Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This post was inspired by HappyNappyHead The original title was, PAY ATTENTION.... Attention Whores.

My mother said: "Boy, lift up your head and pay attention to me".

A Friend: "Glad you've returned to blogging with a vengeance. (After one of the shortest retirements in blogging history, I might add. Some--not me, mind you--might call you attention wh*** behind that move. LOL)

This post is not about my mother nor my friend. This post is about bloggers and the words "attention whore". In a strange way, I got this idea from a post  I read at the happynappyhead blog. It was about brothas that sag their pants. What the hell are those low ridin' brothas looking for? I mean, I'm not trying to look at their ass, but I digress.

When I heard the words "Attention Whore", I asked myself what they meant. I most assuredly know they mean different things to different people - okay. But I was left to wonder what they mean to me. Well, a whore is a promiscuous woman; a prostitute. To fornicate with whores is said to be whorish.

Now dammit, where do I fit in ? I am not a woman, but I have been promiscuous. Maybe that's my tie-end. I did start my adventure into blogging without plans or a defined purpose. My subject matter has consisted of different elements, mixed together without discrimination. Maybe that makes me a blog-man-whore? Nawl, I don't think they meant that.

Let me hit this another way. About 6 months ago, I wrote a post that in essence asked... "why am I blogging" ...

Today I stopped by Truth's blog He'd just come back to blogging after a 3 month absence. He spoke of his doubts and his reasons for blogging. Although he didn't announce that he was retiring, I get the feeling he had deep reservations on rather or not it was worth his time and effort. In fact, he said that. I am sure most bloggers have been there.

About 3 weeks ago I was fed up with blogging. I announced my retirement. I did so as a promise to myself, because I thought it would talk to the man in me. I needed to take a position and stand on it. But, as you can see, I failed. Although in my heart I was done with blogging because of the pain and time spent doing such, I didn't know what was in front of me. Others said I would return... and they were right. Many said they've never seen a true blogger walk away. Some said to just take a break and then return with a new fire. Of course I resisted those words of wisdom because they didn't know me, but they did. They too had heard the call of retirement.

When Brett Favre announced his retirement from football, I wonder if he did so with the intentions of coming back to draw attention to himself - I doubt it. I believe he came back to do what he does best - play football. I believe he loves the game. I love to blog. I think the pain of playing football for 18 years was at the forefront of his announcement.

Tell me this, if you ask a person to pay attention to you or your words, is that a bad thang? I mean, my mother told me to pay attention to her words, and she is a good woman. Are all bloggers attention whores? Granted there are some bloggers -- not many -- but some bloggers who could care less if someone reads their posts. I believe.... I think that kind of blogger is in the minority. Because, really, why post it if there was no intent to have someone read it. I am sure a cynic might say, "it's a way of releasing their mind through their words and it has a cleansing affect on their soul". I say to that minuscule about of Harra Krista bloggers.... "do your thang baby, but all closed eyes ain't sleep"

Having said alllllllll of that, are bloggers nothing more than nasty, promiscuous attention whores? Are we not in need of attention? Come on now, aside from the word "whore", do we all in some way seek an audience, and ultimitely, hope they pay attention to our words?
I don't care if it's a personal blog or a blog geared toward social commentary, isn't there something to be said about the human need to express themselves and thus be heard. I talk to audiences on a regular basis. In doing so, it's about my words and the message(s). Am I seeking attention? Hell yes, I hope someone is paying attention.

Questions: Are you a blogger? Are you an attention whore? If so -- or not -- what does those words mean to YOU? Why do you blog?

Talk to me.


Anna Renee said...

