Saturday, July 10, 2010


Monkey see, monkey see doo doo. Whose ass are you biting, and why? Don't run now, come on in. You say who? I'll say who, yo feet don't fit no limb.

I asked the question, "why do people fail". In spite of their most valiant efforts, the overwhelming majority of people fail at their major goals. I am not talking about acquiring a degree, nor saving for a vacation. I am talking about making substantial life changes at the midpoint of our lives.
When our habits set in, and they become who we are, I don't care if it's losing a substantial amount of weight or finding that special soul-mate, people generally do not make it to the finish line. Racist remain racist and bitter people remain stuck in a mindset that keeps their mouth's fixed in a sour position. Alcoholics will die from their habit, and those that do not believe they have a drinking problem, will die from their denial. Pulpit pimps will prosper, and the sheep will continue to be led astray. WHY!

Jay Midnyte said... I was thinking about writing a post like this today. I was gonna call it "Treating the Symptom."So my answer to your question is because people don't treat the CAUSE of their problems, they try to treat the symptoms.

CareyCarey said... You've hit the Lottery, Jay! Yep, if the knowledge a person gains, is nothing more than a band-aid, the root of the problem will remain. And, as this applies to my question and solution. It's my opinion that no matter how much conviction and effort a person throws at their problem, if they are throwing it on the wrong wall, it will forever go wanting. So, in essence, their intentions my be in the right place, but they may not have be given the right knowledge, or even sought the right knowledge.

However, it is the persons responsibility to look far and wide for the right "truth". But come on, we need some more of that wisdom! Break it down like we a 5th graders.

Jay Midnyte said... Well... First, I started to not trust the conventional sources of news and information. That mistrust was probably sparked by one of the documentaries I watched a long time ago, but I don't know which one.

That skepticism and mistrust led to me always looking up the information or theories people presented. You know, it's basically the development of the scientific mindset..."A good scientist is observant and notices thing in the world around him/herself. (S)he sees, hears, or in some other way notices what’s going on in the world and becomes curious about what’s happening. This can and does include reading and studying what others have done in the past because scientific knowledge is cumulative. In physics, when Newton came up with his Theory of Motion, he based his hypothesis on the work of Copernicus, Kepler, and Galileo as well as his own, newer observations. Darwin not only observed and took notes during his voyage, but he also studied the practice of artificial selection and read the works of other naturalists to form his Theory of Evolution."Then this led to me having a constant curiosity.

In terms of diet, basically I figured out that the profit motive usually will lead to people trying to keep others ignorant to protect profit. For example, I would look at the list of ingredients on a loaf of bread and see things like bleached enriched flower, high fructose corn syrup, calcium sulfate, ammonium proponiate, etc. I would find out WHAT these ingredients are and WHY someone would put them in food. And these little "discoveries" start to keep rewarding my search for information because then I can actually come to the conclusion that obesity, cardiovascular disease, colon cancer, diabetes, and others are the response of the body to the constant fight it maintains against all the toxins we feed it.

The problem is MOST people will watch one documentary, believe everything, and stop there. They might take action, but when they actually try to explain to someone else why they are taking action, they realize they don't even know why they are taking action. They give up because they still only have the band-aid of knowledge. That is the problem that lies behind someone getting their information from the wrong source. That's the problem! They got it from a source, instead of exploring all there is on the topic from all sides. If they do that, then they come to their OWN conclusions based on all the information they've seen and can actually BELIEVE in it and defend their beliefs. This is also why if someone watches a movie that questions everything about their religion and belief in God, they get all messed up, and wonder if they really should believe in a God. They didn't even know WHY they believed in the first place...

Back to my point... This scientific process repeated over and over in different areas of interest leads to a love of gaining new knowledge and insight. And that leads to truth. Which I think is not absolute, at least for the person, because as someone who has developed the scientific mindset you have to accept that somewhere out there, there might be something that shatters your truth. So you basically have a viewpoint of, I believe this is what's true until someone or something can prove completely that this is wrong. The end result is the learned ability to quickly weed out what is NOT true from their sources and to quickly recognize truth.

CareyCarey said... Jay, my man, I am going to tell you right now, I am going to erase your name off your comments, and say they were mine. Your comments should be read by everyone on this planet. Your words are not for the weak, or those in denial, but if someone is looking for the truth, you words spoke volumes.

Gosh, it's so simple. Seek first to understand, REALLY UNDERSTAND. Then we can quickly weed out what is NOT true. And, we do that by referencing several sources (multiple sources) and not rely on the words or opinions of a few. Because if we do(rely on others), we will find ourselves in a bunch of doo doo. Then we have no one to blame but ourselves!

Until we do the initial hard core research, all the push-ups, diet plans, sitting in pews, gossip, good intentions, convictions and yearly resulution, we be moot points.

Damn, facts don't change, and the more we have, the easier will be our path to a greater outcome. When I think, I mean, really think about it, all the great men and women have used this solution. And, they separated themselves from the masses by doing so. Damn, so so simple.

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