Thursday, December 17, 2009

THE COLOR PURPLE, TIGER WOODS and Magic JOHNSON: The black woman still can't get paid!

"Until you do right by me, everything you even think about gonna fail!

"I’m poor, black, I might even be ugly, but dear god, I’m here. I’m here

"You a low down dirty dog, that’s what’s wrong. Time for me to get away from you, and enter into creation - Celie, FROM THE COLOR PURPLE

Okay my fine fellow blogites there’s a fork in the road, which way should I go? Well,
throughout this whole debacle concerning Tiger Woods, the black women still can’t get paid.

**The curtain rises on The Color Purple**
Ladies and gentle, I present The Color Purple, starring Magic Johnson and Tiger Woods.

Old Mr: (referring to Shug) She black as tar, nappy-headed, got legs like baseball bats, and I hear she got that nasty women’s disease.

Magic Johnson says: "I’ll take some of that"

Magic Johnson, with his freaky ass, was on The Jimmy Kimmel Show. Jimmy had the nerve to ask the negro pimping’, easy credit ripoff bastard, what he thought about the Tiger Woods incident. Magic's inconsiderate ass, had the nerve to throw a black woman on the floor. He had the nerve to put his wife, Cookie, back in the fire.

Hadn’t she faced enough humiliation and scrutiny? Wasn’t it her baby that had to be tested for Aids? Why on earth would Magic say "what Cookie would have done." Isn’t Magic still breathing and selling dreams? Did she bust HIS goddamn head, or poke him in his ass like the slimy pig that he is? The gull of this man to have any comment on this subject by throwing his wife in the fray. Cookie should have cut off his wiener.

I’ve grown tired of the opinion that a black women would have done something different upon finding out their husband had taken refuge in another valley of love? I mean, when their husbands were screwing at the slip & easy, every black woman is not going to act like ape lady?
But why the insistence on painting the black women as savage beasts that lets their emotions consume them? Granted, it’s true that some black women would have cut Tiger deep down to the white meat. But that’s not true of all black women.

Do you remember Celie? I think some black women would take the graceful road. You know, just turn around and leave them in their mess.
Do you remember when Celie said "The jail you planned for me is the one you’re gonna rot in. You a low down dirty dog that’s what’s wrong"... "Time for me to get away from you, and enter into Creation
Well, I was talking to my cousin yesterday. She reminded me that our grandmother was color struck. Our grandmother, who is black, saw no problem with black man desiring a white woman. Okay, there's nothing wrong with her voicing her opinion. But, she said white women will do more for you than a colored woman. My cousin, who was very young at the time, was impressionable and never disrespected our grandmother. She didn’t voice a dissenting view because she really didn’t have one. She remembered that day because my brother, who was older than she, dropped by and heard our grandmother's comment. He too was respectful to our grandmother, however my cousin said his eyes spoke volumes. In an even and serious voice, he told my grandmother that she shouldn’t say things like that, because it was wrong. My cousin Shellie, said my brother was her guy from that day on. He voiced an opposing to our grandmother, and he stood up for black women. More so, not that it was our grandmother - she saw a way to disagree and yet stay respectful.

While my cousin and I were talking, we wondered what messages Tiger and men like him, are sending to their children. If they only date white women or championed white women, what would they possibly be telling their mixed children? What...they are not good enough, or they are inferior to white woman? The children might even project their father’s disdain of black women upon themselves, and surmise that he doesn’t really love them. They are black.

Evil lurks in the hearts of man.

Sofia, talking to Celie: "I sat in that jail til I near about done rot to death. I know what it like to wanna go crazy. And when I seed you - I know’d there is a God. I know’d there is a God"

Celie: "I’m poor, black, I might even be ugly, dear God. I’m here. I’m here".

All black women are not animals that are fueled by lust, violent activity and ignorance. If you think so, you're a fool or a women hater. You might as well bark at the moon. Black women may get mad, and they may hold resentments, and thus, emote, however, many will not use the edge of a sword to voice their disdain. Some have a belief that it’s gonna be all right in the morning... no matter how long the night.

The struggles of being a black woman can only be expressed by a black woman. Yet I am left to believe that black woman still can’t get paid. In the circle of respect, I’ve noticed their respect frequently comes as an after thought.

