Monday, September 6, 2010


I heard a bunch of negros being played like black pawns. So, Obama did what? Nigga please, where do you get your news? From what I am hearing, you got your misguided opinions from another negro, and you didn't look very deep. And then you all joined hands.

Yelp, another case of monkey see, monkey see doo-doo. If all they heard be true (WHICH I DOUBT), my question is, why are they playing in that mess?

Try this at home. When you find yourself in a conversation with another person, start talking negatively about someone of something, and then notice what the other person does. You guessed it, 90% OF THE TIME THEY WILL FOLLOW SUIT. Because people usually give us what we give them.

Really, try this at home. Give someone a smile and I bet you get one back. Even a stranger will return a smile. On the flip-side, mean-mug someone and I bet you do not receive a smile. That's just simple human behavior.

Now, lets move on to the firing of the USDA official that just happens to be a black woman. And, read my previous post on "Banjo Playing Negros". In that post, I spoke of those that are quick to vilify President Obama for any perceived error on his part. And, at the same time they are quick to say they're a staunch supporter. Now wait one minute. To me, that sounds like some fence straddling sh*t. If that's not the case, I have to question the motive behind their negative opinions and rants about him. I mean, what's the risk, and what's the reward.

The risk is, one dirty face takes away 10 "atta-boys". And again, there are more followers than there are leaders. Shouldn't we praise in public and admonish in private? Should the risk out weigh the reward? More importantly, the risk is always a given - negative attracts negative - so shouldn't the reward be given a keen eye? It should at least have a value! No value, no reward. Consequently, if the reward pales in comparison with the risk, it's nothing more than a fools errand to continue down a misguided path. I mean, if a person does not know what they are looking for, it's very doubtful they will ever find it.

Now, back to the firing of the USDA official. I heard it said that if a person only listens to and trusts the conventional sources of news and information, they are not going to the right source.

Skepticism and mistrust should led a person to always look up the information or theories people present. It's basically the development of the scientific mindset... And, "A good scientist is observant and notices thing in the world around him/herself. (S)he sees, hears, or in some other way notices what’s going on in the world and becomes curious about what’s happening".
By doing a deep investigation of the motives and opinions of others, a person can actually come to a qualified conclusion.

Continued.... The problem is MOST people will watch one documentary, believe everything, and stop there. They might take action, but when they actually try to explain to someone else why they are taking action, they realize they don't even know why they are taking action. They give up because they still only have the band-aid of knowledge. That is the problem that lies behind someone getting their information from the wrong source. That's the problem! They got it from a source, instead of exploring all there is on the topic from all sides. If they do that, then they come to their OWN conclusions based on all the information they've seen and can actually BELIEVE in it and defend their beliefs.

And, this scientific process repeated over and over in different areas of interest leads to a love of gaining new knowledge and insight. And that leads to truth. The end result is the learned ability to quickly weed out what is NOT true from their sources and to quickly recognize truth.

So, I've been reading some of the limber mouth rhetoric of some of our black naysay negro brothers and sisters. They've been ranting that Obama did this and that, to this poor black woman. Now mind you, little or nothing of what they are saying is rooted in any facts, but nevertheless, they are quick to point a glaring stare at Mr Obama. I am asking those misguided bobbin head Uncle Toms and Tomettes to tell me where they are getting their information and how much of it do they believe to be true. Because if it's not fact based and not voiced to persuade other to dance on Obama's head, then they need to check themselves.

One such negro even had a list of other black folks that Obama supposedly fired. I couldn't understand the purpose behind that list. Were they saying Obama should never fire a black person, or they had read all the issues behind those unjust firings? I don't know, but I doubt they are ignorant enough to imply that black folks never do anything wrong? And I doubt they can tell me the issues behind most of the individuals on their list. Or at least not with any in depth knowledge.

If this shoe does not fit don't wear it. But Nigga please, if this shoe does fit, why don't you sit down a while before you speak. Don't be so prone to jump on a bandwagon before you know where it's going, and why it's going in that direction. Get your own map, and map your own direction. Then you'll be standing on facts instead of porous opinions, or some sh*t you heard on CNN or Fox news.

