Thursday, July 1, 2010


Please forgive the title. I have acquired a need to do put this post right where it belongs. And who cares about a few cus words? I mean, who really gives a flying fu*k about our youth, and the rest of the rolling stones of moral decay, lost hopes and dreams long gone? Sure, it's easy to say "I do" and write a post about it.

Listen, it's disturbing to be awaken by an alarm clock. That menacing noise that interrupts our sleep is a rude awakening from a peaceful slumber. But alas, with our eyes half shut, we can stop the noise by rolling over, and before we even glance at the clock, we can throw a lazy hand in it's direction to turn it off. Later that day, we can even talk about it or write about it.

Really, no REALLY, who really cares about events outside their own lives? Well, years ago, I was asked the question "what did I value". I have to admit that I didn't really understand the question. They broke it down for me like I was mentally handicapped. I was told to make a list of things that I never wanted to part with. The question was speaking to things that were important to me.

I was in a small office, me and another person. I thought long and hard.

Struggling to impress this person, I went into deep contemplation in a quest to find all the right answers. But see, the question was sort of a trick question - or was it? My family is important to me. My mother, my father, my sisters and brothers are important to me. It goes without saying that money plays an important part in all of our lives. My health is an integral part of my survival. Friends, and their opinions play a key role in my existence. Of course there's religion, and my faith.

I finished the list with a smile on my face. Surely my friend would be impressed by the collegial list that was filled with expressions of love and family responsibilities. I even included my love for my PC and cell phone.

I took my time completing that list. I had plenty of time to think about my answers, of which numbered near 100. What would be at the top of your list? At the top of my list were people and things that would make me comfortable. I've come to believe it was a selfish list. Let me explain.....

One day, some years ago, I quietly and cautiously prepared to kill a man because he had harmed my son. Borrowing a page from the Godfather movie, I packed his things and put him on a plane. I didn't want him to be a suspect in this murder, nor be questioned about it. Before he embarked, I shook his hand and told him I would see him soon. He knew what I was going to do, we talked about it. I told him not to call.

A week went by, the day was getting near. His mother, my wife, asked me if I was sure this is what I wanted to do. She asked me what kind of message would I be sending to my son? Although I heard her words, I felt I was about to do the manly thing. No one could harm one of mine, and not pay for their crime. Street justice was my motto. I could care less about a verdict by a jury of my "peers". These peers were white folks, my son was black, the perpetrator was white. After 2 months, my son came home. I never told another person, or my son, what happened to that man. Did I care about the evil message I laid in the lap of my son? Or was it about my ego and a street creed?

What would be on your list? Who's really listening, and who really cares?

Sure, people talk about a myriad of issues. From world hunger and the greenhouse affect, to gang violence and the illiteracy rate of young black males, people talk about it. Scholars, bloggers and world leaders, write and talk about the worlds ills.

For instance, less than 2% of teachers in the USA are African-American men despite minority student populations of about 44%. But wait, there are programs in place to increase the percentages of black male teachers. One such program has predicted another 250 future teachers in the years to come. But don't run to your local school to meet Mr Tibbs. To improve the national percentage of black male teachers to even 3 percent, another 45,000 would need to enroll. Who really cares? Who really cares about the front line of black mentors or lack there of? Sure, we can talk about the lack of positive role models, and absent fathers, but who really cares about the core issues of black underachievement, and the real solutions? We can talk about it.

I mean, who really cares enough to sacrifice, suffer, or maybe die for something they merely "care" about?! Who's really listening to those that have gone before us?

Nelson Mandela said ..."When we are liberated from our fears, our presence automatically liberates others". I think Madela knows a little something.
Malcolm X said, "A man who stands for nothing, will fall for anything". I wonder what value we put on our "cares"?

What's at the top of your valued list? Domestic Violence? Is it teen pregnancy? Is it the war against drugs? What about better school systems. Was it about your neighbor or your fellow man? Or is it all about ... YOU.

Btw, my list, that old list, was all about me and events that make me comfortable. It was basically absent of issues or events that I thought were out of my control. I care about social change but. When I think about, really think about it, my list was a selfish wish list.

I care, but I am left to wonder how much I really REALLY care.

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