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While being a guest blogger over at Big RiPPa's house, I ran into Renee, of Womanmusings. We didn't get along very well. Then, just the other day I dropped by another friends spot that I thoroughly enjoy, and you know what, she loves Renee's stuff. Well, I got to thinking, what if I could build me a blogger? No, not from their body parts, but from their mindset. There's a little piece of goodness in everyone, even if I don't think so.

So, I went to work. I thought to myself, who makes me laugh, cry and think? Who skills would I like to emulate and what are the specifics of those skills? Who embodies all the things I enjoy in a person. Of course there is no single person that does not have a few character flaws. So, Frankenstein was born.

When I first started blogging, I was told that it's proper decorum to link a blogger if their name is mentioned. Well, I'm not going to do that today. If you don't like it, lick it *lol*. See, I am sort of a non-conformist, and the people I am going to mention, don't need all of that. Hell, they probably don't even read my blog, so taint that important.
But first, this is kinda tricky. You know, it's like throwing a birthday party for one child and the rest can be heard saying "what about me". But see, that kind of thinking would automatically disqualify a person from being part of my Frankenstein. Maybe I'll save them for Frankenstein's wife. Oooooh, the horror of it all!
One more thing. What if I said the name Hitler? No, he's not a blogger, but doesn't his name conjure a few thoughts? Sure it does, but I'm relatively sure that someone, somewhere, thinks he had some admirable qualities. Okay, if you are a die hard cynic that loves negativity, go stick your head in the sand. I know you feel me. Maybe you don't, but move around nevertheless. I mean..... "YOU" know what I mean.

Okay, for debating skills, I would start with RiPPa and Freeman. I'd take both of them to a bar fight. I don't know if they can fight but I know they'd be in the mix. Freeman is not afraid to voice a view that is totally opposite of the prevailing opinions. I like that. RiPPa makes me laugh while he delivers some hard hitting messages. He's fearless and prepared to support his opinions. I like that. His unique brand of commentary is to die for. Yep, and he loves to eat and Frankenstein needs his nourishment.

I would cut off my hands and attach those of PPR_Sribe's, if I could write like her. Her command of the English language and sentence structure are a gift that few possess. She doesn't do mess, but she is a sister and therefore will cut you if she has to. I like that. She never did learn how to double dutch but she can write. She would be the hands of my Frankenstein.

There's a blogger that goes by the name of MacDaddy. He's about as dry as a neckbone that has been cast aside by a pack of hyena's but he's deadly serious. In a strange way, I admire a guy that never laughs and can sit still, and be quite. I mean, I wouldn't invite him to a party, but there's something to be said about a man that sleeps on the serious said of the moon. My Frankenstein would be well served to have the poise of MacDaddy (RIP).

I was raised in the church, so naturally I was around a lot of church folks. Church folks give the best hugs. Now granted, some of those woman are hugging for all the wrong reason, but they still made me feel good. When I think about jjbrock, over at the Old Black Church, she reminds me of my mother. My mother isn't a cusser, yet, once in a blue moon she might be heard saying "shit on it". That meant forget about it. Anyway, since my Frankenstein has to have a little religion, I have to steal the heart of jjbrock, aka, Ann. Listen, an old Jewish friend was asked why he didn't put his children in a private school instead of subjecting them to the horrors of public schools. He said a person can't learn from running away. BAM! That's jjbrock. She doesn't run from the issues, nor thinks she's too good to talk about them. I like that in her.

Does Frankenstein need love? Sure he does, and that takes me to Mizrepresents & Raw Dog Buffalo. Look at that name, "Raw Dog". Come on now, even Frankenstein likes a little unprotected nookie - right? But see, Mr. Buffalo is a little too graphic for me, but his style is unique. I mean, just the other day he displayed a picture of a guy that had a dong that streaked down to ihs knee cap.... I kid you not. One day he was talking about having sex 4 times a day! Come on now, either he's a big liar or he's someone to be emulated - by some. Although I seldom read much of his stuff, I think my Frankenstein needs some of him... well, because he's nasty - I think? I think some people like being nasty?

