Wednesday, July 28, 2010


This is not a story of unrepentant love, nor the villainous trail of a night-stalker. But my woman is killing me. If loving her is wrong, I don't want to be right, but sometimes I have to catch my hat.

See, I am one spoiled brotha. From my perspective, I have the best woman in the world. The love she has shown me, has turn me into a lazy man, and that's killing me.

I don't have to iron my own clothes or take out the trash. I once loved to see the fresh creases in my clothe that I picked up from the cleaners, but they ain't got nothing on her. She looks at me like I am crazy if I even think about putting a shirt in the cleaners. That's not a bad thing but she's killing me.

She loves to cook and I love to eat, and my weight is getting out of hand. Sometimes I get so stuffed, I can't do anything except lay down like a hibernating bear. The woman is killing me.

When I am at her house, she always smells delicious and the house has a soft smell. We love the same music and she's the procurer of all of it. I just sit on my lazy behind and enjoy the moments.

Every morning she goes to the gym. If I stayed over, she doesn't grind her coffee like she normally does or turn on my lights, because she said she doesn't want to wake me. When she's gone, I roll over to the middle of the bed and continue working on my fat cells. You know, doing nothing but wondering when she's coming back to fix me breakfast.

She even reads all my ridiculous scribblings... before anyone else. She always says, that's pretty good. See, she knows what to say, she strokes me and she's killing me at the same time. I know much of my writings are in dire need of correction. But, she makes me feel good.

I know, I'm a spoiled fat slob. Well, I'm not a slob but my woman is killing me. I don't even have to wash her car, although I did add a pint of oil last month. That reminds me, she even picks out my clothes. She takes my suits to the clothing store and matches them with a tie. I know... I know...

At my house, I don't even wash my own dishes or vacuum or dust, she won't let me. Well, maybe I should say I am lazy and she can't stand the mess. But while I am at my house, I do put my own dirty clothes in laundry bags, so I can take them to her house. Hey, I have to load them in her car.

Besides, I need to get out and do some serious exercising. I love to ride my bicycle but the one I have is at her house, and when I go there, she kills me. I can smell the pound cake she's cooking right now. And since she does all the grocery shopping (mine and hers) I'll have to remind her to get the whipped cream and strawberries. Heck, while she's out, I think I'll ask her if she would stop by the Red Box or Blockbusters to pick up a couple of movies. But wait, I better be careful because she might select one of those Tyler Perry films and that would definitely kill me.

Yep, my woman is killing me, but if loving her is wrong, I don't want to do right. I just have to get away from her, sometimes.


Mizrepresent said...

hahaha, i am lmao, good love can never kill's all good Carey...enjoy!

Joanna said...

It's so nice to see that love really does exist... cuz I sure haven't felt it in my life! Don't let that go!

Anonymous said...

Carey, you got it going on! She's good to you brother! I personally am too lazy to treat my hubby this way! But I'll clean up after he cooks, because he tears the kitchen up! But he can burn in that kitchen! Some days he doesnt get what he thinks he wants from me. He'll get upset and I'll try to calm him, some times I dont try. Other times, he pisses me straight off. Then I'll do a silent treatment until I feel like a fool! When I start talking, he's happy again. He tells me that I "overtalk" and when I sense that he's only half listening to me, I shut up--for a little while. Sometimes, he wants his space and I give it to him, and sometimes I want mine, and he gives it to me, but he will invade my space--even when I don't want him to! We balance each other out with our good and bad points and all that give and take keeps things interesting!! I love him and he loves me!! Love is grand. :-D

Anna Renee

CareyCarey said...

Now we're talking, three women have stop by to add the female voice.

Lets see, who should I start with?
Huuummm, mirror mirror on the wall, who do I know best of all... MIZREPRESENT! *smile*

Hello Miz, I know you're a good woman. All the things I've mentioned, you've probably done for your guy. The big question is, what do they give back? I'm not saying we give love looking for diamonds and pearls, however, a little appreciation goes a long why. And, you're right Miz, love ain't never killed nobody. I'm just running my mouth. You know, that's what I do best :-)

@ Joanna, if I was a doctor of the mind (after reading your stuff) I'd say you have to love yourself first. Again, if I was a doctor, I'd tell you to read all of Mizrepresent's posts. She's been somewhere.

