you've never see "Ray"? But wait, have you seen Shaft or the Five Heartbeats *lol*.

I mean, next you'll be telling me that you've never cooked greens or been called a nig*a. LMBAO!

In order to get your card back, I need a note from your parents. Yes, give Dr. Huxtable a call. We have to get to the bottom of this. But if you can tell me that you know how to double-dutch, all will be forgiven. **winking while laughing**