Here you go again brotha! You didn't give ME the toilet answer! My mind is STILL messed up! You know you are an attention whore! LOL! No I dont think we are attention whores because we not getting paid for this! We the ones paying--with our time and effort!
When some retire, I think its for a break because of the effort. There's a fine line there. Either you manipulate people with the hot button topics and get 200 responses, mainly people fighting each other, or you bare your soul and be real, which can be draining. It seems that it's not worth it because we want 200 responses. (I've been on a number of blogs with huge responses and it's not all that. The author gets lost in it all) This blogging stuff is art. A lot of artist have lost they minds, so I hear. So we call for a retirement to rejuvenate, then we come back. I had one follower who closed down her blog a number of times just to come back saying she missed us all so much!! She inspired me and I have a post in reserve that asks "do you have blogging strength?" But I don't know what I will say in it yet. I have 3 blogs but my strength is waning for 2 of them. I know I'll come back with a vengeance in those two, though.
So to sum it up, I say we want attention, but we're not whores!
In all of this blogging, peoples hearts are being touched and information is being passed on and revolutions are being started and somebody is hearing YOU! Peace!

PS: what is the toilet answer? Please.

CareyCarey said...

Now Anna, why you gotta talk so nasty *LOL*. Don't make me break out my "yo mamma" jokes.

Hey, you killed it with "hot button topics". I never knew what to call those types of posts.

For me, this blog is an extention of what I do. In that sense, I am generally trying to move a message (of some sort).

So, hit my e-mail and I'll give you my take on "the toilet". I was thinking about giving my answer, by way of a blog post, but it could be too "informational". You know, too preachy, too wordy.

Anna Renee said...

Now this is the SECOND time I've been called nasty today!! At least you were joking!! Whew, some people! It's enough to make you want to stop blogging! ;-D

CareyCarey said...

Yes, Anne, one of the frustrations (for me) of blogging, is it's an easy portal for cynics and those that look for negativity around every corner. For the most part, that's why I deleted a recent post. That post, imo, needed an open face-to-face forum.

On a side note, I can't count the number of times my jokes have fallen flat on the floor. I am sure glad you knew I was kidding.

jjbrock said...

Am I in need of attention? I never though of it in that way Carey.

CareyCarey said...


I wouldn't expect nothing but the truth from you.

I think the intentions and/or motives behind that need for attention is the most important issue.

For some (not all) it's a need to feel important. For others (not all) imo, it's a need to be in the middle of mess. yet, for others (not all)imho, it cures the feeling of lonliness. For others (not all) it's born from a passion to voice an important message that's dear to their heart.

I am sure there are other reasons why people need attention. Since I consider myself a glutten for information, I'd like to know other reasons why people seek attention.

I did this post, "theme" before. Some people have courageously given their opinions. The title of that post was mentioned in my opening paragraph.

jjbrock said...

Carey you said: it's a need to be in the middle of mess...Carey you are crazy.

FreeMan said...

Yep I need attention, so much attention I made two blogs! LOL J/K realistically I don't think I started seeking attention but now that it caught on I would be lying if I didn't anticipate reading what someone thought of what I wrote.

Having said ALLLLL that I'll say it's 80% venting 20% looking for someone to agree so I don't think I'm the only crazy one.

CareyCarey said...

Well MadMoneyManFreeMan, there's little help for you. As long as money is yo God, the street to Hell is waiting for you *LOL*

@ jjbrock, crazy how? :-)

CareyCarey said...

I see you Mrs. Seattle Slim. Why don't you grab a cup of coffee and chat awhile. I need some of that Seattle's Best.

Don't be a part-time lover *lol*

Anonymous said...

Hi, very interesting your question.
I think that for me, I blog because I'm somewhay lonely but primarily I blog in order to share information and absorb information.
Information and opinions on life, politics and culture.I enjoy very much seeing the similarities in all our lives as well as the differences.
I enjoy feeling connected in a world where more and more one doesn't know who ones neighbor is.

CareyCarey said...

Hi Cactus Rose,

Your answer is probably the most honest and sincere that I've read. I mean, I've asked this questions on other "boards" and I don't think anyone admitted to being lonely. You are a special kind of person. You seem to be in touch with your feeling/emotions. Do you know how big that is?

And, very few individuals are comfortable with telling other people that they are lonely. It's akin to a man saying he crys. I mean, of course we do it, but, you know what I am saying.

Btw, how did you find my blog??

Because, I do very little (if any) promoting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Carey,for the observation, I try to be in touch, that's important!

I think, I discovered your blog on Keeping it Trill's blog.
Not 100% sure, but almost.LOL!

I'm discovering so many wonderful blogs, just wish I had more time to be on them, but life calls....