Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I've often been the instigator in many crazy debates. Maybe I shouldn't call them crazy but they have been heated. Today I thought I'd show my soft side. Sometimes I need love too.

Loving On My Mind

Thinking of you
Your presence is real
Time pauses
I am feeling you
Try to intrude
We are together
If only in my mind
Life's suspended
Locked away
We sit on a rainbow
At the end?
Not now
I have you
A Diamond
Cultured like a pearl
The end is not near
Time is suspended
I am with you
(c) Carey

Secret Love

Although we dance among questioning eyes
Our lips have never met
I feel no shame for the love I have
I believe in dreams

There is a place
where dreams come true
If only for a while

Ply me with your visions of love
Spoil me with you
I wait patiently for your high

Love has gone
Love has left
Surely love never dies

Oh stars, Oh God, what destiny does thine hold
Should I stop this mental agitation
Tell me why

Do I dream as a man
That wishes on a star
Should I let her walk away

If I so dream
If I may wish
I dream of going back
I wish to take her with me

Then I'd have more
More time to spend with her
More time to do it over again
And again
And again

If I could I would
I wonder if she knows
Hurt is a man that has a dream, that doesn't always show
I wonder if she knows

I am going to lay down and dream
And again
I am going to dream of her

(c) Carey


I am captured by your stately grace, your rhythmic pace
Locked in hell, I want to yell
This vision is mine
A slave of my mind
I don't mind

I luxuriate, can't wait, quicken my gate, to open you
I am the guard
The prisoner
I fight, I struggle with the imagery of you

I lounge in you
I wander, I get lost in you
There's no curfew
I am the gatekeeper

Radiant from afar
Steeped in pronounced beauty
Please come again

I think not, only you
I am captured by your stately grace, your rhythmic pace
I lust for you
Only you!

(c) Carey

Cookie With My Coffee

I've peresonalized your essence
Your presence stays with me
Lingers - fingers
My pleasure zone

I dream
I've waited
I miss her
My Black Sista

I don't know
But I am loving the brilliance of you
Sharp bright light, laying claim to my heart

Blinded, I don't mind it
Stroke me
Choke me
Hit me with another you

My mind is centered around you
Don't want to be left behind

Our friendship is a gift
Predisposed - I don't know
Time will be the test
Can't rest

I like being with you

Sometimes I need love too.


oluSimeon said...

the secret love is nice...
those words could be mine right now..

Solomon said...

Good stuff Carey!

You should put together a book of your poetry.

CareyCarey said...

@ oluSimeon, HELLO. I don't believe we have met. Welcome.

But tell me, how could those words be yours?

Whatsup Solomon, I've been noticing you lurking in the wings. So you think a book of poetry should be in the works. Well, most of my stuff is already published through other means. So I don't know if I have the time, desire or rights to that material to take on that task.

oluSimeon said...

wow.. smiled when i saw your comment..
yes i stumbled on your blog, but still have a bit of reading to do on it, as i'm trying to figure you out to some extent (lol) as there's a lot of depth in what you write.( when i'm done with exams)
the words could be mine cos i seem to be really liking someone.. and there are buts.. o.k