So if Tiger had been married to a black woman and flicked thang at a bunch of scanks, things would have been different? How so, lets count the ways? But first, it’s obvious to me that continuing the stereotypical myth that white women are more passive and understanding than black women, only serves to stratify them above woman of color. Imo, that myth is disrespectful to black women and is frequently used as an excuse by black men to continue their misguided ways of exclusively dating white women.

I am going to flip the script. Personally, if I found out my lady was running off to the hideaway hotel with several different men, I wouldn’t whoop that ass, I’d leave that ass. I wouldn’t play myself by busting out windows or busting her head. I would not be food for fodder.

Take a bow Magic Johnson. Give up that money Tiger Woods. You've played yourself.

.**************The curtain closes******************.


Keith said...

Well written,Well Said...I couldn't agree more. What makes me even sadder is when we Black people give in to these stereotypes. I've heard Black women proclaim jokingly that Elin Woods "must have some Black in her, she went after his ass with that golf club." No...That was just human emotion...That's what anybody might have done... I agree,
I wouldn't have reacted like that either and neither would a lot of people,Black or White...Or they might have..Black or White...I get tired of people always prescribing certain behaviors just to Black people all the time and in this case ,Black women...Thanks Brother for stating these facts and for standing up not just for Black women, but for the race in general.

saint james said...

Sistah's rule. I love black women. They are beautiful, strong, dedicated and invincible.

I am also disgusted with Magic for encouraging po' folks to lose money at rent-a-Center. A shame. Good post!

Mizrepresent said...

"Personally, if I found out my lady was running off to the hideaway hotel with several different men."

Exactly, i would do the same.

uglyblackjohn said...

People who get paid are people who demand to be paid.
If many women only see themselves as only deserving the scraps - that's all they'll get and prove themselves correct.

paul said...

I was so moved by the WaPo piece on Helena that I produced a video response. I would love feedback from the community (it's work place safe):

Much luv!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I missed the Majic interview.... I hope I don't step on any toes, but a man that's never dated a black women is missing some good loving! Sistas know how to put it down with the right man! I don't mean in the bedroom, I mean supporting him, caring for him and his kids, sharing with him and being faithful unto him. Like I said, with the "right" brother; it's a wrap! ;-)

Love, peace and contined blessings!
Free Spirit

RiPPa said...

QUESTION(s): How do you arrive at the place or come to the conclusion that Tiger Woods has a disdain for black women? And what's wrong with Magic referencing his wife in answering a question which involves him CHEATING on HIS wife who IS Cookie? Is Cookie less of a black woman because she chose to stand by her man? Is Elin Woods less of a white woman because she decided to bust Tiger in the head or divorce his ass?

CareyCarey said...

WoW, I was beginning to think that I was slipping. No one disagreed until RiPPa DiPPa, slid this on the floor...

"QUESTION(s): How do you arrive at the place or come to the conclusion that Tiger Woods has a disdain for black women? And what's wrong with Magic referencing his wife in answering a question which involves him CHEATING on HIS wife who IS Cookie? Is Cookie less of a black woman because she chose to stand by her man? Is Elin Woods less of a white woman because she decided to bust Tiger in the head or divorce his ass"

Okay RiPPa I am going to give you a piece of this bone. Take the word "disdain" out of the post and slid in any word you want. The spirit of the post is , in many arenas, black women are viewed as less than white women. If you want, you can say Tiger LOVES his white women, more than he does black women. Now, if that's too vague, you can say he only gives his love bone to white women, okay.

Flip it around, but the question remains, what message is he giving to his non- white children.

Magic Johnson?! Again, Magic only mentioned his wife to continue the myth that all black women act like damn fools when they are confronted with adversity. That negative flavor was on the floor before Magic gave his words of wisdom. Jimmy Kimmel set the tone by visiting a black barber shop. Niggas was talking barber shop talk... "my wife would have cut off my johnson" ... "my wife would have cut me, and that bitch".

Then Magic, in his true pimpin' ways, said "Cookie would have".

No Magic, you dumb motherfu*ker, what DID Cookie do?

Magic just smiled and let the negative stereotype stay on the floor.... along with his wife.

Sure, he can say what the hell he wants about his wife. But that don't make it right. I suggest he bring her to the light, and not keep dropping salt on her.

Hey man, I need a quest spot on your show. See, this blog stuff is too restricting. I wanna smack that ass on the air. *lol*

RiPPa said...

You know I'm not gonna let you slide.

"Magic Johnson?! Again, Magic only mentioned his wife to continue the myth that all black women act like damn fools when they are confronted with adversity."