Did I mention Mizrepresents? Sure I did, and she has a place in my Frankenstein. Who doesn't want to be sitting on the dock of the bay. I mean, Diane is sitting on the dock of the bay, waiting for her love boat to come in, and she writes about it. Her courage to admit her mistakes and faults, is an admirable quality. She writes about love in all it's splendor. She has a belief in God, and talks about how that belief has sustained her and guided her. My Frankenstein doesn't know where he's going because he doesn't have a brain, but Mizrepresents writes about her hopes and her strong convictions. Just the other day she put a red light in her window. No she didn't, she wrote a post called "Help Wanted". The post was basically about the type of woman she is, and what she needs in a man. I want my Frankenstein to be just like her... No Scrubs Allowed. I like that.
Did I mention that my Frankenstein has African roots. Are you kidding me, he has to have roots in the motherland. In walks TRYBES. He has visited my blog a few times and I was impressed. Although my Frankenstein might appear to be a ugly mess with all the stitches, he still likes to think there's someone for him. So I think ol'Frankenberry is going to speak several languages.
TRYBES brings that African culture and dialect to the table and the boy has swagger.

I thought long and hard on this next one. Since my Frankenstein doesn't have a brain of his own (not yet), he has to be a damn fool. So, what about a time called now? Frankenstein needs to know how to act like a fool. In certain neighborhoods a brotha gotta show his ass. In walks CareyCarey. Now this fool cracks me up. If nothing else I'm going to attach him to Frankensteins laugh box. I've heard the sound of his uncle Kingfish's laughter, maybe he laughs like him. I hope so. I'd like that.

Moving on.... My Frankenstein is a grandfather, and who's heart is better to steal than Keith's @ Keith's Space. He tells those stories that makes me want to go out and kiss a stranger. For real, Keith loves his old school music and is on time - everyday. The man is like my grandfather with this blog thang. Every day of the week my grandfather always went to work. Everyday of the week, Keith writes a post. I like that. My Frankenstein needs discipline

Long Pen has Frankenstein's blood in her. I mean, work with me, she's his granddaughter - okay. Don't think about that too long, because it doesn't make sense but hold on. The blogger Loud Pen, aka Long Pen, is feisty and young. Who doesn't want to be young again? Well, my Frankenstein wants a little of that juice. When I first met Long Pen, she was over in her corner crying like a baby. She was complaining about her status in the blogsphere. She has dreams of being "Beyounce, Ms. Blogbensky". She was told to just settle down and write. It was suggested that she not count the hits or comments, but to make the hits, if only for her own rewards of self expression. See, she stuck and stayed and that's called perseverance. My Frankenstein needs some of that. She's young and admittedly loud, but even ol'skools can learn a little something from those they are trying to mentor. Long pen is the voice of my Frankenstein, loud and brassy and she loves rap music. I like that. My Frankenstein is black, so he has to know how to dance, and I am sure Long Pen can shake her tail feather.

Maybe my Frankenstein is missing a bit of technical knowledge. Maybe I should look at Kit or UglyblackJohn or Field Negro? What about one of those snob blogs? Maybe a chit chat patty wak person? Everybody needs to be able to shuck & jive. Yes, even my Frankenstein.

I need help.

Remember, when you least expect it....... You might become part of my next Frankenstein, or his wife.

Mizrepresent said...
Awwwww, i feel so honored to be the HEART of know the real Frankestein did have a heart you know, and he fell in love too, with the BRIDE of FRANKENSTEIN. Great post Carey/'ve built quite a monster here.

Candice said...
This post has been removed by the author.

LoudPen said...
Awww, I feel honored to be Frankenstein's voice. And I'm glad you told me to keep at it with this blogging thang, Carey. I don't think you realize how much your words meant that day. I'm a perfectionist & I was raised to not do something if you're not going to be the best. So at the time, I was like well, I'm not the best, so what's the point? Your encouragement is the reason I'm still in the game. Real Talk. And I think all these bloggers combined would definitely be a monster. I mean Rippa & Freeman really know how to get their point across. I wish they'd kiss & make-up, but, it is what it is.

FreeMan said...
Man I'm a lover! You didn't read any of my love poems on the blog FreeMan the soft side?Why I got to go the bar with Rippa he's going to ruin my high man! LOL Either way I don't fight I run very fast so get your Nike's bcuz I'm shaking cars when I run by LOL.I can take it that I don't mind saying what people think but seldom say. But really I sit in the cut at a angle to see the door and carry a small knife so when the fight breaks out and people see blood it'll be over very fast!

jjbrock said...
Carey you're like a big brother...and I appreciate you and your point of view...(((HUG)))By the way Carey you are a great writer...You no how to get your point across...I believe you have found your niche so go for it...Build the kinda of following you want.

