Sunday, February 13, 2011


"But boss man, I's not like the rest of those colored fellas!"

"Is that right Leon, you're black aren't you!?"

Hello my blog friends. It's nice that you've dropped by for another chat. Today I still have my foot on the neck of our "NaySay" house negro friends. You know, the ones I call 2 dollar street walkers. Actually, I just gave them that name. Generally I call them 20 dollar word using blistering babbling blabber mouths. Well, I've come to believe they get some kind of cheap orgasm by speaking ill of President Obama.

I know... I know, some people are constitutionally incapable of seeing the truth, so I've found a great analogy to show them the errs of their ways.

But first, let me make this perfectly clear who I am speaking of. I am shinning a light on those that have a propensity to drop salt on President Obama, and classify it as constructive feedback.
As I've said before (and if it was right then, it's right now) I am all for constructive feedback, but if the feedback is nothing but gripes and moans, sticks and stones, porous opinions, bitches and switches , I don't view that as constructive feedback. That's more akin to the house negro snitchin to Mr Charlie... "Massa, you's be right. That Obama fella is messing it up for me and you's"

Listen, the Goliaths and massas of the world have been using the divide and conquer technique since the beginning of time. If you don't believe me, check out the words of Monica @

[No Carey, you're not wrong], "There are people who see the big picture and have been paying attention to what the 'white wing' has been up to since 1964. Actually the 'white wing' has been running this game for centuries. Working class and poor whites keep allowing themselves to be bamboozled into voting against their own economic and political interests in favor of wealthier whites who will NEVER let them in their exclusive club, but play the 'white solidarity' card to the hilt"

See, the powers that be do not care if a few stupid white people get caught up in the mix, but when they work their magic (divide and conquer), the black man will be the first in line.

NOW THE ANALOGY: The movie Inception and all people of color report to the staging areas.

The movie "Inception" was predicated on the concept that we can some how, change history while being in a dream state. Although I thought the movie was a convoluted mess, there was one scene that grabbed me. It's the idea that there's no greater virus in the world than a negative thought that festers in the mind.

Now wait one minute. So, if I have told myself a lie, or believed in something that was a lie, it will grow like a plague, and thus, kill the truth and me. Damn, that's horrible, yet true.

Come on, as in the movie Inception, lets close our eyes. Lets see if we can change the future by changing the past. I'm gonna take you by a friend's house. He's actually a turtle but we are going to listen in on a conversation between him and The Wizard. There he is are over there. Over there by that Wishing Well. Hush, be quiet, we don't want them to spot us.

Wizard: Twizzle Twazzle Twizzle Trone, time for this one, to come home. How many times I tell you? Be just what you is and not what you is not. Those that do this, are the happiest lot"

The little black turtle loved to romp off on what could be called "Fool's errands". He once found himself defenseless in the face of a fire breathing dragon. All his fantasies seemed REAL sweet in the history books, but he soon found out there's nothing like the real thang.

Wizard: Come on good buddy, we're taking a trip. We are going to Black History.

Little brown Turtle: Wait, I already know about the peanut and the spook who sat by the door. I mean, last year, during Black History Month, we learned about Lorraine Hansberry and Adam Clayton Powell.

Wizard: Well my bumpy shelled little friend, Lorraine Hansberry did not write The Spook That Sat By The Door. So come along, I think you and a few other people (house negroes) need a little schooling. I think you need the real thang.

Little Turtle: Wait, I know that song, that's by Marvin Gay & Tammy Terrel... "ain't nothing like the real thang baby"

Wizard: See, that's what's wrong with some negroes. They know all there is to know about sport and play, and can sing like the birds, but are they passing down the real thang? Shut your mouth and you might learn something. Look at those happy-go-lucky negroes over there. Down there sitting at that round table. Listen at them beat up their own president. They must have forgotten where they came from.

The Wizard had seen history in it's ugliest form, so with a crisp move of his magical wand, he appeared on stage in front of the mesmerised and stunned, field negros.

