Monday, April 5, 2010

Cheap CLONE! Dumb by default.

How can they not be ignorant , when a scant few mentions what real looks like.
Oh, Hello! I didn't see you standing there. I was just thinking about the answer to my questions.

In that post, "I was sitting on the toilet: THINKING!" I asked the following questions.

Why will most unmarried or divorced women over 50 never get married?

Why can’t most individuals lose a substantial number of pounds, even though they want to.

Why will an overwhelming majority of substance abusers never recover?

Why is it that an overwhelming majority of church goers have not read the entire Bible (if that’s their religion) and therefore are highly susceptible to false prophets and pulpit pimps?

Why are fat farms, weight watchers, and quick-fix diet plans, nothing more than a new pimp game.

Why is sex rehab a joke?

Why is drug treatment/rehab a dismal failure?

In that post, I also said the following: "The real answer, in my humble opinion, is not that deep.

However, I believe it requires a deep thinker to find the crown jewel"

"But damn, the common solutions and championed ways to freedom, are simply not working! WHY?"

Well, the core answer (which I am sure will be debated, but defeated) is... They are dumb as a rock, but it's not their fault. They are ignorant by default! But please don't get me wrong. I am saying it's frequently not the fault of those that may not make it through their struggles. Many people truly believe they are doing all the things necessary to achieve their goal. In many cases, it has little or nothing to do with laziness. Cloning success, rests in the word CLONE! Hence, "it's not their fault". Now that's a deep thought.

Think not?


Freeman said...

I'm glad that part of Carry Me Home is finally over. You make people want to quit the game when you do the brain teasers!

Give me the simple ones cuz I don't think I'm ready for anything past 8th grade brainteasers. I usually take the video game back to the place and get me something simple!


Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I don't quite get the cloning thing in this context, but people can be brilliant in several areas and well, slow in others.

It's also like you can know something intellectually but not get it emotionally, or vice versa. Throw something addictive into the mix, and how it makes you feel emotionally kicks the smarts to the curb.

CareyCarey said...

Well My FreeMan, you gotta lot of nerve. Man, I was reading your simple 1-2-3 to fast money (stock post) and I am now broke *lol*

But I hear you, And apprreciate you. At least you hung in there. Do you remember that one I did on "what's a fool"? You shot at least 5 answers... just like a gambling addict *lol*

See, although you feign innosense, you LOVE a challenge, and we both know it :-)

Ms. Keep it Thrill, I am glad you asked the following "question"..."I don't quite get the cloning thing in this context, but people can be brilliant in several areas and well, slow in others"

You are absolutely correct, brilliant folks frequently, or can, fail at endeavors outside their expertise. Wow, and to a large degree, their "education" gets in their way.

When I used the term "Cheap Clone" it's my way of defending those that may have failed at something, even though they stayed on a course that was pre-scribed for them.

To emulate or simulate the actions of another, is one thing. But a clone is an exact replica of the original model. Therein lies the problem.

If the cloned model is faulty, then of course the clone will also have defects. Furthermore, if the transfer of information from the clone is somehow impeded, jacked or puposely flawed, then the replica is a "Cheap Clone" or incomplete.

Think of the movie "The Fly". Get my point?

Now, if I can carry this thought to drug and alcohol treatment, most of them are using a model that has been around for 50 plus years, and it's a dismal failure. I can go on about that issue, but not now.

Reference overweight individuals. Most people have no idea of the pain and suffering one have to go through to lose substantial amounts of weight. When they attempt to do so, they generally fail, so they are easy targets for purveyers of "get slim fast" gimmicks.

Aside from the physical excertion it take to lose weight and the time needed to do so, food is a drug (in many ways). Consequently, the mental withdrawal from that "love" is a BI*CH! Withdrawal is a MFer!

Ultimately, the person fails because they are being given the wrong precribtion.

Look around, the proof is all around you. Poor model, cheap clone, death by default.

Do I need to talk about religion? Should I even talk about pulpit pimps playing on the poor and hopeless? Should I talk about the church goers that are moved by emotions while sitting in church but has never read the bible to "see" for themselves.

Do I need to talk about the thousands of bible study classes that are not really "bible study"?

What about relationship?

Anna Renee said...

Hi Brother! I had to that this discussion back home and put a little twist on it! Hope you don't mind that I linked you up with my blog! :o)

CareyCarey said...

I don't mind at all. In fact, I don't know if you've noticed but I use most of my readers in my posts. I learn from them and spread their words (most of the time).

But you could do me a favor. See, Kit has been asking me to kiss and tell. I mean, since I have conversations behind the scenes, with most of my readers (as you know), she's been trying to wrench your words out of me. So, would you please tell her to get out of our kool-aid. :-)

I will stop by to see what you've done. Now, you know I run my mouth, so beware and make some room.

There Kit, how you like me now *LOL*

Am paying it forward.

Anna Renee said...

Oooo, now you KNOW Kool-Aid is to be shared! It's best when the flavors are mixed together, as I found out at Very Smart Brother's blog!
Now I know you run yo mouth, but probably not more than I do, but its all good!! Yep yep!