Friday, June 25, 2010

Garage Sale. I ve Shown My Last A$$.

That's right, your eyes my shine and your teeth my grin, but I have to go back to where this all began. It looks like another love TKO.

Now it's time to say good bye to all my blogging friends... CareyC [see you later] areY [because I loved you]
Step right up, I am going back in time. I mean, I am deleting all my posts. I will be running a few older ones, but as I do, I will be deleting them. I wrote over 200 posts. I am now down to less than 110. The posts will run for a short period.


A.Smith said...

What you doin, Carey? Rebranding yourself?? :)

Anna Renee said...

Carey, you'll be back brother, because you have a voice. From time to time each and every one of us get off track from what we started doing. It's normal and it's OK. We get tired. But if we are prolific, then like Jeremiah, there's a fire shut up in our bones. And the fire dont want to stay there. Brother, you have too much to tell me. And I want to hear it all because I'm like that. Ish happens, and you know this! So don't let your remarks scare you away, because there's always another side to YOUR story!
I'll be waiting for you and I WILL come after you if I have to!

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Huh? I'm confused....

Anonymous said...
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Moanerplicity said...

Yo! Carey! Say it ain't so! Stop the madness, mane!

If you're burned out, then take some chill time. Let the juices percolate until you're ready to serve sum'm up righteously! But don't just call it quits, man.

You'll miss the outlet of having a vent factor at your disposal. Trust!

So, I repeat: Sop the madness, mane!



Anna Renee said...

Hey y'all, that &*%$ Carey watching us standing outside his window!!! Let's bum rush his front door an' break it down!!! Don't let me go ghetro on you Carey! You hear me?! @#$# %&*#$!!!!!

Keith said...

Man, are you serious? I have a feeling you're going to be the Frank Sinatra of blogging..LOL!
(And how many times did old blue eyes retire and unretire?lol)

Anonymous said...

Why are you always coming and going? Do you have another family in another city or something? Where are you going Bro. Carey and haven't you already arrived.

I don't know how you get burnt out so fast man. Just say what's on your mind it doesn't have to be profound. Everything that I talk about isn't one to grow on as sometimes I like to poke fun at the Kool-Aid man.

Where is my sparring partner going? Who can I drop the hidden message using boxing terms and know they picked it up. How about you just moving from in the ring to outside the ring and you stutter like Roy Jones.

Where are you going Brother Carey?

CareyCarey said...

Excuse me yawl, let me get to Anna Renee so I can pimp slap her for cussing me *LOL*.

Hey, I have not lost the fire. I can "write/talk" 24/7. I wrote over 200 posts in 14 months, and I have thousands more in me. Yet, I am missing a purpose.

And,I thought I should delete all of my posts because I couldn't find a purpose to keep them around.

CareyCarey said...

And, Iam reading them and posting some, and then casting them away. I am down to 118. Tomorrow I plan to be at 100 or less.

CareyCarey said...
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jjbrock said...

Carey which one or you doing leaving or cleaning house?

CareyCarey said...

Hello Ann,

I am cleaning house as I am leaving. I mean, I am posting some as I delete them all. Many of them were written in such a hurry that I decided to do a small edit and then give them one last run. It's been quite a task. Most of them were so ragged that I could have written a whole new post in the time it took to clean up that mess.

I have decided to delete them all because I couldn't find a purpose to leave them behind. And, if someone would have commented on one, I would have been compelled to reply.

As you've probably noticed, this whole week as been nothing but reruns.