Fools go where wise men tread not. But if you like swimming in popular opinion and getting screwed along the way, keep your head down, and your back bent. Somebody will come along with a smile and give you what you want. Then you can drop to your knees and sing the old niggerette spiritual, "Free at last, free at last, great googlemoogle, I got it up my A$$".

Some negros love to drink a little wine and talk on the tele-negrophone. Monkey see, monkey do, the doo-doo.


Reggie said...

Thanks brother, I needed this tonight!!!

RiPPa said...

If "niggas" were wrong about how the White House handled this, why did they apologize yesterday?

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Carey I get where you are coming from,oh how I understand.
But here is what I think is missing from your comments,President Obama is a Politican first before ANYTHING OR ANYBODY,if he or his advisors see a brush fire they will call out three engine companies to put it out,where only one was needed!

CareyCarey said...

Big RiPPa! Well my brotha, there's a few ways to answer your question. Let me start by my opening sentence. "I heard a bunch of negros being played like black pawns". "monkey see, monkey do".

Okay, to a large degree that was in reference to a blog that I thought the host was pied piperING some niggas. Now, hours after my post, this was the last comment by that host. Check this..."That apology coming from Gibbs meant nothing. Except that Obama wasn't man enough to apologize directly to Ms. Sherrod"

"Would it kill him to stand up for US just once? Obviously it would be politically incorrect for him to do so.."

"AND THAT'S EXACTLY WHY I THINK WE'LL BE BETTER OFF WITHOUT OBAMA IN THE White House. He's so afraid of angering racist Whites that he DOES NOTHING for African Americans. As if we aren't real Americans, like the Tea Party folks believe. So sad."

Now RiPPa, that nigga obviously shouldn't be followed around the block. Her logic is jacked, and there were OTHER niggas dancing in her glow until she dropped that mess. But the damage was already done.

If I listened to her, I'd cast away Obama for any old white guy. Which makes absolutely no sense.

RiPPa, my concern has always been directed @ the negroes that don't know when they are being played and can't disseminate the truth from fiction.

So Rip, the niggas I was referring to DID NOT have it right. AND that's the biggest problem. For the most part, our blogs have black audiences. I would venture to say 98% or more of our readers are black. And niggas, like most humans, love to swim in negative shit. And, then they roll with it.

Consequently, that's why I say some niggas will stomp over 100 dollar bills to get shiny pennies. Which leads me back to "If not Obama, then who? I know you do not see that as a valid argument, but it has to be addressed. If not, we could end up with a real Tea Party. We have to play the tape to THE END. I am not spending all my money when I know the rent/mortgage is due. I can bitch and complain about it, but my ass is going to be out in the morning. Then somebody else is going to be in my house. I may even convince some other niggas to bitch and moan and not pay their mortgage. Then all of us will be standing on the street looking stupid.

CareyCarey said...
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CareyCarey said...
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CareyCarey said...

Big Mac Attack, you are correct, most negros have no concept of the struggles of being a president. It's filled with POLITICS. For instance, if you look at the comment of that blogger (above). She obviously thinks Obama can stand on his porch and tell white folks to kiss his black ass. He can't do that. There is collateral damage in any war. And, make no mistake, we are in a war(here at home).

Some of the political issues that many black bloggers (and people in general)speak about are valid issues. However, in many cases, there's no balance in their words. Which leads me to believe they are not keeping an eye on the future.

Humans love negativity.

RiPPa said...

So in effect, what you're saying is that Mrs. Sherrod's race and gender is of no consequence because Obama is black? What if George Bush were president and this episode played out exactly the way it did? Would you feel the same way?

Also, it's kinda foolish to not provide a link to the source of a blog with whom you have a point of contention. In this post, it totally kills your "credible source" argument.

Lastly, I do believe it to be a plausible argument politically. When Obama put his foot in his mouth in addressing the arrest of Skip Gates, and mentioning that the WHITE officer "acted stupidly." After intense pressure from the right-wingers, he made a point to retract his statement, and not only that, personally invite all parties involved for a sit-down over a beer.

