Monday, June 21, 2010


Who saw that Neo-Negro Steve Harvey on BET? I mean, who watched BET’s 10th anniversary of gospel? Well, let me ask, which one is the best actor, Steve Harvey or Jessie Jackson? Which one of those leading Negro's gets the award for the less convincing tears? Come on, Steve Harvey may be a good comedian and a best selling author, but a great actor he is not.

Why did the old owl, Stevie (I wonder) Harvey, subject us to those fake ass tears - huh? What made that boy believe for one minute, that we wanted to see his ugly ass drop 10 minutes of tears? More so, what the hell was he crying about? It couldn't have been about remorse, gratefulness or repentance.

Don’t get me wrong, I truly believe Jessie Jackson’s tears had some sibilance of realness. We all remember the candid shot of him during the presidential inauguration. But WTF was Steve (The Rabbit) Harvey crying about?

Let me set this up. Toward the end of the show, Mr Harvey was mentioned for his 10 year commitment to the gospel show. Okay, I got that. And the Reverend Ike and Jim Baker was doing their thang for 50 years... but I digress. Now, aside from the other “well-wishers”, like sponsors, Donnie McClurkin and Fred Hammond came out to sing over Stevie Wonder, I mean Steve Harvey. But couldn’t Mr Harvey see that nobody was buying his tears? I mean, Stevie could have seen that, and he's blind.

Donnie McClukin sang “We All Fall Down”. Now check this, “We all fall down, but we get up/ for a saint is just a sinner but we get up”

Listen, I don’t know what Steve heard, but during McClurkins performance, Ol Stevedore really stoked the engines. But his 4th wife (yes 4th) was sitting next to him, and I swear I heard her whisper.... “Nigga, cut that shit out, you’re embarrassing me”.

But see, Steve wasn’t done. After a short commercial break, Mr Harvey came back to the stage and slapped us one mo gin. This Mfer couldn’t leave it alone. This quasi-part-time-pulpit-pimp, had the nerve to fix his face in a strained effort to grunt out one more tear. But even his dusty ass soul couldn’t muster up one more drop of fake-ass-knish. He crunched his face and mumbled a few words, and then slithered off the stage.

I don’t know, maybe it’s me, but I don’t like being pimp slapped - I never have. But maybe that’s what I get for turning on BET. I mean, this post is not about BET, and I don’t write much social commentary, but they had a hand in that mess. So yeah, please please please Steve Harvey and BET, would yawl please take your foot out of my ass and stop pimp slapping me!

FreeMan said...
Crocodile tears huh Carey? You know I didn't watch it and now I'm glad I didn't. The Harve has got a lot of our women folk enchanted so I don't think those tears were for us as much to show the womenfolk he is a good Christian Man. His 4th wife is proof that he isn't but hey overlook that because everyone makes mistakes (Not 3 times but God forgives and so should you)!P-Diddy Harvey danced across the stage, did his raisin in the sun best and got out of there with a Oscar for best performance. Damn I got to pick up some of these skills.

LoudPen said...
Man, I can't even get caught up with BET or Steve Harvey's silly ass. That's nothing but foolishness over there. Anywho, I just wanted to drop by and say I loved the rant and happy new year & all those other holidays.

SLC said...
Thanks CareyCarey.Only BET can put on a Gospel show that makes saints cuss.


@ SLC. Yeah, I thought this post deserved my thug blog voice. You know I did A post about the seperation of the man and his craft. I don't know if you joined in on that discussion? Anyway, aside from Stevo, I was entertained. I see The Old Black Church had a few concerns. In fact, while visiting Ann's blog, and reading other blogs from her roll, I noticed a 50/50 split.

@ Freeman, Yeah, looooong crocodile tears. Nawl man, you don't want to pick up that mess. Well, you get what you ask for. But his wife didn't look too bad. I mean, I'd buy her a coke and french fries. Well, if she wasn't married.What's up Long Pen. Come on now, you know you love BET. You're too young to have realized that mess is bad news. But see, I usually do not go there, but I love gospel music.

jjbrock said...
Carey I could not have said it any better:)I love the way you put it.

LoudPen said...
I may be young but I have certainly realized there is nothing but foolery over at BET. Oh wells, I guess I'm just wise for my years.

RiPPa said...
Did he even give a speech or anything? I didn't watch the show but I'd like to know what he had to say to support his emotional outburst.

Nicki_nik said...
LOL See it's been a minute since I came up to your spot and this is what you greet me with? Freakin' hilarious! This is why I don't watch BET anymore, when the Gospel shows start with the coonery you know its time to let it burn like Usher..haha! I love you CareY!Nicki-Nik!

CareyCarey said...
HEY Nik Nak! What's up baby.I have to admit, I too laugh everytime I read that post. Even though I wrote it, when I get to the part about his wife telling him to sit his ass down, I see the look on her face. Nicky, I don't know if you saw that fool, but when he came back on the stage for his curtain call, he tried to drop a tear. Let me tell you, those big booty lips of his started quivering like those of the flying monkeys... from The Wiz!Evileen should have came out and flushed his ass :-)I swear, that Nigga is "living like he's bullet proof"Opps, you don't know nothing about that (song).*lol*

♫Hershey's Kiss♫ said...
Well I didn't get caught up in the hype of BET's Gospel Celebration. I actually went to sleep after Ledisi and Kelly Price sang. I heard about the crying episode, but I'm not gonna make a judgement. It's not for me to say if it is real or not. Right now BET and I are not compatible. Anyway I'm out

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Wendal said...

I didnt watch the BET Awards coz like there's 3 awards they give out and talk too darn much, plus well, its BET, there's not really been too much to entertain - no wonder they keep showing re-runs. But this post here has made me laugh. I'll look it up on YouTube to see his a%$ make a fool of himself. The comments always give me a kick.