Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Baby Momma Drama! Part 1

If a women has children by different men, what is she? Some are quick to call her a scank or a ho. Others might say she's a woman of low principles. Let me tell you a story and I'll tell you what I call them. I have a definition that's counter to the popular opinion.

This story is about a man and a women that fell in love. Do you like a good love stories - I do. Like most love stories there's a beginning, a middle and the end. This story begins with a man that had lived a few years and a young beautiful black women that was just leaving her nest. They met in the military; he a fast talker, slick walker. She was a young innocent girl out to see the world. He had a history. In fact, he was denied entry into one branch of the military because of past criminal behavior. He was young but the streets called him at an early age. Being of a criminal mind and no ones fool, he found a way to slip into a different branch of the armed forces.
Since he considered himself a lover and not a fighter and wasn't going to shoot at anyone, he wiggled his way into the cool confines of office life. He felt like one of the Beverly Hillbillies ....swimming pools, movies stars AND air conditioning. Life was good, he had a first hand view of all the new women that arrived on the base. Aside from greeting them at the door, their records preceded them. At first he felt kind of funny looking at their past but he rationalized that it was his job to make sure all their records were in order - it was one of his jobs.

He came from the streets so he'd witnessed all the pimps and hustlers trying to lay their magic on women but his thang was different. An old player told him that women love sincere men that make them smile. So his thang was sincerity with a smile and a pinch of dishonest ....just a pinch. He knew that most women felt isolated in the military and longed for home. Well, while looking through their records to see if they had any ...ahhh, any ...ahhh, things he didn't want to catch, he would look to see what high school they went to and the city they were from.

He was a clever old fox. While greeting them at the door he would extend his hand and then quickly pull it back with a startled look and say, "Helen Lampkin, German Town High School, women you haven't changed one bit". The ice was broken, the women was comfortable with her lost and found homie. Now, he still had work to do but friends before lovers was the name of the game and two friends had found each other on a lonely military base.

One such women tweaked his heart along with his love of hide and go seek. She was a city girl that walked with a long stride that said, I know I look good and you can't have any. Her shoulders were back and her chin was slightly tipped up. She had heard all the lines. Women like that don't have to sleep alone. The old wolf knew he had to come with a new game. He decide just to be sincere without any lies. He told her what he generally did when anticipating a new arrival but that he just want to be straight up with her. He told her that he just wanted to meet her and he didn't want to start a friendship off with a lie. She paused and asked him if he looked in her medical records. He looked deep into her eyes and told her that he had not - he lied but the relationship blossomed :-). Hey, he was a wolf, okay.

Life was good, they were the talk of the base. They drove around in a brand new block long Oldsmobile Ninety Eight that she helped him pay for. They yelled out the windows at the other soldiers and turned up their music to blast Marvin Gay .....what's going on .....what's going' on.

They were in love. There was only one problem. This wolf turned serious lover had another lover - back home ...a child too.

Love is a funny thang, it doesn't divide in equal parts.

This is part 1 of Baby Momma Drama ....Don't turn that page.

Solomon said...
Sounds intrguing Carey, I can't wait for the conclusion to the story!

CareyCarey said...
Well Solomon, I hate to disappoint you but since this is a true story and I am still living, please take the pins out of that voodoo doll :-). If there's something anyone wants to ask about any parts of the story, I will be glad to answer them as long as it doesn't give away too much of the story.I could cut to a different time in the story but I'll just see if others are interested in reading it and then see if I should drop it or move it along.Any suggestions

SLC said...
Man you have definitely lived an exciting life. I guess excitement can be costly however. I must say I thoroughly enjoy the wisdom you've gained from these situations and your fresh perspective on women with children by multiple fathers.I think any question(s) I have will be answered in future posts so at this point I'll turn the page.Peace.SLC

CareyCarey said...
Thanks for stopping by SLC. Your words are always taken with the utmost respect. You don't comment much so I feel honored.Yes, it has been exciting,costly and filled with lost hope and pain ...TO SAY THE LEAST! But I have to say this "What About A Time Called Now". The cost was not necessarily in money but I was spiritually bankrupt as well. But, as you well know, it's gonna be alright in the morning if we just believe. "call those things that are not, as if they already are"

Tia said...
Part II really speaks to my heart and my situation! Damn you Carey! I wanted to print out this posting and mail it to him...thanks for taking responsibility!

CareyCarey said...
Thank you Tia, sometimes we have to turn the page.

Blu Jewel said...
Man, I know this story well. I've seen it played out a few times. I'm happy that your son was not caught in the cross fire and that by the grace of God you managed to survive. love to live; live to love!

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