Thursday, February 10, 2011

No Rant, Just me.

Yep, I took down the rant post and grabbed me a plate of those Baby Back Ribs. Yes sir, look at those discarded napkins. Don't tell me I wasn't getting down. I had food in my mouth and was going for another bite. My god, look at those jawls. That ain't a jaw, that's a greasy jawl. The rest of the people were wearing jackets and sweats, but I was such a gluten, I was hot.

That don't make no damn sense. And I had about 4 cans of that sweety juicy red pop. What a fool.

After all that eating I still have to be grandpa horse. I man can't even go home and rest in his PJ's. Nope, sleep over night at the old fat horse's house . I thought I raised my kids. I am getting way to old for this mule mess. Yeah, I used to buck and make all the horse sounds. But now I am just a stubborn old mule.


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I agree, you are a stubborn old mule but still good looking (smile)

Kids don't care about your belly being full, just do what grandparents do (LOL)

Love ya

Mizrepresent said...

Glad you're feeling better!

FreeMan said...

Man rant On! J/K glad you catch yourself before someone caught a whoopin! I saw you going out into the yard and telling them to grab a switch.

I'm no porky pig eater but I am down for comfort food. Glad you can refocus with the people who are happy to see their gramps!

Solomon said...

Love the stubborn ole mule line. Sounds like me some times too!

Nothin' better than some good eats and family to keep you grounded right Carey!

uglyblackjohn said...

There is no need to rant when you can spend time with the kids AND fill your belly.

Nicki_nik said...

How about you slide me a plate..c'mon don't be greedy! :P Haha!

That's good that you still get down with the grandkids and play with them. You'd be amazed how many parents don't spend quality time with kids anymore. Then they wonder why they act a fool..!