Wizard: "Hear Ye, my mislead black friends. Black History should be just what it is, and not what it's not. Negroes that know the real truth, is the happiest lot."

Crowd of intellectual negros: "Get outta here you crazy white man. We are free to do as we please"

Brown Turtle: "Come on Mr Wizard, lets get out of here. They're all hyped on that board game of "Kick Obama".

Wizard: Do you remember the name Simon Wiesential? Well, he was a Nazi Hunter. They know they can't afford the luxury of ever forgetting the REAL thang. The American Negro is tranquilized. They rest with their bellies full of special holidays and passes to the good neighborhoods and good government jobs and good straight hair and freedom of speech.

Brown Turtle: Please Mr. Wizard, you're making me feel uncomfortable. Besides, slavery wasn't as bad as the Holocaust, so we should just let it go. If I was a slave...

The Wizard: Hold it right there, the Jews were some of the first slaves, and I am going to let you have your wish. I am going to take you back to the shores of Africa. I'm going to be with you. However, you will not be able to see me, but you will be able to hear me. When you have a problem, speak to me and I'll respond.

Turtle: "BUT!"

The Wizard: But nothing, lets go.

The little turtle has again made his move too soon. The wizard waved his magic stick and the turtle was off to Africa. We see him as a proud king standing over his flock. He's in the Congo. It's a hot and humid summer day. The turtle (turned king) hears a cry far off in the brush. Then, the scene changes.

Little Turtle: Mr Wizard! Mr Wizard!

The Wizard: Be quiet my son, there's nothing you can do now. You're at the bottom of a dark and dank slave ship

Little Turtle: "But where is my father?" "Where is my mother?"

Wizard: "It doesn't matter now, you will never see them again. Conserve your energy and hold on to life. How do you feel?

Little Turtle: My back is on fire and there's an awful smell around me

Wizard: "That smell is death! That man chained next to you, he died several days ago. The man laying above you is dying of dysentery. That substance on your chest, and the rest of your body, is his bowel movement. That's also the feces of several slaves in the tiers above him. Lay still. That pain in your back is your flesh being rubbed off by the movement of the ship. Please hold on. Only one third of you will make it through this middle passage. You are not half way there. STAY ALIVE!"

Turtle: "But where am I, and where am I going?"

Wizard: "You are in a place that some would call a living hell, and you are traveling to an evil land."

Hundreds of days later

Turtle: "Mr. Wizard, why have we stopped and what is that sound hitting the ship?"

Wizard: "You have arrived at your new home. It is a place called America. You are a slave. You are chattel that will soon be owned by an exploiter of black humans. Your wife is on another ship. Your sister died in the middle passage. Your brother was being lead to the top deck of his dungeon, then he jump into the sea. He could no longer bare his pain. You may never see your wife again. It's also possible that she may not want to see you. She will be degraded, humiliated, raped and brutalized by her new slave masters. The product of those brutal attacks, her children by her new master, will also be slaves to be sold, or to be used to produce more slaves. Those sounds that you hear outside the ship are the bodies of slaves that were thrown overboard several miles out to sea. They died in the final leg of the journey and their bodies have drifted inland. The Governor of the state of South Carolina is appalled at the sight of those bodies. Not because of the death of humans but because of the stench of the bodies floating in his harbor"

Suffering Little Turtle: "OH HELP ME LORD, I don't want to be a slave anymore! How many are like me? How many of my people have died"

Wizard: "You asked how many have died on this journey? MILLIONS! This has been going on for hundreds of years. The Holocaust lasted a few years. There will be a severe price to pay for your freedom, if you ever achieve it!

"Turtle: "I will run, I'd rather die trying to gain my freedom, than to live a life that's less than a dog's"

Wizard: "Run then my friend. When you get a chance,run, and may God be with you"

Several years later, the little turtle that wanted to be a slave, is seen withering in pain. He tried to escape his bondage.

