Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Is Cleveland's owner a pervert priest or a 1863 slavemaster?

Slave master?  Well, lets revisit the following:

Whatever, without him, we'd have one less holiday... JUNETEENTH BABY, JUNETEENTH! Didn't he know the slaves are free? And, what's that hole in his pocket?

Well, we all know there's some freaky cavalier priest running around. Some of them are at the top of their organization, just like the owner of Cleveland's basketball team. Now, Ohio is right next to Indiana, and it's been said the Grand Wizard once live there. I don't know if it's true but some people are saying that Cleveland's owner is in his Fab Five. I mean, there seems to be a connection but stay with me.

Don't try this at home, but there's an old game, or joke, that some guys once played on women. It's called the hole in the pocket. Well, it seems as if Cleveland's owner thought LeBron James was a choir boy or a punk, because he tried to pull the punk move on LeBron Tron.

Again, I don't know if any of this is true but I saw a whip in the owner's hand, and all high ranking priest wear robes. So, there is a connection, and when there's smoke, there's HEAT. The Bronze "Third Place" LeBron Tron, ran to the heat, but let me continue.

See, the joke starts with a hole in a person's pocket. Then the pervert sticks his johnson through that hole, and tells an unsuspecting person to reach in his pocket to get all the money in there. That's why I said don't try this at home because somebody is going to get real pissed upon putting their hands on a slippery white penis.

When Cleveland's owner approached Thunder Tron with this mess, little did he know that Mr James had read The Emancipation Proclamation. But see, LeBron had peeped the cavalier priest's hold card, so he told the owner to hold that thought, and that money in his pocket, while he talked to the other slaves.

Although LeBron once was a house nigga, he was trying to get to the field. And, he had sat around Mr Charlie, so he saw his evil ways and learned a few of his tricks. So, as the week went by, Mr James told Mr Charlie to go stand in a corner and wait for a call. Mr Charlie, the sneaky high priest that he was, was sure to tell Mr James that he still had a load of money in his pocket, at which time Lebron said, "I gotcha".

On the night of the big announcement, LeBron called Cleveland's owner to tell him of his decision. Listen to the conversation.

*******The phone rings in the Cleveland Cavaliers front office*****

Ring: Hello

LeBron: Hello, Dan, is that you?

Dan Gilbert: My nigga, my nigga, of course this is me, Lebron, whatsup baby?

LeBron: Mr Gilbert, do you still have that money in your pocket?

Dan Gilbert: You know it boy, I have a huge lump for you.

Lebron: Well, that's my concern. What was that other bulge in your pocket?

Dan: What?! Have you been talking to my wife?

LeBron: No sir, but I am not trying to be your wife, and that thang in yo pocket is pointed in the wrong direction. And, didn't you know that we were free agents? And, I am tierd of you pimping me. Besides, all that money in your pocket, I put it there. But now I am the new negro in town. See, you can no longer ride my back because I've stood up and walked away from your house. A man can't ride your back when your standing upright, and strong!

Dan: Well son, you have not heard the last from me.

LeBron: Well Dan, we've all heard that song before. But have you heard the old negro spirituals, "Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen" and "It's Gonna Be Alright In The Morning"? Anyway, I have another call coming in, so I'll see you in the funny papers.... Hello Pat, I'm coming to South Beach. Get the party started.

Pat Riley: My nigga my nigga!


MoMo said...

its been awhile since i visited. good read, very funny

CareyCarey said...

MoMo! Where have you been girl?!

I noticed you still post every once in a while. You're still in Plano, right?

Now tell me, have you ever heard of the "hole in the pocket" gag? People actually did that mess. :-)

Thanks for the compliment.

Btw, I was hoping Derk came to the Bulls. But Mark ain't nobodies fool. There's no way he was going to let that boy run from his plantation.

Reggie said...