Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why DID I Think Of That?

"Here we go loopty loop, here we go loopty la, here we go loopty loop, all on a Saturday night".
Now, why in the hell did I think of that? I mean, that's an ol'skool song from way back in the day. I don't even know who sung it. I sure don't know the rest of the words. But follower me, this might get a little clearer.

Well, after Miz read my last post, she asked me what it was about. I don't know if she was jackin' with me or was trying to be funny. On the other hand, there IS a possibility that my post was absent of any connecting thoughts. Yep, I'll raise my hand. I've been a fool.

So today, here it is. What about a time called now? This post is about my dreams and your dreams, and do they come true.

Let me first explain that I do not believe in the spirits of Voodoo Women nor Hoodoo Women - okay. I give little thought to a black cat that crosses my path. I will kick that S.O.B square in his ass and tell him to go get his momma.

I can care less about someone trying to work roots on me. We all know about spaghetti - right? Come on now, if you don't know, ask your sista friend. Ask her about the spaghetti with the right sauce. But see, I don't believe it.

Friday the 13th ain't nothing but a horror film - to me. Jason, basin, chasin', they all sound like smoking crack - to me. So quit it, I ain't wit it.

Having said that, the other night I woke up in a good sweat. Well, I was having a dream that didn't set well with me. I should be embarrassed to say this, but I am not. If I were embarrassed, I'd be giving in to the goofy. Anyway, in my dream I was surround by 3 beautiful woman. Yes, we were in the bed. Yes we were butt naked. But that's not the problem. Now, I ain't trying to talk all nasty, but I couldn't perform - okay.

Stop laughing and listen to me. As I've said, I give little weight to dreams and all that mystic mess, but do our message come to us in our quiet times? There is a passage that champions that point.... "Be Still And Know That I am God.

Ut oh, what now! This is not a God post - relax. Yet, is there something to be said about our conscience? Isn't it the first quiet voice of reason that's easily pushed away? Isn't our conscience the small voice that's akin to David fighting the beastly enemy?

Sure, dreams do come true. Martin Luther King said it... "I've been to the mountain top" <-> "I have a dream".

However, upon deep examine of his dream, it's apparent he went through a process. He had a defined purpose and tackled it with conviction. He didn't listen to the naysayers and the popular opinion. He told others to walk with him or walk away from him. He shaped his dream. He prepared his dream with prayer. Regardless of what others thought of him, he stood strong. He could have flowered the masses with ambiguous statements, but he didn't. His dream wasn't culminated in a single dream. It didn't come to him in fragmented pieces in the middle of the night. Dreams do come true but........

Do you hear me? Can you feel me?

About once a week I reach in my pocket to buy a lotto ticket. Come on, that's really a fool's errand. The rewards of that dream has little chance of ever coming into fruition. That dream is like an old baron tree in the middle of the desert, it's fruit-less.

I wonder how many people have ever had dreams come true. I wonder if it was a bad dream or a good dream. More so, I wonder if there's subtle messages in our dreams? I am going to go back to my dream. I am going to see if I can find those three woman. I have a bug I want to but in their ears. But that's another story.

They say nothing comes to a sleeping man but a dream. Uuuumm, I wonder what they meant by that? Do dreams make sense and are they useful?


LoudPen said...

I'm feeeling this post! Go Carey! You done went and got all deep on me.

I have been wondering this myself. I have dreams about people I know in real life all the time, but, it took an unusual turn while I was in college. The first strange dream, I had was about me & my ex-roommate getting into a huge argument & me leaving our apartment yelling & being more upset than I've ever been. The reason this was odd was b/c at the time we were best friends. I remember telling her about the dream the next morning & us laughing it off.

Then the next year, after I had forgotten the dream, it came true. Not the exact way I dreamed it, but, we definitely exchanged words and I left our apartment upset. This is when I started thinking that dreams can be real & they can come true.

I also think my dreams show me what my inner-psyche is battling. It's like my upfront right mind ain't with it, but, way back in the depths of my brain...I know that somethin' ain't right & this is what I want. I used to argue with her all the time but we'd always make up & I think that the dream was telling me, you're tired of arguing and the ish is about to hit the fan.