Turtle: "Mr. Wizard, what is this pain!? What is happening to me"

The Wizard: "For your repeated attempts to run to freedom, you have a yoke around your neck and you have been branded with hot irons, just like cattle. You've also been castrated for your last attempt at freedom"

Other slaves are seen hanging from trees with their genitals stuffed in their mouths. Word has spread that hundreds of freed black are being burned at the stake for a protest in the State of New York. The resilience, courage and spirit of some black man can not be broken. Angola Warriors started an uprising on the coastline of South Carolina. They tried to make it to a free colony in the State of Florida. They failed, all were killed. The local slave catchers were tip off to their path by a few house negros. Facts!

The Wizard: "Twizzle Twazzle Twizzle Trone, time for this one, to come home. How many times I tell you? Be just what you is and not what you is not. Those that do this (people and turtles), are the happiest lot"

The Little Turtle and the Wizard sat down for a long conversation. The wizard explained to the turtle that some negroes believe they have arrived and thus, feel no need to pass down the real thang. They are content with their month of celebration and have forgotten their real past struggles. They'd rather dress to impress and win the big prize that goes along with knowing the latest song of their slave master... Stomp On The New Black President. It's called dry snitching. The Jewish community has places like the Simon Wiesenthal Center. They will never forget and will not allow others to merge their history into a mere month long celebration of "we have overcome". Some Black Americans are satisfied with their freedom of speech that allows them to unlace their spigot mouths in a way that stokes their egos. Some come out on Black History Month and really do their thang. And many are nothing more than meely mouth wannabe intellectuals, and mimickers of the 10 o'clock news. Some black folks believe they can change the color of their skin by bad mouthing another person of color. Yes, they are living in a dream.

The Wizard and the little brown turtle are shaken from their dream by the sound of a bull horn (as in the movie "Inception").

"All people of color report immediately to the staging areas"

The wizard: Well my little brown friend, who do you want to be now!? Your eyes may shine and your teeth may grin, but you're still a brown man, my wayward friend.

The little brown turtle (now sitting in an airplane) opened his eye as he was trying to convince a white man that he really wasn't black. Well, not like the rest of those colored folks. But, by the look on the man's face (wearing black and white baseball cap), his words were falling on deft ears.

I am not dreaming and that's my passport. Really, look at that name in the bottom left corner. I am a little older now, and I'm not going anywhere. I am going to continue to ride the friendly skies of President Obama. I've come this far by faith.


And there's some black folks on my wall that needs me to show them the right way.
Inception, conception, reality.
The movie fades to black


Big Mark 243 said...

Let me tell you something that you already know. You are a deep brother and I hope you totally take it as the compliment that it is intended to be. The story about the turtle and the wizard should be required reading on all levels of education for black children.

I am glad that you made the link between the Jewish people and their upholding of The Holocaust as a unifying event... though Judaism is a means to its own end. Anywho, using the impact of Nazi Gemany to draw parallels between 'the Middle Passage' and 'the Final Solution' was a masterstroke.

I may not have the firepower to comment, but I do intend on reading. You were fortunate to have a Mother, Father, and brothers to be for you against the world, and super fortunate to have male role models to help guide you in you way.

CareyCarey said...

@ Big Mark, BINGO!

You grabbed the essence of this post... "a unifying event".

I really appreciate you comments, for 2 reasons. I don't know if you've read my header,but it speaks to taking a position that stands out sharply and clearly from the prevailing opinion. Well, when that happens, it csn be a lonely place. Not that a person has to saying something wrong, but frequently, fear (in all it's complexities) keeps some folks from commenting.

Second, you took the time to explain exactly what you liked about the post. I appreciate your time and your courage.

My writing style is somewhat different than most, but I try not to tell any lies. No lies, no drama.

Anonymous said...