The man spoke about HIS WIFE and not for or about Black women. That's my problem with that section of the piece above. I mean, is it too much to think that he knows HIS wife?

As for Tiger? I understand the question you're asking and the angle with which you intended. BUT, the question should be what type of message he's sending to his kids (which are too young to know shit BTW) by being dishonorable and cheating on their mother? Not that other line you're trying to sell on this one. For all we know, there may not be anybody black directly connected to those kids now that Tiger's daddy is dead and gone. That said, I wouldn't even go there with this sales job. Because let's be real: those kids growing up with the wealth that their father has, are they going to go to school and interact with other black kids as you and I have? No, they probably won't, and because of that, I doubt they would make a logical decision on the premise that black women are less than white women.

I appreciate the post and the argument or the point you're trying to raise on this one. But I think you chose the wrong people to illustrate that point.

Magic spoke on his wife as HE knows her. And Tiger never said he didn't like black women. Now you show me where he said that at any point and I'll shut the fuck up.


CareyCarey said...

Oh no Rubber-band-man, you're bouncing to far away from the central point. You know I can't let you get away with that.

RiPPa, Tigers kids can be raised on the moon, but you have to admit that his children, just like yours, are highly influenced by the man in the house. Does your children have a tendency to love what you love? Absolutely!

Your arguement, that the children will not be around "blacks" anyway, only supports my position that his actions further puts them in a mindset that black women are not worthy.

Why you keep throwing the basketball in Magic's court. As I said, he can say what he wants, BUT "Cookie" had a few responses to his actions, and obviously, it wasn't to cut off his nuts or clip his Johnson.

That's my point. The words he assigned to her were totally different than what she actually did. Thus, he played along with the game that "black women" act a damn fool when their husbands show their ass. Yes, he can say what he wants but he could have championed his wife and other black women by saying "Cookie didn't do that, she handled it like this..."

Do you see my point?

RiPPa said...

Your point?

You're reading too much into both of these situations or happenenings and you're being unrealistic. But fuck it, I'll play your game.

QUESTION: Do you believe that one's environment impacts their life choices?

My bad that was rhetorical because you know damn well that it does. That said, one can only expect Tiger's kids given the environment they grow up in to gravitate towards white women because of the lack of black folks in those circles. Shit, and if their mother does what she's working on they'll be in fuckin' Norway living with her after the divorce in the 2 million dollar house she just bought over there. Now, you tell me if them growing up in Norway they'll be exposed to anything black? No seriously, answer that question. Then answer this one when you get done: what are the odds that those kids are currently exposed to other children where their parents are in that income bracket. OK, so, doesn't it stand to reason that be that as it may that the choices they make as far as in who they fuck with would be greatly impacted by just what I said moreso than who their father married or fucked around with?

Like I said, you're reading way more into it than it is necessary. Yes kids are like mini-recorders. But how can you say that they will grow up with the idea that black women ain't shit based on what their father did, when they're not or may not even be exposed to anything or any form of blackness what-so-ever?

And again, as for Magic? The man was being honest in speaking about the woman he knows and love. The fuck if he threw her and black womanhood under the bus. Nigga if anybody asked me how would my wife react if I got caught out there with 11 bitches, I'd say the same damn thing because it is what you would expect no matter the race of the woman. You act as if Magic said his wife was "gonna act like a typical black woman" if it was him. That ain't what he said, so you need to try again with me on that, bruh.

I understand the point about how black women are stereotyped. But again, you used the wrong subject matter to frame this argument.

CareyCarey said...

"You act as if Magic said his wife was "gonna act like a typical black woman" if it was him"

BINGO! I hate to break this to you my brutha, I ain't acting like, but that's exactly what Magic said! BUT, that's NOT what she DID. ut oh bingo, do you feel me know. Magic was just playing the crowd, and he did it on the back of is wife, who has suffered enough. Directly behind an incident exactly like Tiger's" (worst, he contracted aids), she suffered embarrasement in front of the world.

Let's be real about my use of Tiger in this post. Of course "his" children are too young to know he desires white women over black women. Okay, take Tiger's name out of the post and but Mandingo's in there. *lol*

Put any negroe's name that exclusively dates white's (that you know) and then come back and talk to me about "their" children. You can not in all honesty, say that their father's actions do not affect the children.

My orignal point was that black women still can't get paid. Some how they frequently get the short end of the stick, even when the original issues are not about them. Should we talk about a movie called Precious? It was a movie but again, the black women seemed the be the focus of much of the "debate". Again, they were thrown under the bus.

