Friday, November 27, 2009

THIS IS MINE AND YOU CAN'T TAKE IT. You Can't Make Me, You Can't Make Me.

You can talk all you want, it’s still... NO! No-No-No, a thousand times NO! I’d rather die than say yes!

I’ve been somewhere. Not just a place and time, but in my heart and in my mind. I’ve been so entrenched in my opinion, self-centeredness and insecurities, that I couldn’t smell my own shit.
It’s safe to say I was stuck on stupid.

I asked a group of men if we can learn anything from a fool? One said, "we can learn to stay away from them". Okay, I can agree with that, but, is that sort of a rudimentary solution to a problem we encounter every day? Come on, you know it... "clowns on the left of me, jokers on the right, stuck in the middle with theses fools. Er'body can see a fool - right ? Well, before you shake your head in agreement, let me tell you a short story.

Those that have followed my blog, already know that I was convicted of bank robbery. Oh, you didn’t know it? Now you do. But see, back then, I thought I was cool and had all the right answers. While I was locked up, it suddenly dawned on me that I was locked up with a bunch of fools. Ut oh, so what did that make me? If 1 plus 1 = 2, I was the biggest fool on the block because I thought I had all the right answers and resisted any hints or suggestions that I didn't.

One of the qualities of a fool, by definition, is to be a simpleton; one that is easily deceived or duped. But see, in most cases a fool doesn’t know they’re a fool until it’s brought to their attention. Damit, lets see, if a fool thinks he has all the answers, but in his heart doesn’t want to be a fools, isn’t he entrenched in tomfoolery for the rest of his life? Well, possible, but I don’t think so.

Referring back to that group of men, one gentleman said, "a fool can teach us how NOT to be a fool". I wonder if that's right. Wait, don’t agree too quickly.

I knew what he meant but he went deep and I didn’t expect the following. He said, " everybody knows the moves of a fool, except the fool"..... he then paused and pointed a finger at himself. At first I didn’t catch it. I thought he was calling himself a fool or that we've all been a fool. To some degree that was his point, but there was a hidden message. He went on to surmise that unless a person wanted to be a fool or remain a fool, they had to come to the realization that everyone can see the ways of a deceitful fool. Damn, so that means if others can spot a fool, they can see it in ME? Damn, that has to be right - right? So a fool, in essence, is a mirror? Damn, that’s right? So, most know when I'm standing on stupid? Yep, that’s right too. Wait 1 damn minute. Am I to believe that lies, stupitity, and entrenched self delusion is written all over my face and in my words? Damn, why didn’t someone tell me? A wrong person or messy person will move away from a right minded individual. Conversely, a person standing on strong character, will eventually get tired of a phony fool.

I once had a cousin tell me that if I didn’t concede to the suggestions of others, whom had my best interest at heart, they would stopped giving me good advice and then eventually move away from me. She said I should at least find a bit of humbleness and courage to say I may have been wrong in my judgement. It was her opinion that If I gave an indication that I was going to remain woefully resentful and overly combative of any suggestions or opinions that differed from mine, I would be lost in my own space.

It’s my opinion that real change doesn’t come into a persons life until they find themselves in a very painful place. I mean, if you show me a 5th grader that's immensed in destructive behavior, mentally and physically, in most cases I will show you a grown-ass asshole. I realize that’s basic theory 101, but it’s real. Heck, why change if there's nothing wrong.

As babies we cried to express our feelings. The prize was comfort. As adults, many individuals find comfort in being right, at all cost. Even it they are wrong, they will never admit that to another person or to themselves. What’s up with that? You've seen it, sure you have. It could be at a blog, at you job or at your home but you've seen it. Most have seen the mentally dishonest person that refuses to say "Uncle". Hey, I've been one. Is it me. Have you ever seen that person?

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FreeMan said...

I'm with you because on the brink everyone wants to repent. But, you only need to concede if your angle is not working. If your angle is working in life then why listen to anyone else?

All my life I've been called a fool for passing over this and not stopping there. I did what I thought and not what others wished I would do and now it's all seen as me having some special insight.
But, while I was telling them they can keep their advice I was damn near abandoned by everyone I knew.

People are often called fools when they go further than the norm. I'm sure the guy who tested that the earth was flat was called a damn fool too. So you're only a fool when what you are foolish about doesn't pay off.

CareyCarey said...

Hey Freeman, what's up.

You rode with me for a second, but here's where we fundamentally disagre..... You wrote "So you're only a fool when what you are foolish about doesn't pay off"

See, a fool or someone that frequently acts in a foolish way, has no plan!!! You're not only a fool when what you are foolish about doesn't pay off, because again,a fools payoff is not even known to him. That was the crux of my post. I fool believes he has a plan, but he's motivated by selfish desires. He believes he has a right to do whatever he pleases. He's frequently removed from basic human emotions. Guilt, shame and compassion are not friends of a fool. In many cases,he's not in contact with his desires or emotions. One of the fool's goals is self gratification. F*ck everybody else.

Who wants to be an obnoxious jerk? A fool doesn't care because he believes nobody can see him or that his hidden desires are beneath detection.

I think in some sense, you were defending a fool.

Mizrepresent said...

I believe you are only a fool, when you don't learn from your foolish mistakes, missteps, continue for the sake of self, being in control, being always right in your mind, despite the obvious, is playing "the fool".

CareyCarey said...


Yes Miz, there you have it. I fool lacks remorse or sorrow because he's right - in HIS mind.

A fool doesn't seek knowledge or wisdom, because again, he thinks he has all he needs.

My original thoughts on this issue came from reading comments.

To argue with a fool can be a "fools errand". There's nothing to be accomplished.

CareyCarey said...

Thanks for the shoutout, crap blog.

uglyblackjohn said...

I don't know...
I don't trust people who don't trust ANYONE else.
If they lack a basic ability like "Trust" - more than likely they are projecting the fact that THEY cannot be trusted.

Maybe the same applies to fools.
If a person thinks EVERYONE else is a fool - maybe they are the biggest fool.

CareyCarey said...

That's my exact point, Uncle Black.