Saturday, January 22, 2011


I see my negro-lite friends are at it again. Don't they believe fat meat is greasy? Now they're stomping on the NAACP. When will they ever learn.

To those of you that have shown the courage to continue reading my saga on the wayward negroes of the blogsphere, I bid you my hello.

If you have not been reading along, here's a short review. Well, I've uncovered a few negroes thats been laying in the weeds and hiding in the trees, like your garden variety rapists. They lure their unsuspecting victim to their van (blogs) with the promise of freedom for every black person in America. Sometimes their words are pretty effective. Heck, they had my dumb ass over there yelling "Free Willie". I thought we were about to find a few solutions to the troubled times of people of color. But the longer I listened, I soon realized we were all being bamboozled, lied to, and lead astray.

At first I felt foolish because who likes to admit that they've been screwed? Well, I don't. Nevertheless, I had to get this shame and guilt off me. I couldn't continue to carry the guilty feeling of being part of something that meant me or any person of color.... no good. So, I decided to set a trap like the one used by NBC's "To Catch A Predator".

But first, the message that the negrolites were trying to sell was "get rid of Obama" and every black organization in america. As I said, at first I didn't "hear" their message, but boy oh boy, when I woke up, I heard it loud and clear.

So here's the deal. They say a fox smells his own hole, so I wrote a post entitled "Banjo Man". And, TELE-NEGRO

In those posts I noted that some people do nothing but hate on President Obama. They try to persuade people to enage in that foolishness by calling it constructive feedback. But look, I am all for contructive feedback, but if the feedback is nothing but gripes and moans, sticks and stones, porous opinions, bitches and cliches , I don't view that as constructive feedback. That's more akin to the negro-lites real message of "replace Obama". Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice....

So, the trap was set. Although I didn't say any names..... remember, a fox smells his own booty hole and UP JUMPED a black blogger. Read it in the comments of this post >>>

Personally, I think the above link is a must read. Some of the words of the naysayers are in there. But they haven't come back. uuuummmm, I wonder why?

See, I can't understand what some black folks are getting from whipping Obama and the NAACP? I mean, what's their real goal? Can they not see the forest because of the trees? I mean, because a few small winds topple a few weak branches, why are they saying get rid of Obama and the NAACP? I wonder who they would replace them with? I don't know, but I wish they would stop hiding in the closet and say what's really going on.

Granted, President Obama and The NAACP have made a few mistakes, but I am not going to be foolish enough to help someone burn down my house until I know exactly where my next meal is coming from.

The Mantaan men and women have a sweet deal. But if one listens real closely, all they are really serving is a blue pill. And, we all know what that's used for. Yep, the long stroke.

Don't get caught up, and then get dropped off at the bridge. If they say NAY NAY OBAMA, ask them whose ass are they kissing. In other words, spank that ass like a natural man (or woman). Of course you might not want to spank their ass like I get that ass. I mean, although Prince wrote a song about it - CONTROVERSY - is not for everyone. However, bend but don't break. Tell them - come hell or high water - you are on Obama's side. Tell them that you are not trying to be their special kind of fool. Make them show their cards.

Remember this....they're blowing smoke up your behind

AND, Don't let them slip you a Mickey Fin! And then find yourself looking like them.


OPPS, wrong picture. But come to think about it. Our nay say negro friends are trying to sell us something. And, I for one, ain't buying it. But in the end, in all honesty, if they were speading it on the table like Ol'girl, I might be tempted to be their huckleberry. But nawl, it's not that kind of party. They're Republicans pretending to be friendly Democrates. And we all know what they're about - with their wanna-be slick ass.


uglyblackjohn said...

Firstly - IMOHO, Obama is trying to please too many people instead of being the man he was during the campaign.
Maybe he is out of his league (As Ike realized he was when the Military Industrial Congressional Complex was just spouting roots.).
Maybe he has a master plan to have America doing better by 2012.
Maybe he's limited by the USSC and Congress.
I really don't know.
But I think the bailouts could have been averted by;
1) Paying off everyones student loans or outstanding credit card debt. (Each estimated to be about one trillion dollars.) which would have improved credit ratings and reduced debt while still giving money to the banks.
2) Selling Chrystler and underperforming brands at Ford and GM to the emloyess through their 401k programs. (Which would have ruduced unemployment and helped more people be in more control of their own wealth.)
3) Paying off every state's deficit. (Which would have added stability to state government.)
Any or all of these options would have given more power to the people and less power to big business.

uglyblackjohn said...

Secondly - (IMOHO) The NAACP has become too bloated and unfocused since the end of Segregation.
Their main goal now seems to be to retain power and not that of raising another generation of leaders.
In what way do they really help those most in need?
In your town - where do most of it's members live?
In the more posh neighborhoods or in the hood?
In your town (which is all that really matters) - are thay a force for the benefit of all people of color or are they only concerned with their status within a wider white society?
In your town - are the young joining it's ranks?
In your town - do they have a definite goal?

CareyCarey said...

Uncle black, you're too nice of a guy for me to jack with you, so I am going to let your comments sit there to see if any brave souls feel the breathe of this post(and the other ones).Well, if I engage you(on your issues)...?

uglyblackjohn said...

I didn't say that Obama isn't the man - only that there things I wish he would have done better.
As it now stands, there is no real change in praxis of his policies - only more of the same by a different guy.

Would I have voted for McCain/Palin?
Hell no.
But I voted for Barry and hope he succeeds in solving the country's problems.

CareyCarey said...

Well uglyblackjohn, at least you came back to support your position.

However, you've yet to address my position. See, if I engage you in all that negative talk about President Obama, I am in essence helping you build a platform to remove him. Besides, what you said about nothing has changed, is looking at the situation from the wrong angle. First, I don't agree with that. Second, if history serves us well, and racism is still alive, and the Republican party was built on racism (read your history) I think you are missing a vital point.

Lets see, every president before Obama has NOT been a man of color. So, could you surmise that a person of color would not be as likely to harm his own? Consequently, it appears to me that you're not looking for change. If you are, you might be looking in the wrong places.

And check this. You said you voted for Barry? So it appears to me that you've been doing the fox trot. I mean, you came in backwards, so why should I listen to you?

Exactly, it appears your agenda is just like those in my post.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

But do me a favor, at least tell me that you understand my position. Please show me that you are engaged with this conversation, and not just listening to yourself. Do you here what I am saying about the useless babble directed at President Obama? You don't have to agree, but please tell me that you understand my words. Could you do that for me? Because as it stands, you seem to be running from that issue.

uglyblackjohn said...

I understand the long term effect (or affect) the election of Obama will have on the country.
I just hoped he'd go to Washington like a man with nothing to lose and ready to wreck shop.
(Although that's unrealistic seeing that he has a family.)
I had hoped that he would not prop up a failing form of capitalism with it's main way of creating wealth being that of owning debt.

IMOHO - Government (local and/or national) is too big.
There is no way that most municipalities should require so many people working in the public sector.
I had just hoped Obama that Obama would have spread the wealth to the workers and not just ensured that the current economic system would last at least until the end of his presidency with banks now hoarding cash given to them by those same workers.

25champ said...

I can truly appreciate this post...You've said a mouth full :)

CareyCarey said...

Yeah Champ, posts like this draws whispers because it hits many people right in their gut.

Even people with good intentions have a propensity to get caughtup in useless negative "criticism" (banter)of President Obama. The end results are seldom positive, which in effect is not supporting him.

We, you, or I are not going to change the mind of a fool (that's a fact) but if you talk to a fool (engage them) long enough, there will soon be two fools talking. And then, of course, shit draws flies.