Thursday, July 8, 2010


Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.

Well, I asked why do you visit that house because I've come to believe people seldom if ever really change. For the most part, fat people remain fat and racist remain racist. People with drug and alcohol problems frequently die from that incurable disease. TV junkies will continue to get their news fix, and nothing good can come from bad news. It seems as if the worse the economy gets, the more people are interested in watching the news. Hanging around with negative individuals will lower a person's standards which is akin to immersing oneself with negative news. Materialistic individuals will continue to do the Buck Dance for the mighty dollar, until they turn into Buckwheat.

I wonder if people visit blogs to learn something new? Or do they visit blogs seeking affirmations for something they already do?

I know my words won't change your view
Not even a few
I know my words won't change your mind
I've seen the blind eye
Bring me the head of the person that has really changed because I want to pick his mind.... because, you see
they are an anomaly.

Night, descends, as the sun's light ends

And black comes back, to blend again

And with the depth of the sun

Night blackness become one

Blackness being you

Peeping through the red, the white, and the blue

Dreaming of bars, black civilizations that once florished and grew HEY! - WAKE UP, NIGGERS or y'all through!

Drowning in the puddle of the white man's spit

As you pause for some drawers in the midst of shit

And ain't got nothing to save your funky-ass with!

You cool, fool - sipping on a menthol cigarette 'round midnight

Rapping about how the Big Apple is outta sight, when you ain't never had a bite

Who are you fooling?

Me, you Wake up, niggers or ya ALL through!

In Uptown, two roaches are drowned in each other's piss

In Downtown, interracial lovers secretly kiss

While junkies are dreaming of total bliss

Somewhere in the atmospheeeere, far away from heeeeere

Beyond realms of white dimensions, gathered by suppressed intentions

As their CRIES, cries, cries go unrecognized

Except by their keeper, the Grim Reaper "SAVE ME!, " a carnity shout, as the lights go out 'cause you ain't paid your 'lectric bill

And the rats and roaches move on in for the kill

As your lips struggle the Grain, that last drought from the wine bottle

And you roll snake eyes, never to realizing that you BLEW WAKE up, niggers or ya all through! Sitting in the corner with your minds tied to your behinds

Bonafied members of Niggers Anonymous Never knowing which way you're going - pimpin' off life

Turning tricks to slick dicks, with candy asses "All masses are behelding a mind mourning for the Late Great black maaaaaaan... " (Ahhhhhhh-meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen...) YOU NIGGERS UNDERSTAND? !

UP AGAINST THE WALL Black male and farmers, are a-blow you away And you'll never live to see the light of day And the nightstick, the nightstick it glides GRACEFULLY upside yo' head

That's right, brothers and sisters, YOU livin' dead

When the cock crows, and the night goes

And it saves your ass in the nick of time

As you wake up and you start to find

Yourself, laying up in bed - scratching your ass in hand

Trying to remember where you recall this veneer nightmare

That always leave you feelin' blue

But you still can't place,

The Man face, as hard as you try to

Wake Up, Niggers, by The Last Poets

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