Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Until you do right by me, everything you even think about gonna fail.
But, why you gotta talk so nasty, Ray?
Who made the salad?

Okay, you peeped my hold card. All the above words came from movie quotes. In particular black movies. Now, I'm sitting here thinking, why do I remember those words?

But check this. Although those qoutes are listed as some of the top quotes of all time, here's a couple more that you might know and a few that are going to stump you.

1. You had me at hello?

2. Do I make you horny?

3. You complete me.

4. You got knocked the fu*k out.

Did you recognize those quotes and where they came from? Well, the essence of this post is why do we remember certain things, and not others. Now, since this is a personal blog, I have to start with a little short story... that I think you'll enjoy.

There was this one guy, a friend of mine, who was very shy and didn't know how to talk to women. He saw all the other guys dropping their magic on women, and he wanted to be just like them. But he didn't want to talk to any old hood rat. No way! He wanted a classy girl. So he decided to seek the advice of one of his friends. I thought that was a courtship with disaster, but he insisted on doing it his way.
His other friend, Mr Hammerstein, told him women love poetry. Upon hearing this, my friend asked for a few lines that he could use when approaching women. Well, the following is what Hammerstein told him to say.

He told him to ask the girl out on a date, something different, like horse back riding. Then, when they got there, he was suppose to ride up on a grand white horse and say the following words...

"Hold down there stag, Constantinople... Hello my lovely, between your eyes, your beauty lies, makes my heart rise. And that's Shakespeare!"

Tyrone, my friend, thought those words were pretty easy to remember. If they would help him catch the woman of his dreams, he was set to go. There was a few more things Mr Hammerstein told him, but in trying to stick with the theme of this post, the following is a snap shot of what happened.

Tyrone had lived in the neighborhood all his life, so he picked up a little street culture. But he was also big headed and stubborn, which made him listen to the words of others, yet, he was never really listening. I mean, like all of us (and I don't know why this is), he only heard a few of the words of his poet friend.

So, on date night, Tyrone was dressed like Huggie Bear as he rode up on a donkey. Although he tried to remember the words to the poetic phrase, the following words fell from his mouth...

"Hold down there you NAG with your cock standing open... Hello my dummy, between yo' thighs, your booty lies, makes my weenie rise. And that's, Snake Shit!

Well Well Well, I wonder how that happened? I mean, Tyrone dropped the ball. Well, there is documented research on why people only hear and believe certain things. More so, the ability to only retain small portions of all information that comes our way is something to ponder.

I am on a journey to find answers to that dilemma, because I don't want to be left behind. I sure don't want to follow the path of Tyrone. What about you? Why do you think we only hear what we want to hear? And, why do we remember only a small tidbit of information?

Remember, between your thighs your booty lies, makes my weenie rise *lol*. I bet you don't forget that, and where you got it.

“But there are certain very practical things American Negro writers can do. And must do. There's a song that says, "the time ain't long." That song is right. Something has got to change in America—and change soon. ~Langston Hughes


MoMo said...

i loved this put a big ole smile on my face. ya mind if i link to facebook?

Solomon said...

Carey, you are crazy my friend. lol

Riding up on the donkey dressed like Huggie Bear. Then the quote.

CareyCarey said...

MoMO, are you kidding me, link that puppy! I mean, I usually right things that applies to my life, and I add a little humor so the messages do not seem so preachy. So yeah, spread the news.

Now come back and tell me that you read this. or hit my e-mail (top of front page).

@ Solomon, those words came by way of my older brother. He is the funniest man I know. Although I remember him telling me those lines, I had to call him to get the words right. We laughed several times as we re-counted that story, and it took us down memory line.

I hope the laughs didn't over shadow the message?

McGrottomaster said...

Ha! Ha! That little verse is what's known as a "jailhouse toast" and I've heard it for many years here in Appalachia, at least since the mid-'60s. It was usually recited, "Between yer eyes, yer beauty lies, and that's what makes my pecker rise... and that made Snakeshit". Well, that last thing was always said but never understood by the Neanderthals who were reciting it. It was, of course, a satirical corruption of "Shakespeare". Well, I'm glad that someone documented this little verse in a context that might keep it relevant. Thanks -- I enjoyed it and if you like jailhouse toasts, don't forget to read "The Signifying Monkey". Best Regards, Pat