PPR_Scribe said...
The Hands of Blogenstein...I think I like it! LOLI must say, however, [in my best "teacher" voice]: as the person who once told you that it is "proper decorum to link a blogger if their name is mentioned," it is frustrating that you do not do so here. Hopefully all the folks you mention will comment and I can find my way to blogs I do not already know about. But barring that, I may never be able to make my way to some of the other anatomical parts that you mention here.Just saying![Teacher voice over.]Anyway, thanks for the shout-out. Glad you've returned to blogging with a vengeance. (After one of the shortest retirements in blogging history, I might add. Some--not me, mind you--might call you attention wh*** behind that move. LOL)

CareyCarey said...
Okay okay, Ms. teacher( PPRscribe), I will go back and edit my post to include LINKS. Now, will you get off my back *lol*. Btw, it's funny that you mentioned my early return from retirement. See, if it wasn't for your behind, I'd never be in this mess :-). When you lured me into this thang, you didn't show me the fine print.Speaking of fine print, did you notice that I said there would be a Frankenstein II? Also a Frankstein's wife? Well that last sentence of yours has landed you a role *lol*
@ Mizrepresent, it's apropos that you mentioned the Bride Of Frankenstein. Well, since you are the love bone of Frankenstein, you know what he needs. Tell us all about that. I mean, I didn't know he fell in love. How did that work out? What qualities would yo' Frankenjuice bring to the table?
@ FreeMan, there you go starting that mess *LOL*. You even have LoudPen praying over you. But, I didn't say you wasn't a lover, I said you will look for the best qualities in a woman. I think that's what I said :-(Beside, I didn't say I'd take you and RiPPa at the same time. If I did take both of you, we'd probably end up at the police station, because you guys just don't want to act right.
@ jjbrock, I meant everything I said. You don't waver and you don't hide. Thanks for putting up with my nonsense
Loud Pen, you are growing woman. Although I poke at you, I wouldn't do so if I thought it was falling on deaf ears. I am nobody but I appreciate your compliments. Yeah, I liked the fact that you followed me in that dream post. I intended it to have a few deep messages. I may not have conveyed those messages but I tried.

FreeMan said...
@LoudPen - I don't kiss and makeup but I can squash the beef and dead it. I realize he is a smart man the problem is does he want to be effective more than smart. I side with being effective and that's why I can take criticism!@Carey - I don't have a hot head I just have a hot HAND! So I'll respond but I'm usually calm overall. Don't sweat the lover thing I was just messing with you on that. I can take my shared spot of debating because we do need balance. You know I try to keep the peace!

LoudPen said...
@Carey, You are a somebody! You wouldn't let me forget and I'm not going to let you forget!
@FreeMan, Alright FreeMan do whatever manly thing you feel you need to do but both of y'all need to let that ish go. Like really. Y'all are both intelligent and can agree to disagree.

TRYBES said...
This post has been removed by the author.

TRYBES said...
No doubt,you had me wow-ed..Thanks greatly for the mention and im tempted to say i just wanna write so good like you..You make writin so simple and easy..Yea Frankenstein does have an african root and im here to provide that angle to every discourse here..Thanks for the honor bro--appreciATE IT

FreeMan said...
@LoudPen - You know I'm a push over for women so I'll let it go. I can't be havin women thinking I am a bully so it's dead and gone you got my word on it!

Reggie said...
CareyCarey I honestly don't know all of the people you're talking about. I've only been on Blogger for a few months now. But the reason that I came to Blogger was because the site I used to blog on Yahoo 360 shut down earlier this year. There my favorite blogger.....RiPPa constantly spoke of the impending shutdown of our site and the virtues of a site he was blogging on called....Blogger. I resisted the temptation to come here for awhile, but missed the camaraderie and enjoyment that I got from I came here.I'm familiar with LoudPen and she is an outspoken young women.......with something to say. I've also been privilged enough to interact with jjbrock, she always seems to leave me thinking. I'm going to look for some of the others you spoke on, because the ones that I do know are good.By the way, the thing that I like most about many of the good bloggers that I've run into is that each has their unique style. I think that goes a long way to defining them and allowing them to stand out. We're all different.....but my spelling and grammer sucks too. It is what it is.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...
Just want to say thanks for the mention, and to some degree, we are all Frankensteins.

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