Last dream (B4 the LongPen leaves), I still dream about a guy I haven't seen in four years. We met when I was in school, spent two days together & I haven't seen him since. But, I dream about him once a month. The dreams vary but the essence is the same they are always about us sharing an intimate moment. But they're never sexual. So what does that mean?

FreeMan said...

I look at my dreams as prophecy and what I should avoid. I used to wake up in sweats from my dreams of someone shooting at me when I was a teenager. As a result of that I stayed away from a lot situations where bullets could fly. I had a dream that my time was running out like a door was closing and I took that to mean I should be about mine and get out there and make money.

Now this might be a old Black tale but when I was a kid my mother used to tell me God sends warnings through dreams and feelings. She used to scare me a bit and draw me close and look in my eyes and say PAY ATTENTION! They don't have to make sense just follow them. To this day I still heed them and they haven't let me down.

So dreams don't have to make sense but there is a reason you remember them!

TRYBES said...

Totally feelin you on this post and yes i truly believe that dreams do come true.I come from Africa where a lot of emphasis is placed on dreams and the type of dreams you do have.I have heard of real life experiences of certain people in the past who had dreams and came to pass..but that for sure isnt a conclusive statement becos there is this popular sayin in my part of Africa that if a man goes to bed and in his dream,sees himself lavishly spendin money,..he's most certainly goin to wake up to a life of penury..so thats on the negative side but it all depends on who you are and how big your belief system is..for me i think anythin is possible ..dream or no dream..if only you can focus your mind to it..you may not get the most desired result but somethin sure close to it

Mizrepresent said...

Oh yeah, i think dreams are useful...i think that they are our subconscious minds trying to do the work that our conscious minds can't do. I really do listen to my dreams and try to make since of them every chance i get...many i can't make since of...but i still try. 3 bucknekked women and you can't perform...i would love to know the meaning to that one...so please when you find out...do share.

Keith said...

Confucious Say-"Man with no wet dream is a man without imagination." Actually ,George Clinton of Parliament-Funkadelic said that..but you get my drift...

Keith said...
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CareyCarey said...

Damit, I should have said this post was for fools only, but nooooo, I had to come back to 4 big thinkers. I don't even know where to start.

Miz wrote: "3 bucknekked women and you can't perform...i would love to know the meaning to that one...so please when you find out...do share"

See Miz *lol* you had to go there. Of all the things you could have talked about, you had to shine a light on my Johnson.

I get it, this is your payback - huh. I didn't tell you to put that red light in your window :-). (inside joke yawl).

@ My man TRYBES, I see you are still droppin' the good stuff over at your blog. I am glad you stopped in. Your comment was so deep, I would just muddle it with anything I would say. However I loved the African veiwpoint. I also loved the way you voiced 2 sides to the issue. My brother from the other. you are a bad man. (bad like good :-)

@ Freeman, again you've touched on something and I believe it came from your mother. I think what your mother was telling you came straight from the scriptures. there's a book that talks about a conscience contact with God.

I'll voice my beliefs about dreams after a fw more people stop by.

@ the LOOOONG PEN, woman, I am not a wizard but having read your comment 10 times, your problem is lust *lol*. I am just kidding. but tell me, I bet you and your roommate were fighting over a man :-(

Okay, maybe it wasn't a man. But tell me, do I ever cross yo' mind *lol*

Where have you been anyway. Did you get that?

CareyCarey said...

Keith, stop hanging around Miz. I am trying to keep this post PG rated *lol*

See, you made your move too soon when you mentioned George Clinton. I loved the Atomic Dog, but George has hit the pipe one time too many.

Btw, didn't they do "Flash Light"?

Keith, move away from that light. Don't listen to George, and get out of the P Funk. That's why they call it dope. *LOL*

LoudPen said...

Yes, Carey I got it. And maybe my problem is lust. LOL.

And no, me & the roommate weren't fighting over a man...

We were fighting b/c I had to get away from a toxic friendship & move on with my life. She didn't want me to do that.

uglyblackjohn said...

I don't know...
Some dreams are like watching TV, while others are more lucid and liminal.

When I have a dream where I have a "guide" explaining things to me, I usually wake up and write them down.

IMO - One's dreams are what keeps them sane.

CareyCarey said...

@ Uncle black...."Some dreams are like watching TV, while others are more lucid and liminal"

Now that's a very good point. Good word too "liminal"