Friday, November 6, 2009

MY GOD!!! 100 Postals! Blog-gers - 75 strong!

There was an old lady, that lived in a shoe. She had so many children, she didn't know what to do... there was a man there too.

You will not believe this story! At first I thought it was a joke, but little did I know - it was true. Maybe you've read this already but let me start with the man in this story. He's the father of 100 babies! Did you hear me, One Hundred babies. But wait.... here's the kicker, he's not that old. On the surface one might consider him a trifling Mfer - okay. Yet, isn't bigamy permissible in some states? Now I am just asking the questions because I don't know, but don't some rulers have control over their own domains and in such, write their own laws?

Well, this man apparently has some control over his domain because he's been doing a bunch of screwing.... I mean screwing up. Can you imagine the time it must takes to make 100 babies? Not to mention the blank shots. I did the math, and I was shocked. I don't know his exact age (down to the minute) but lets say he started his career at 16. I believe the report said he was over 50. Okay, lets say he's 51 yrs old. That's 35 years of baby makin'. Now that's math I can work with.

Damn, that's 3 babies a year. I wonder if they were by the same woman. *LOL* Of course not, that's some Twilight Zone sh*t. But even so, that's some mad hatter type mess. Well, it looks like he wasn't wearing a hat or at least 100 times - he was not. I wondered how he knew all those babies were his? Come to find out, he signed for them all. He was relatively sure they were his, so he signed papers to that effect.

Now, what about the woman? Don't blink, there's over 50 of them. Did you hear me, fifty freakin' woman are in on this! There's said to be more, but no one is sure, because they believe some are in hiding. But wait, this story gets really really ugly, and it's true!

The man made these babies in less than a year!!! What do you think of that?!?

Can't believe it, neither could I. See, this isn't the Twilight Zone, this is CareyCarey's blog, and you've been punked. This is my 100th post. Yep, all my precious babies live right here in my blog.

I wanted to celebrate my birthday in my own special way. I wanted to tell everyone that I appreciated them for giving me their ear. The following is a list of all the brave souls that have taken the time to leave a comment. Uh huh, over 50 of them are woman.
Over the past few months 1,500 people have viewed my profile. Either I have a few people that love reading my profile, over-n-over again, or I have a few lurkers. I love them too.

Hey, I don't know how long it would take a man to make 100 babies, but I know how long it took me to put this post together, so you better drink up. I mean, at least let a brotha know that you read this Birthday Celebration.

Thank You:


A Lady's Life:
Blu Jewel:
Rich Fitzgerald:
Curvy Gurl:
Tia's Real Talk:
Miss Butterfly:
The Long Pen:
Twilight Girl:
A Choice Of Weapons
Kevin's TeeTee:
Kit (keep it thrill) :
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The Joker

Hershey's Kisses:

Madam Z

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Madam Z


Untouched Jewel


Kofi Bofah


B-More Bap

Okay Yawl, drink up. Don't drink while you're driving to visit a few of my friends. But do drop by and give them a holler. Tell them where you got it. Btw, this was a BYOB party but there is a tip jar at the door. CHEERS!


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Congrauation on your milestone,here's hope for many more.

A.Smith said...

Major kudos. Both on the 100 posts and on the clever 100th blog.

What's it say that I halfway (Ok, ok, almost completely) believed your story??

Keith said...

100 Posts? Wow, it doesn't seem like you have been at this that long....but Congratulations are in order....Here's to your next hundred!!!

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Ha-ha-ha! We waz punked! Nice touch, too, mentioning your many commenters. Congrats!

Opinionated Diva said...

Awww Congrats and thanks for the shout out!

FreeMan said...

Welp 100 down and 1 million to go! Don't worry you got it in you!

Mizrepresent said...

Happy Happy, Congratulations...looking forward to the next 100!

uglyblackjohn said...

Damn... you had me thinking of one of my cousin's daddy.
He has thirty-two kids by the age of 55.
Your "kids" are a lot better off.

RiPPa said...

Good job Carey. And to think your old ass was talkin about retiring. See, now you know you can't quit no good coochie, man! Yeah and 50 women too?!!

[insert a side-eye here]

I'm gon' have to change your name to Trick Daddy, or Big Dick Willy or sumthin!


Congrats and keep doin ya thing.

CareyCarey said...

See, I knew one of yawl was gonna get drunk up in here and in stepped Huggy Bear. What's up RiPPa. Thanks man. But as you know, Pimpin' ain't easy :-)

My man big Mac, my brotha, I didn't think I'd see you again but it looks like you're down for the full count. Thanks

Ms. A.Smith, you told me you were always reading and it appears you are a woman of your words. *Big Kiss... on the hand*

Yeah Keith, can you believe that. One minute I was over here crying and the next minute I'm tossing down 100. Thanks for all of your encouraging words.

Look out now, the party really poppin', Keep It Thrill is in the house. Hey Kit, did you bring your son's BB gun? :-}

Opinionated Dive, girl, let me play those glasses. I could do some dirt in those. Thanks for the holla

Freeman, LOOK OUT! RiPPa is standing behind you *LOL. There I go starting some mess.

Yawl turn your heads, I have to give Mizrepresent a hug and a kiss. I am going to hug her like I love her.

Hey Miz, thanks for stopping by but you can come back after the crowd leave *wink*

Uncle Black John, I want to be just like you when I grow up. Or maybe like your cousin - not. Thanks for your support. Although I don't drink, the next ones on me.

Hello lurkers, I see you sitting there in your underwear. Thanks for stopping by. You know what, I don't blame you for not commenting, cuz this can be a tough house. Sometimes it all about the last man standing. Well, sometimes.

Hey, did anyone really get punked to the end?

Anonymous said...

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