But wait.... maybe you are defending Tiger because you too love Betty Crocker? LMBAO

RiPPa said...

@Carey: Something is up with your comprehension tonight. Did Magic say exactly as I quoted him in your last response? I'm only asking because in your post you failed to show that he said exactly that.

I don't care that he cheated, or contracted AIDS; that's irrelevant. He was asked a question and HE answered it as honest and as best as he did. You can;t say he threw his wife under the bus or black women by proxy for doing that.

But see, you keep saying that Tiger doesn't like black women and I think that is disingenuous. We honestly don't know if he does. That's why I said until I hear it from the niggas mouth everything else is bullshit.

These kids stand to be influenced more by the breakup of their family should that happen than anything else. Fuck all that race shit on this issue or even making this about black women.

CareyCarey said...

Nice try RiPPa, but this ain't working... RiPPa wrote: "These kids stand to be influenced more by the breakup of their family should that happen than anything else. Fuck all that race shit on this issue or even making this about black women"

Yes, you can use the word "more", but that does not in ANY way minimize the affects his conduct has on his children. In all areas of his life, his conduct affects them. Listen, our actions speak louder than our words. He [Tiger Woods] married a white woman, and sleeps with other white women. You can not dispute that. Your argument is like saying Murder is worst than robbery, so turn a blind eye to robbery. I never said anything about what other issues of this saga could have a negative impact on his children. I am sure there are other post that will do that just fine.

If you are remotely saying this (his tastes and habits) has no affect on his children, you's gotta be kidding.

But regardless of what you have fooled yourself into believing or wish to redefine this post, this is a race issue.

And excuse me, why do you continue to try and make Magics words, something other than what they were. Lets do this one more time. Magic's wife, did not, DO or SAY anything in which Magic said she "would have done". Are you missing something? They've already been through an ugly mess... JUST LIKE THIS ONE.

Okay... are we there? Now, when you say he was honest in his statement, you are totally wrong! Not could be wrong, he was telling a straight out lie. You may wish to separate Magic's present words from his past behavior but see, you can't separate the two. You may want to, but the facts remain the same. HE committed a grivous error to his wife[committed adultery & contracted AIDS], and NOW he is using her to perpetuate a stereotypical view of an angry black women. That's BS, because she DID NOT act the part of a violent black woman. It's history RiPPa, you can't change that.

Plus, you continue to assign words to me that ARE NOT MINE. Check this out. RiPPa wrote "But see, you[Carey] keep saying that Tiger doesn't like black women and I think that is disingenuous.

I did not continue to say that.

Now RiPPa, are you intentionally trying to drift off the issue or cloud the issue by moving the argument to some la-la land.

Magic Did...(check)

Tiger did and does...(check)

They both did the do-do-don't (check)

Black women found themselves in the middle and they did nothing...(check)

Look up in the sky. It's a black thang. It looks like a racial issue to me. What did you read?

RiPPa said...

Show me the quote or what Magic said on the show. You have yet to do so.

Show me where Tiger Woods has publicly displayed his dislike for black women.

Until you do that, all that other shit is ain't even valid or worth discussing.

I even took it there with the environment one grows up in and is exposed to, but you still ain't seeing how that in itself has more of a bearing on the issue of Tiger Woods and his kids.

But you know what?

I noticed you never directly answer any of the questions in my initial response. Give that a try and get back to me.

YOU said Tiger has a "disdain" for black women but have yet to prove this, or show me how you got there.

What, 11 white chicks is proof?

Being married to a white woman is proof that one has a "disdain" for black women?


Lemme guess: if Tiger married a fat chick or fucked around with fat bitches his kids are going to internalize that to mean that skinny bitches ain't shit?

You think them lil Woods niggas gonna grow up to think black women ain't shit because their mothwer is white? Did your kids grow up with the assumption that white women ain't shit because you married a black woman?

And as far as Magic? That nigga been fuckin around on Cookie since Michigan State. AND, they were only married a month when he found out he was HIV positive. In other words, all that other shit you talkin is bullshit.

Magic answered a question about how HIS wife would react to some shit like Tiger's wife is going through right now. Don;t twist that shit into any more than what it is.

If anything, use Magic and Cookie to illustrate how "down" a sister can be for her man. Not that other bullshit stereotype. Truth be told, a lot of "sisters" don;t do themselves any good by trying to dispel said stereotype.