@ nachalooman, I don't know if I am worthy enought to talk with you. You done gone big time with your new blog *lol*.

But hello sister Anne, I remember you telling me that you and hubby have gone through a few things. Obviously you two are working it out because yawl still together. Heck, you're on second base because you have a man that can cook. I can cook but I don't have to do that very much. And I also tear up a kitchen.

And yes, my woman is very good to me and I appreciate her and she's a GOOD PERSON. We are good for each other. For one thing, we have never had an argument. No screaming, yelling, slamming doors, cussing, pointing fingers, hours of silence... Never. That may sound strange but I just don't do that. Well, through trail and error, I've come to believe that when lies and deceit are removed from the equation, DRAMA does not have a place to live. And Anne, don't tell me you can be lazy and "overtalk". NO! *smile*

Joanna said...

Sorry bout that Carey, I am just going through some stuff right now, but then again, it is pretty much my standard MO when it comes to love. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have heard that "You need to love yourself first" advice.... which would be all good if I could actually figure out how to put it into practice. But I apologize, because that is the purpose of therapy, and not the purpose of your blog!

CareyCarey said...

"Deceive not thyself by overexpecting happiness in the married estate. Remember the nightinggales which sing only some months in the spring, but commonly are sillent when they have hatched their eggs" -anonymous

Many people would say that marriage is a major factor in determining self-esteem. those who are not married often fell their state of singleness causes their unhappiness. Those who are married often blame their less-than-ideal marriages for their less-than-ideal lives. Both are mistaken. To place too much importance on marital status misses the point. Our self-esteem is contingent on our own ability to be happy, whether we live alone or have a partner. There are just too many single people with grand self-esteem and too many married people in desperate trouble (and vice versa) ever to doubt that to be true.

We can be a whole lot happier if we take responsibility for our own fulfillment. - unknown

And when that happens, coming together is a much easier road. I don't have to look for happiness in all the wrong places. And, I don't have to settle for mess.

CareyCarey said...

Joanna, what you talkin about, you ain't done nothing wrong! Are you kidding me, the comment sections are where real answers/solution are found (imo).

Since you returned though, I will say I am not a big supporter of "therapy". Case in point (you've probably read this), a marraige counsler "therapist" was killed by her own husband (a few days ago). And, she plucked him (found him) out of one of her group sessions!

I mean, I have to somewhat know the person I am giving my money to or taking advice from. Many "therapist" have problems just like you and I (if not more). It's just a profession. It's what they do to get their money. It's not their life.

Joanna, you ain't done nothing wrong. If you read my stuff, you have a right to say what's on your mind. In fact, you're just like all that have commented. We've all had conversations by e-mail. So, hey, it's a family affair. You're not alone.

Joanna said...

Carey- thanks for being cool about everything, and for sharing your words of wisdom..... Right now I am a bit paranoid to say or do anything wrong since my words (apparently) got me into trouble with someone I cared about recently.... As for therapy... I do not put great stock into therapy actually working.... I have only had one therapist that I can say actually helped me accomplish any of my goals.... and I have had A LOT of therapists!! Right now, I pretty much use going to the therapist as an opportunity to talk (I spend 90% of my time alone)... but other than getting things off my chest, I really do not put much stock into getting anything done!
As a funny side note: I went to school for social work... but I never intended to be a therapist, I wanted to do what is called "macro" work (community organizing type of stuff)

Anonymous said...

Just as I go over to WordPress, Google gets it together with stats and all! They're about 85% as good as Wordpress too!

Anyway, me and hubby are too much alike, I guess. But it's a very good thing, tho! We love a lot of the same things. We go through alot because we both were weak in the same areas. We're both getting much stronger in those areas too! We love each other too much to give up and I'm glad we didn't!
Now on to the good part after putting in so much work!!

I'll admit that it takes a lot of energy to "overtalk"! I'm sure you can relate! ;-)

I bet you CAN burn in the kitchen! Is steak your specialty? Do you do ribs on the grill? Gumbo?
Anna Renee