What you're talking about is what they call "GroupThink" when folks are afraid to speak out against the prevailing thought patterns of their "group". It's about having courage, Carey. There are some who feel Obama was suppose to create more concessions for them--jobs, houses, cars, whatnot. But maybe what Obama is really doing is destroying or at least forcing us to challenge our areas of "GroupThink" I think Erykah Badu tried to hip us to it.
I deeply appreciate your courage, and your storytelling ability--breaking-it-down ability! I hope you continue, brother! And I KNEW you wasn't going NOWHERE from this blogosphere!! ;-D

Anna Renee

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

You are in fine form with this post!

CareyCarey said...

Sister Anna, I received an e-mail from The Root. They had a similar message. They're calling it post-sherrodgate finger-pointing. Cont.. Turning cannibal on black leadership. Ouch! Eating our own.

So it looks like I am not alone. They said we have bigger fish to fry. I say, EXACTLY!

@ Big Mac Attack, I tried to cram several messages in this one... fear, dry snitching, the problem with lies, upholding a false self image, the problem with wannabes, stay in your own lane, negative banter, group think, history, racisim,faith, unity and the rewards of going through a struggle. And, I tried to slip in a little humor to ease the pain :-)

And the movie Inception. Has any of you seen it? It was fairly deep. It lost me a few times. It sort of reminded me of the first time I saw Matrix.

And, I don't know how many people remember Tudor Turtle (cartoon). I kind of borrowed that idea. In that cartoon, he actually said "be what you is and not what you is not, those that do that, are the happiest lot"

I know Sister Anna don't know nothing about that cartoon *lol*. She was still wet behind the ears.

A.Smith said...

You know another group of people we can learn something from are the Native Americans. Especially when it comes to keeping culture.

Meanwhile, on a very surface level, what annoys me about these types of black people is that I feel like what they're really trying to do is say, "hey! I'm not black for real for real. you can like me!"

It's not so much self-hate as it is...well... idk, but it's more (or maybe less) than self-hate... it's something else...

It's the same as whatever we'd classify a tweet I saw this morning that said, "the world isn't racist, it's classist and that's why I'm trying to make money..."

CareyCarey said...

To some degree,Idk either, Ashley(It's an individual thang). But what I do know is, it's about an emotion. What I mean by that is, pratically everything we do is fueled by an EMOTION.

An emotion is the propellent of an action. A thought, then an emotion, then an action. Somewhere between the thought and the action, we will find an emotion. Many are VERY SUBTLE, but they're always there. In other words, when I looked deep to find out why I did the things I do, I learned more about my behavior, which displays itself in many forms. I cry, I laugh, I get lonely, I blame, I sulk, I get mad, I run my mouth, I used to drink, I had a self image that I died to uphold,etc,... all because of an emotion that pushed the action.

It's deep! And, it's my belief that when a person goes deep enough, it will be painful, but oh boy, on the other side, it's a self awareness like no other.

Check this and see if you agree. If a person removes the lies in their life, there will be little room for drama. That's deep because lies come in various forms, but a lie nevertheless. Remove them, and see what you find.

I suggest one start with themselves.

CareyCarey said...

And A.smith, aka Ashley, you're not in DC anymore?

A.Smith said...

I'll have to mull that statement over, Carey. I agree with it, but I wanna play with it.

And yup, I'm not in DC anymore. I'm back in TN... where I belong... ;)

♫Hershey's Kiss♫ said...

Its been a while, but I love your blog posts. you said it. You hit the head on the nail.

CareyCarey said...

My man Hershey with the Kisses, you've been rising with me since almost day one. So it's always a pleasure to see you come by the old neighborhood.

As you have probably read, I've been on this thang about people running their mouth, without a defined purpose, or understandable reason to do so.

So if you say I got the right hammer on the right head, I say thank you.

Anonymous said...

It's me CareyCarey. Email address I'm locked out of my blog. HELP. Anyone who can advise me on how to get in my own blog, holler. Or just holler to say "hey".