Thursday, July 29, 2010


Some nice people @ the blog, "fire, wit, wisdom, pain and beauty from the black blogsphere" highlighted my post on the Sambos of the black blog world.

Yes sir, someone heard the right call. I will assume that others did as well, but they said it loud, like they are black and proud.

Yep, the big WHOA!!!

I don't know who ran that post, but I like to say THANK YOU! I am so pleased that my efforts did not go in vain.

Here's the link to their blog...

They don't play over there. Straight from the hip.

There's no place to hide in the black blogsphere.... if you're not doing the right thangs. So watch-out! When you least expect it, you may be elected. You can read about the negro-"lights" in the above link.

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