In closing: get off of Magic's dick! You're reaching on this one.

Now read this:

CareyCarey said...

Rip, if I still imbibed in the goofy, I'd join you in some of that shit you're smoking.

My man, this is not one size fits all. If you didn't notice, I gave you the word "disdain", so why are you still talking about that? I mean, I said "disdain" was too strong. But noooo, you keep wrapping your argument around that. Let it go, that's a free-bee.

I couldn't understand why you were running from the truth, but I knew if you kept talking, the cream would come to the top.


See, I knew you had an issue with black women. It's now become apparent why you couldn't get with "throwing Cookie under the bus". Yep, you thought she belonged there. uh huh, even though Magic assigned thoughts and words to her that SHE DID NOT say or do,and thus, threw her to the wolves in order to gain favor from the crowd, you refused to accept that fact.

Don't go nowhere RiPPa. Again, YOU CAN'T change history. "YOU" ...yourself said "it" happened in the early years of their marriage. Okay... AND?! Does that make his indescretions any less destructive to his WIFE.

Please RiPPa, you're killing me. Your refusal to accept the facts, tells me you have a thang against black women *wink*.

Before you shake that jones, I mean that habit you have of beating down black women, let me hit you with this... {Evil lurks in the heart of some black men, and there's a greasy,nasty, hatin' motherfu*ker down in Memphis Tenn} I can't help it if Ms. Musings hates your guts. Don't bring that shit over here. I may not have been to the mountain top, but I've seen the errors of my ways and she and I are talking about having dinner together.


In parting, you said... "If anything, use Magic and Cookie to illustrate how "down" a sister can be for her man"

No sir, this post was not that kind of party. In fact, you have again validated MY post. That's what that scummy ass Magic SHOULD have said instead of that shit he let fall out of his mouth.

YES! we would not even be having this conversation if Magic would have shut his fuckin' mouth instead of throwing his wife under the bus! Yes! He could have said, "this is how Cookie handled the situation", and then preceded to tell how a sensible black woman handled her storm.

You can run, but you can't hide from this one, RiPPa.

RiPPa said...

Carey, don't act stupid.

I said it was one month into their marriage that he found out he was HIV positive. In other words, unlike Tiger, he was unmarried when he was fucking around. Did you read the article with the Magic and Cookie interview in the link I left you?

You keep talking about accepting the facts and that's where you're wrong. You have not presented any facts; only opinion.



If you can't read anything I said on here on this subject and understand what I'm saying, then I suggest you find a hole and bury yourself in it.


This isn't about me or what I think or how I "hate black women."

Nice try deflecting from the issue.

Next time just answer my questions.


Can you provide me and YOUR readers Magic's direct quote when asked the question you presented in the post?

You know why you can't? Because you don't want people to think independently, critically, or even approach this pragmatically. To do so would kill your bullshit argument.

See Carey, in blogging 101, or debate 101, one must present evidence to support their claims. Try if you will to make this about me and how I "beatdown black women" all you like. That's not what this is about. This is about YOU and this bullshit sales job you're pushing.

You're better than this.

OH, and it's ok to tap the mat three times when in a choke-hold.

You're not less of a man if you chose to do so or admit when you're wrong.

But I'll still wait for the facts or the quote you want me to buy in and support you on.


"we would not even be having this conversation if Magic would have shut his fuckin' mouth instead of throwing his wife under the bus!"


We wouldn't be having this conversation had you provided your readers with a link or quote to or of what Magic said other than Carey's opinion on it.

CareyCarey said...

You're growing Rip!

RiPPa wrote: ..."OH, and it's ok to tap the mat three times when in a choke-hold"

That was good RiPPa, yep, very good. But maybe you should practice what you preach. But that would be kinda hard to do when you're sinking in quicksand.

Look, I would put my readers up against many other blogs. I mean, they are big thinkers. They can't be swayed by my opinion, so when you posted a conversation between Magic & his wife, they had to know that you were waving the white flag.

Who said anything about a conversation between them two, in another location? Huh, what was the relevance of that as it pertains to this post? I'll tell you before you feign innocence... NOTHING!

Tomorrow, Magic might say he snorts Cookie's dirty panties but that would have NOTHING to do with his previous statements. So again, why the link? You are again supporting my post. You reached out to argue against a position that I did not present.

Now that's debate 101. Don't even try it. Guilt by association seldom works.

