Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dumb As A Rock: Ignorant By Default!

How can they not be ignorant , when a scant few mentions what real looks like.

Oh, Hello! I didn't see you standing there. I was just thinking about the answer to my questions. You know, the ones I asked on Friday.

In that post, "I was sitting on the toilet: THINKING!" I asked the following questions.

Why will most unmarried or divorced women over 50 never get
Why can’t most individuals lose a substantial number of pounds, even
though they want to.
Why will an overwhelming majority of substance abusers
never recover?
Why is it that an overwhelming majority of church goers have
not read the entire Bible (if that’s their religion) and therefore are highly
susceptible to false prophets?
Why are fat farms, weight watchers, and quick
fix diet plans, nothing more than a new pimp game.
Why is sex rehab a
Why is drug treatment/rehab a dismal failure?

In that post, I also said the following: "The real answer, in my humble opinion, is not that deep. However, I believe it requires a deep thinker to find the crown jewel"

"But damn, the common solutions and championed ways to freedom, are simply not working! WHY?"

Well, the core answer (which I am sure will be debated, but defeated) is... They are dumb as a rock, but it's not their fault. They are ignorant by default! But please don't get me wrong. I am saying it's frequently not the fault of those that may not make it through their struggles. Many people truly believe they are doing all the things necessary to achieve their goal. In many cases, it has little or nothing to do with laziness. Cloning success rests in the word CLONE! Hence, "it's not their fault". Now, that's a deep thought.

Think not?


CurvyGurl ♥ said...

I hear ya, no disagreement here. When did people get so lazy, Carey? I've noticed an increase in the lack of knowledge seeking and it bugs me. Perhaps this world is becoming one of getting by being mediocre.

CareyCarey said...

[CurvyGurl]: "I've noticed an increase in the lack of knowledge seeking and it bugs me"

Gosh Miss Curvy, again I believe you actually got what I was trying to say. YES! To conquer those serious issues that I mentioned, requires a wealth of knowledge and understanding.

To illustrate that point, the following is the voice of conviction that I'm talking about.

[jjbrock]: "Carey I had one of the best Bible teachers that God ever sent to man kind...I tell you what my years of sitting under that great anoint teacher was awesome"

Move that "knowledge seeking" (conviction) in the other areas of concern (not just religion) and then I believe real change happens.