Sunday, June 5, 2011


Why do birds fall in love? Why do they fall in love? Why do fools fall in love, why do they fall in love? Why do birds sing so gay and lovers await the break up day?

If you're still reading this post, you might be in good company. I mean, I did say "fools welcomed". But let me explain. This is actually a recap. I was so taken aback by the comments from my last post, I had to clean up my house.

See, like any party in which a bunch friends drop by, my house was no different. But wait.... if you think you may have drifted to the wrong blog, you still have time to leave. This post is for fools only. But wait.... before you go, I want you to read the following:

The post read: The job market is shrinking but I've uncovered a gem of a job that many have the experience and skills to fit right in. Of course a sheep-skin (degree) can propel a person to the top of the list but in this case, I do not believe it's a trump card.

Oh, and on a side note, what's that picture to the right?
Although I am perfectly content with my present employment, over the last few days I've been kicking myself for being closed minded. When I thought about it, this opportunity was present in my early years.

I remember the first time I ventured out to find my first real job. I was dressed sharp. I had a brief case in my hand with a sheep-skin inside. I knew I was qualified for the job, yet I was met with the usual skepticism. Well, I am a black man in America.

This is not a story of woe-is-me. This is a story of finding what I was not looking for. Oh, while I was being interview for the job, I was asked if I knew how to dance. Another question was, how does a black man spell Cadilac? The answer was P.O.N.T.I.A.C... "PO OLD NIGGA THOUGH IT A CADILAC". Really, I was asked those questions!

Job Title: ??????????

Qualifications: We are looking for a person that knows no sorrow. They must be careless, callous, indifferent and never broken up or softened by conviction or sorrow for wrong doing. They must hate knowledge and resist instruction. They must despise wisdom. A closed mind is helpful.
Added plus: Deficient in judgement, sense, or understanding. Easily deceived or duped. Willingly engages in buffoonery and trifling activity.

I believe I've said enough. That job apparently pays well. Even though the title may be vague, people are lining up to fill all the vacant positions. Yet, come to think of it, the title isn't vague. Maybe it depends on what a person is looking for.
Well, you make the call, what's the job title? What kind of person are they looking for? He's not an Engineer, he is a.........
Oh, btw, I didn't accept that job. However, at times I have used a few of the aforementioned qualification. I think it's a safe bet that we all have.

Websters New World Dictionary and Sixty Six Reference Books,  define a fool as...  A person that knows no sorrow. He is careless, callous, indifferent and never broken up or softened by conviction or sorrow for wrong doing. He is deficient in judgement, sense, or understanding. Easily deceived or duped. Willingly engages in buffoonery and trifling activity; despises wisdom.

Opps upside my head,  I've been a big fool, on many occasions.  However, if none of those characteristics apply to you, you may leave right now  But wait..... one more thang.

Who wants to be called a fool? Who wants to be associated with anything akin to being a fool. But truth be told, haven't we all been a fool? Haven't we all, at one time or another, been somebodies huckleberry? I mean, hasn't everyone been so pissed off, that they've showed their ass and acted like a damn fool? Although I am not a gambling man, I'd bet my left nut to a nickel that everyone has been a fool.

Case in point..... you're still reading this post.

But listen, have you ever visited a blog in which two individuals were debating and neither of them were listening to the other? Sure you have. I mean, although many bloggers proclaim they are open for discussion and debate, many times they ain't even trying to hear the words of the other person. Could that be considered something like HATING KNOWLEDGE and RESISTING INSTRUCTION? You know, one of the characteristics of being a fool?

In my prior post did you read the passage from NikKi? If you did, you'd have to agree that she was referring to two individuals acting foolishly. I'd bet my other nut, that scenario is played out time and time again in the blogsphere and in life.

Who me... "yes you!". Couldn't be..... "then who!"

Okay, I'll lead the way. I've been careless and callous. At times I didn't care about another persons feeling. I certainly didn't care what they had to say, even though I knew they were trying to give me a little wisdom. Why listen to the instructions of another person - huh? They might have talked some sense into me. That's no fun.
Why did they say that woman meant me no good? Hell, she was "good", but I digress. I wonder how many woman play the part of the biggest loser (a fool) by being in the company of a man they KNEW, was a rolling stone?

How about "Lie to me softly" or "use me to do the thangs I do, just keep on using me, till you use me up, because I sure am using you to do the thangs you do". That sounds like a special kind of fool.

I realize this is not the kind of post that garners a lot of comments.... and I'll tell you why. Well, "Why do fools fall in love - why do birds fall in love"? Birds of a feather seem to flock together. I know.... I know.....

But, nobody recognized the definition of a fool. One said, George Bush. Another identified the person as an AZZhole. Yet, someone else said it had to be a pimp or the devil. Several stopped by and simply shook their heads. Many fools do not know they are a fool. They can only see it in others.

What about a time called now? Are you still reading? Do you qualify? Who's a fool? :-)
Well, my hand is raised. And, that second image (above) is a ship of fools.

*lol*... don't hate the player. Just look in the mirror


Anna Renee said...

It's so haaaarrrddd
to say goodbyyyyyee
to yesterdaaaaayyyyy!!!!

I can tell that you ain't gone nowhere brother!!! See you when you get back from Nawlins--right here at this same station!


Jug said...

Love this post. Sad thing is, my bidnizz asks for these requirements every week! LOL

CareyCarey said...

Jug, you got me laughing. In some instances you have to laugh and dance and do the hucklebuck to get the part. And then you're asked to play the part of a fool. Man, I wouldn't have your job if they paid me a load of cash. Opps, that's why you do the thangs you do. :-)