Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Do Not Remember Days, I Remember Moments.

A friend of mine endured 30 years of an abusive marriage. She's moving forward, those days are behind her. This is her moment.

My Moment

My dreams had almost faded away
How many times did I cry?
I look back and I wonder why

It seemed so hard
My heart was ripping apart
I can’t live, I must die

Inside me, I was dying
My body was falling apart
A raft I could not find

In the shadow of my life
My moments when I’m all alone
In my times of need, I can not feel

It’s cold, I go to the storm of my day
Looking, longing, wanting the savior to come my way
Where is my friend?
Why do the tears run down my face

I’m still searching for me
Within this lonely place
A longing for peace within
I still struggle

I will not let the devil win this battle!
I will not allow him to steal my joy!
No, I can’t!

God gave “this” to me!
This has to stop!
Tears no more
Grateful is my new roar.



CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Very touching, an excellent illustration of the power of determination.

Solomon said...

Nice poem, very powerful.

Strongblkwmn said...

God bless!

Rich Fitzgerald said...

It's great when we realize the strength we have inside. The power to endure the unthinkable and live to see the other side of it.

Mizrepresent said...

Beautiful and touching.

Keith said...

Excellent Poem..Thanks for sharing with us.

What you said is true...It's not days that we remember...far too many for any one to stand out...but moments...feelings..That's what we recall.

Tia said...

Love it! wink ;-) You tell Miss Cookie that I said I love these pics. She is so beautiful. Her beauty is only enhanced by her beautiful nature! Get it, Carey!