My God RiPPa, I knew you were slipping when you dropped this jewel... RiPPa wrote: "I said it was one month into their marriage that he found out he was HIV positive. In other words, unlike Tiger, he was unmarried when he was fucking around"

Please RiPPa, WTF does that have to do with this? Put a ring on his wife's finger or take it off, she's a black woman, that was hurt, IN FRONT OF THE WORLD. "She", [Cookie], was the center of attention. Stop it, you're killing me.

As I've repeatly said, black women {a black woman) found/find themselves in mess they did not start. Hence "they still can't get paid". I don't know what the hell you are saying?

Well, tell me, do you agree with that statement?

Because, you keep saying it's my opinion but you can not say Magic championed his wife on the Jimmy Kimmel show. It's not my opinion my young brother, IT DIDN'T happen! Why are you running from the facts. The proof is in your pudding. You are implying that Magic said something different, show me. No No, hell no. Not some link of them having breakfast.

But Rip, you're still in the game. Well, when you dropped the following on the floor, I knew you were like a carp on the side of the river, still alive but losing breath. RiPPa wrote: "Nice try deflecting from the issue".

Now RiPPa, should we join hands and laugh together? Man, that was like somebody farting and then pointing their finger at someone else.

That only works when niggas run to the FEDS to get their numbers (time) reduced. Man, you're better than that. If you insist on moving the focus, I can't help you.

Not gonna work... up in here, up in here. My readers ain't stupid.

But my heavy set friend. You brought some new shit up in here and for that I appreciate you.

But see, I don't want to make a bad hustler out of you, so although I may agree with much of what you've said, I can't let you get away with some of that shit you're talking. Not up in here anyway *lol*

Hey, one mo again... fire your boy!

But anyway, I wish one of my female readers would come up in here and spank that ass. I think you would appreciated it more if it came from a female.

I'm trying to put some money in yo' pockets ~ Big Red [Five Heartbeats]


In the end, you say sales pitch. I say WTF!

RiPPa said...


Yeah man you gotta defend your house; I understand. But, er, um, producing Magic's exact quote from the show would do wonders in helping you to sell the idea you're pushing.

Where's the quote Carey?

What exactly did Magic say about his wife? That's the shit I'm waiting on. But all I get is blah, blah, blah, facts, blah, blah, blah.

Oh yeah, did you even read the article I linked you to. Obviously you didn't. But your readership is intelligent to read it and understand that what you say is bullshit. Especially when you consider that they've been quite public about their situation.

Fuck yo' couch nigga!


BTW: call me bruh, I have an open slot for the show tonight that I'd like you to fill. No joke, call me.

Tia said...

Yep...nuff said! Missed our talks so I had to catch up a bit at 4:30 am!

PPR_Scribe said...

Rippa, you must give Carey a break: He is still somewhat new to blogging. Heck, I had to teach him to link to folks' blogs when he quoted/mentioned them. I am sure as we speak he is scrounging YouTube for a clip to that interview so that he can post what Johnson said. Right Carey? :-)

Having said that, I cannot stand the tendency for all sorts of TV personalities--from sportscasters to talk show hosts to mainstream journalists--to ask folks to comment on the goings-on of other celebrities. I'd love to hear the context of the Tiger Woods question to Magic Johnson. What does Woods have to do with Johnson anyway? Because they're both athletes? Because they're both Black? Because they have both engaged in infidelity?

Not trying to let Magic Johnson off the hook. Just bemoaning this whole circus atmosphere. The thing for Johnson to have said was, "Well, when you get Tiger on your show you can ask him these questions yourself. But I'm here to talk about _______ [the Lakers, AIDS awareness, free credit report dot com...]"

But, of course, without having seen the segment first hand....

CareyCarey said...

Well teacher, I mean PPR_Sribe, you or fat mouth RiPPa can make me post the quote *lol*

but I am glad you dropped in. Although you didn't blast RiPPa or direct you comments towards him, I see you caught the drift of my post. Sure, I could post a quote or find a YouTube video, but that's not necessary. As you said, Magic didn't have to say anything or he could have commented by giving one of the responses you mentioned. Jimmy Kimmel didn't ask Magic what Cookie thought or what she would have done. He asked him what he thought about the issue.

See RiPPa, there are a few brave women that are not afraid to tell the truth :-)

If you have further comments or have any complaints, please address them to PPR_Sribe. You'll find her on my blogroll.


**sticking out my tongue**