Monday, June 21, 2010


I am a black man in America and I've been around. I've shared many of my life's adventures without real concern of what others may think of me. The beat goes on.

The executives at BET should be on the 10 most wanted list. I've been to the post office and seen the faces of  men and women who committed crimes of various degrees. Their faces don't always fit the crime. One women looked like my grandmother. One man had the appearance of that old white man that hung on the walls of many black churches - Jesus Christ. "Come on Carey, that's blaspheme". No it's not, it's the truth. What does a rapist or murderer look like? What's the appearance of a person that is bent on stealing your money? Well, many times they look like gold or the guy next door or the fine women in glossy magazines.

Before I continue this true crime story and why I believe BET should be considered a food stamp card, I have a few shout outs. I have a few words of wisdom to all the haters and fence straddlers out there - they know who they are.

They are the ones that do not believe that cheating on their taxes is a crime. They will tell you that they've never had sex in the back seat of a car or had a one night affair. You can spot them. Their mouth is always fixed in the "yeah but" position. They are prone to say "while you're pointing a finger at another person", three are pointing back at you. I'd like to shout out to my nay negro friends and tell them to take those fingers and shove'em up their dooky chute *lol*.

I continue:

Back in the day I would do short and long cons. Yep, I would travel the road and dupe unsuspecting people out of their money. I justified my deceptive ways by only playing on people that thought they were playing on me. It was a poor rationalization to do wrong but back then, it worked for me. It's in my past, and what about a time called now, but let me continue. To them I looked like a sweet mark but the hunter always got captured by the game. One such short con game was called the ring game.

My ring game involved a beautiful expensive looking ring that was not a diamond but looked like one. I had a Jewish friend that supplied me with all the trimmings. He owned a jewelry store and sold me merchant price tags and nice looking ring boxes for a very reasonable price. I wasn't the guy selling fake Gucci watches or knock-off purses, oh no. I was just a guy looking for a ring he had lost. I was the guy that was hurting because he had just lost the ring set that he was going to give to his soon to be new bride. White people were easy marks because they loved getting over on black people.

I never saw my unsuspecting prey but my "cap man" did. The setup involved a phone call, a bathroom and an innocent looking young black person. My partner would ask to use the marks restroom. It could be the restroom of a fine clothing store or a doctors office; basically any place were a person could use a restroom, and money was around. Lawyers are the biggest shysters in the world and yet the easiest to con. I would call the spot and tell them that I was distraught over losing a ring that I had just purchased. I told them I'd visited their establishment within the last hour and then asked if anyone had turned in the lost item, and if not, would they check the rest room.

Well, my partner would appear from the restroom area gawking at "our" ring as if he had just found a new way to heaven. Prior to this discovery, I told the person on the phone that there was a reward for the ring. Now the game was on. I told them the ring was worth thousands and they didn't even have to tell the "young black youth" about the reward. I would even whisper the value of the ring, as if someone could hear us. I went on to tell them to get that ring back at all cost and I would repay them and give them a bonus and the reward. My "cap man" was good. He would resist giving up the ring until he had drained all the money he thought he could get from the greedy mark. Heck, it appeared to be a no lose situation for them, the hunter turned mark. They had a ring worth thousands of dollars and at the very least, a reward of $1000.00, plus a bonus. Some individuals would give up all the money in their purses and pockets, and that of the person they were working for because they knew money was just 10 minutes away. I told them I was just around the corner.

BET is offering rings of diamonds and gold to our young. Music has always been a means to soothe our souls, just like money to some folks. Most love to dance and be around people of their own kind. BET has the game locked down. I do not know what's in BET's playbook but I know it's messed up. I have no idea what their goals are. Their intentions may be honorable, but do I need to say anything about the streets of hell and the streets of gold?

I can hear the knee jerks rattling in their chairs. I can hear the voices saying it's the parents job to monitor what our youth watch on TV. To those I again say...  miss me with that one. Okay, to some degree that's true, some fault (some) may be placed at the feet of the parents but lets be real, many parents remember a different BET and therefore, they too have been hoodwinked into believing BET would maintain a standard of moral discipline. More so, BET is increasingly lowing the bar.

More importantly, kids will be kids and they love candy. They will eat candy and ice cream until their stomachs hurt. In this case, it's their minds that's hurting, and their minds are hard to change. When I was a youth, I thought doing "the dog" was a dance on the wild side, but I didn't see 2 young kids doing it on my television. I heard a few songs that said between the sheets, but they sure didn't say what they were doing - nasty - in those sheets. They didn't tell me, or show me, in graphic details, how they were going to make someones toes curl. Well, not on my TV...  well,  unless my uncle came over to baby sit and brought along his girlfriend. Now, they might drop in one of those video that had the actors groaning and moaning,  and tell my brothers and I to go to bed, in which we did, but we didn't.

If a women wanted to see a guys cheeks she had to go to a swimming pool. Who wants to see lil'wayne's dang thang, laying out above his belt line?

BET has become the new food stamps. In some states the new electronic food stamps are called link cards. In other states they are called EBT cards. I think those initials stand for Electronic Balance Transfer. But here's the deal, it's not money. You can only spend those funds on food. BET is serving a plate of mush. It looks good to some and to some it makes them feel real good; just like a drug. Doesn't that make BET a pimp or drug dealer? That's a crime in most states.

Or maybe BET is like a gambling house that allows it's customers to wager a box bet. A box bet allows the customer to hedge their bet by winning even if the letters do not come out in the order chosen - like 1-2-3 can be changed to 2-1-3, and the gambler still wins; not all but a very small piece of the pie. Maybe the the folks at BET are playing on the fact that some don't care if they get BET - the straight bet, and will settle for a little of the pie; the box bet - EBT. Yeah, most gamblers think the big one is right around the corner. If the gambler's thirst is temporarily satisfied by their "ebt" win, they can smile and buy a truck load of junk food with their food stamp card. Junk food is absent of all the essential vitamins to produce a strong body and healthy mind.

BET has become nothing more than a man standing on the corner playing 3 Card Monte. You know the game, the Black Kings and Queens are there, but theye're soon  gone. BET should have their ass spanked.

Btw, the above picture is me doing something that's as dangerous as watching BET. A person can die doing that sh*t. I saw it first hand. However, I no longer work on high voltage power lines, nor watch BET. Well, I do, but you know what I mean... don't you?

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