Thursday, June 3, 2010


Hello, it's yo daddy. Darling, put mommy on the phone. Barbara, it's Carey, I ain't never coming home no more. Take it easy. - Harlem Nights.

**New Orleans and The Essence Music festival has stolen Carey's heart**

Della Reese didn't shot off his pinky toe, and he didn't hit her with a garbage but he met Sunshine. And, the Oyster & Catfish po'boys sandwiches were to die for. Charlie Wilson hasn't missed a beat and Janet Jackson still looks good. Alica Keys is a pure delight and Mary j Blige said No More Drama and I'm The One.

CareyCarey said, he's not coming home.


2cute4u said...

Nice Pics.. Lol @ you aint comin home no more.. Dude, seriously?!

Reggie said...

I lived in the 'Nawlins area for nine years. I still miss the place. One of these days, I just might move back.