In this case we have a woman who was basically fired or forced to resign due to pressure via the White House for absolutely no wrong doing, and he doesn't say a word?

If you fail to see how he dodges the bullet that is race, given that race has presented itself to be a speed-bump in the road that is his (initial campaign) presidency. Then I'd have to say that you're truly asleep at the wheel, my man.

If anything, your post speaks more to the down right foolish actions of the White House in this situation than anything else someone says on their blog in critiquing how this was handled.

CareyCarey said...

"So in effect, what you're saying is that Mrs. Sherrod's race and gender is of no consequence because Obama is black?"

NOPE! That is completely opposite of what I am saying. lets continue.

"Also, it's kinda foolish to not provide a link to the source of a blog with whom you have a point of contention. In this post, it totally kills your "credible source" argument"

Well, it's only foolish if you didn't read my comment to you. I SAID, the punch line didn't come until after my post was written. Remember, I said to you, "to a large degree". There are many other blog hosts that inspired that post and the one before it. I was arguing against the ways and means of some bloggers. So really, I didn't need what you consider a "credible source". And, be rest assured, I will link my next post. So lets continue.

"Lastly, I do believe it to be a plausible argument politically"

AGAIN, I never said it was not a "plausible argument". Who's arguing that point? "Plausible" has nothing to do with my concerns. Hell, we can argue about any damn thing and define it as plausible. So again, lets move to something I said. But that's becoming increasing hard to do because you are not addressing any of my issues. You are formulating your own argument. Which leads me to this...

"If anything, your post speaks more to the down right foolish actions of the White House in this situation than anything else someone says on their blog in critiquing how this was handled"

First, who did that!? I mean, who said I was addressing how someone was critiquing how this was handled?

Again, the only way to address your comments/argument is to do it in a post. I mean, your concerns are completely different then mine.

In short, you appear to have a desire to argue political issues. You have a political blog. My concerns revolves around the rewards, risks and ways of doing so.

The title to my new post "Their Eyes Were Watching God".

Nope, it will not have a religious theme.

RiPPa said...

Carey, put down the pipe, bruh...

it's obvious you don't know what's in the post. Damn, did you write this shit? Hell, didn't you provide the context to just who you were referencing and their position/argument in their post or blog?

Nah, me having a political bolog has nothing to do with it. I call it like I see it. It is you who are now backpedaling from the issues I present, that you discuss in your blog.

Fuck your next post...

Let's talk about this shit right here. That is, if you're up to the task and able to provide "sources" to kill anything I say.

CareyCarey said...

RiPPa, man, your cholestoral levels must be up from eating all that Memphis Baby Back Ribs. You're choking the blood flow to your brain.

How many times do I have to tell you that fools go where wise men tread not.

If you think I'm gonna let you come up in here and define the rules and construct the argument, you's a bigger fool than Chicken Little. So sit yo ass down and listen to ol'skool.

The post is a done deal. I mean, it's not done, but if you keep jackin' with me...

RiPPa said...
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CareyCarey said...
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RiPPa said...

Me upset?


Nah 'ol skool, but you sound like you on that shit again. I thought you quit that stuff? That shit obviously got you fucked up. I understand, yep, there's a hole in daddy's arm where all the money goes. Yep, and Jesus Christ died for nothing, I suppose.

If you don't get help from Charter...get help somewhere.

CareyCarey said...

Okay, I'll consider your suggestion.

That way, I will not have to go out and rob another bank to support my habit.

Thanks for the come up.

CareyCarey said...

RiPPa, can't you see that I am not falling for the slambrusky. Why do you think I want to chase you around my blog while you spill hater-aid on my floor.

You've been exposed.

If I engage you in that mess, I am helping your build your platform.

So, as the spider said to the fly, "what are you gonna do now"

You could try to start another conversation about the mis-steps of President Obama. But you have to know that I'm gonna say, shue fly don't bother me!